30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 6

Somebody to Love

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Liz smelling maple syrup. In fact, the entire city smells like maple syrup. Jack mentions that "northrax" – variation of anthrax may also smell like maple syrup. She becomes very suspicious when a package for her new middle eastern neighbor Raheem is left at her door on accident. She gives the package to Raheem and notices the maps all over his apartment. She tells Pete her suspicions but he assures her that Raheem is okay.

At the studio, Jack prepares for a Republican fundraiser. Kenneth realizes that he lost Jack's pants and decides to pay for a new pair which costs over $2000.

At the party, Jack meets a beautiful woman named C.C. He shows off his piano skills and they end up going home together. The next morning, he turns on the television and realizes that C.C stands for Celeste Cunningham, a newly elected Democratic senator. She has recently launched a campaign against one of his parent companies. Together they decide they cannot see each other again.

Back at the studio, Liz talks to Jack about her suspicious neighbor. Jack offers her the number of one of his friends in Homeland Security if she needs to report him. They are interrupted by an unfamiliar ring from his phone. He picks up and realizes he and C.C. switched phones on accident. They decide to meet to switch their phones back.

Jack and C.C. meet and she says that she is working at Clinton's office in Harlem. He asks her how she became so liberal. She reveals she was shot in the face by a dog as a child. This accident made her reevaluate her life and go into politics. Her freak accident was so inspirational that Lifetime even made a movie based on it. They argue over politics but desire takes over and they embrace. Tracy witnesses the entire thing and goes to Jack to offer his help. Jack refuses his help and goes home.

At her apartment, Liz is still suspicious about Raheem. She thinks that he glares at her and refuses to shake her hand. Finally, she decides to call Homeland Security. They immediately send over their people and Raheem is arrested.

Meanwhile, Jack watches C.C.'s lifetime movie and learns more about her. He decides to go to Harlem with Tracy.

Later that evening, Liz sees another package in front of her door. It is from her neighbor requesting that she delivers it to the media because she works for it. Liz opens the package and plays the tape. She finds out that Raheem's behavior wasn't suspicious at all. Instead, the tape shows Raheem and his friend auditioning to be contestants in The Amazing Race. She feels horrible especially when she runs into him after he got back from interrogation and torture.

Back in Harlem, Jack searches for his new Democrat love. They meet inside Clinton's office and decide to maintain a secret relationship.

In Harlem, Jack calls out to his new love. They meet inside Clinton's office building and decide to pursue a secret affair.