30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on NBC

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  • I don't know why, but it makes me happy that Tracy Jordan always refers to his boss as Liz Lemon, never just Liz or Ms. Lemon.

    It's a measure of how high 30 Rock set the bar for itself in its first season that an episode full of funny dialogue, droll gags, Jerry Seinfeld, and amusing ideas can still qualify as a disappointment. The show's left-field triumph at the Emmy Awards marked a de facto coronation for Tina Fey's brainchild as the "it" comedy of the moment. I imagine even folks in caves in Afghanistan are getting tired of seeing Tina Fey pop up in credit card ads and talk shows. Since it went on hiatus, the question has shifted from "Will it survive?" to "Is it really as good as everyone says it is?"

    The burden of expectation weighs heavily on 30 Rock these days. The comedy's too broad, the post-modern flourishes feel a little too forced and knowing. The dramatic subtext was also a little too on-the-nose.

    30 Rock is riding high, but its first show back finds pretty much all its characters at their worst. Good old Liz Lemon spends much of the episode gallivanting about in a wedding dress like a tragic spinster from a forgotten Tennessee Williams play, a phantom bride anticipating a wedding that might someday exist. Dizzy sex kitten Jenna Maroney's weight ballooned after steadily ingesting unholy amounts of pizza during her summer stint starring in Mystic Pizza: The Musical. Tracy Jordan is reeling from a divorce that cost him Grizz. Kenneth the Page is reduced to star-struck delirium by every visit to 30 Rock from special guest star Jerry Seinfeld, who is understandably enraged by Jack Donaghy's plan to digitally insert his image in NBC shows to pump up ratings.

    The Seinfeld subplot is like much of today's episode: a great idea marred by wobbly execution. Though I did enjoy the scene where Liz Lemon, having been ordered to stall Seinfeld, consciously or unconsciously starts mimicking the gazillionaire's speech patterns. Seriously, what is the deal with every comedy professional in the world doing a Seinfeld impersonation? Who are the ad wizards who dreamed that up?

    In the first season, Liz Lemon was an oasis of sanity and stability in a sea of craziness. But this episode confirmed that she only seems sane compared to everyone around her. That cuts to the heart of my problem with this episode: there's too much broad wackiness and not enough straight men. How much less effective would Arrested Development have been if Jason Bateman were just as screwed up as the rest of his family? With Donaghy and Liz Lemon both coming apart at the seams, it fell upon Pete Hornberger to ground the show in common sense, but he was largely absent from this episode.

    Jack spent much of the episode cowering in fear and hiding from Seinfeld, which seemed out of character: he's a lot funnier as a supremely confident master of the universe than as a pathetic crybaby. Lemon's anxieties about growing older without a husband or family lent a bittersweet subtext to the show's first season, but I really don't want 30 Rock to turn into a show about a neurotic single woman and her zany search for love in the big city. 30 Rock must resist Ally McBealification at any cost. If a dancing baby appears at any point this season, we'll know that all is lost.

    Don't get me wrong: I still love 30 Rock and I sincerely hope it gets its groove back and tones down the wackiness next time out. But when you're capable of scoring fifty points on a regular basis, that twenty-five point game doesn't look quite so impressive anymore.
  • Jerry Seinfeld!

    Jerry Seinfeld is one of the biggest names of the 20th Century. An influential comedian who pioneered a style of humor utilized by the masses today. With all the hype behind this episode I do not want to say that this was a disappointment, but it was a letdown of sorts. The scenes with Jerry and Jack were great, but Alec Baldwin proved to be even funnier than the famed comedian.

    This was not Season 1 quality, not by a long shot, but this was still a really great episode. From things like SeinfeldVision to a country in Europe that only rich people know about, this was a fine way to kick off the season.
  • It's reminded me how good this show really is!

    I've had to wait a while to see season 2 of this brilliant show, and I can see the wait was well worth it (wow, a lot of "w"s in the sentence!). The season opener features one of my favourite comedy actors, the brilliant Jerry Seinfeld, plus a hilarious storyline featuring wedding dresses, MILFs and Kenneth becoming Tracy's wife (true story).

    When I first heard the brilliant Seinfeld was going to appear in the show, I couldn't help but feel it was a bit of a stunt to garner a high rating. Who could blame them? The show was tanking! But after watching the episode I can clearly see it wasn't. There was a nice story that involved Jerry which I can't really see another classic comedy actor being able to pull off (well maybe Kelsey Grammer, but he was over at FOX when this was filmed). I particularly liked the self referential gag about putting Jerry into shows to get a nice high rating!

    But this episode isn't all about Jerry, which is something you have to admire the show for. Liz becomes convinced she needs to buy a wedding dress (just in case) and ends up wearing it around the office (great scene, watch and see), meanwhile Tracy gets kicked out of his house and has to move into the studio. I know this sounds a bit too "sitcomy" but it is done in a very restrained manner.

    Alec Baldwin's portrayl of Jack is spot on as usual. He has some great scenes in this episode, particulary at the start when he showcases all the shows Jerry is "appearing" in ("Save the cheerleader, save the world"). Also, when he is lying around the floor panicking and when he comes to attack Jerry are inspired comedy moments.

    I'm annoyed I've waited so long to see the second season of this brilliant show, as if this episode is any reflection of the rest of the season, I'm in for a helluva ride!
  • Disappointing first episode to the new season

    Having returned from a summer break, the team of the show return to work. This episode was billed on the apperance of Seinfeld, but I really feel they missed a trick on this one. Aside from when Liz is crying and Seinfeld thinks she making fun of him I found most of his inclusion to be dry and lacking anything of real humour. The Seinfeld vision thing was quite was amusing, and was Kenneth's inability to stop giggling like a school girl whenever he was near him but otherwise nothing.

    As for the Liz storyline, then I'm totally indifferent. Nothing at all stood out for me in that respect.

    Finally, the story of the pretend marital relationship between Kenneth and Tracy. There are few things I think are over done on comedy shows, and this has to be one of them. For as long back as I can remember these types of gags have been going on, and frankly its starting to get just a little bit old.
  • An awesome start to the new season!

    I've just seen the second season premiere of "30 Rock" and everyone was at the top of their game. Alec Baldwin was absolutely hilarious as usual and has definitely stepped it up a notch which is clear when he and Jerry Seinfeld interact. Jerry was classic yet again and was definitely making fun of himself throughout even though he was trying to market his new film, "Bee Movie" which was a funny way to go about it.

    Overall, everyone was terrific and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of everyone in the upcoming episodes. See ya!

  • This is definitely not my favorite episode.

    This episode did not live up to my expectations. Being the season premier, I thought they come out of the box running. I kind of just limped along. There were too many story lines, which made it feel very fragmented. In this episode Liz comes back from vacation after breaking up with her boyfriend, Cerie is getting married, Jack feuds with Seinfeld over the rights to use his image on "MILF Island" and Tracy gets kicked out of his house, starts living in the office and has a fake marriage with Kenneth. It may have been better if it was an hour long episode, but nothing seemed very fleshed out. A lot of jokes were predictable and fell flat. Seinfeld was way over hyped for this episode. He had a very small role with no funny lines. It was obvious that he was only on the show to promote "Bee Movie" way before he looked into the camera to give it plug. Normally they play the advertising off as joke, but this was over the top.
  • Great Way to start season two off

    30 Rock,
    Season 2 kicks off with Jack putting Jerry Seinfeld in every NBC show.Hoping Jerry wouldnt notice.In the end though Jerry finds out and makes an agreement with Jack for only certain shows and screen time for "BEE MOVIE". Liz comes backs feeling great thinking this is her year.Only to breakdown when thinking of her exlover.To show she wants to move on Liz buys a wedding dress and does the show in it.Jenna returns but with some added weight from her musical.Tracy returns with him getting kicked out of the house and being forced to live in the studio.I found it odd what happened between Kenneth and Tracy.All in all i found it though Kenneth stole the show from Jerry.