30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 12

Subway Hero

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

New York City's Subway Hero ends up being Liz's ex-boyfriend, Dennis. Jack wants to book Dennis on the show to increase ratings. When Liz asks Dennis about appearing on the show, he is in a world of his own with his belief that fate has brought them together again.

Jack is looking for celebrities to go to his fundraiser dinner for John McCain. His assistant could only get Bucky Bright, a TV personality from the 70s, to go. Jack does not know who Bucky is but Kenneth is aware of the work that Bucky has done. Bucky tells Kenneth stories about the old days at NBC.

Tracy says he will not endorse the Republican Party because he does not want to turn his back on his people. However, following a near-death experience and a run-in with Nixon at the gates of heaven, Tracy re-evaluates his political stance.

Jack sees Bucky in the halls the next morning and Bucky tells him that he never actually left the building. Jack grows tired of all of Bucky's television stories and breaks it to Bucky that he cannot hang out with him any longer.

Jenna tells Liz that she is too good for Dennis. Liz says that she does not have any existing feelings for him but she realizes that after spending time with him, she is basically dating him again.

Tracy decides he wants to endorse John McCain for President. He tapes TV commercials for the endorsement and quits in the middle of the taping because he realizes that black Americans are always going to vote Democratic. There really is nothing he can do about it. Jack realizes this as true and tells Tracy to tell black Americans on TV to not even bother voting.

Dennis embarrasses himself and Liz breaks up with him and calls him a "loser." To add insult to injury, Dennis receives more negative news when Jack takes him off the show and replaces him with a hero parrot. When Dennis tells Liz he just wants to find a way to win her back, she feels horrible about her actions.

Liz walks Dennis to the subway station, which is where he first became a hero. He says that saving someone's life and dating her were the two best things that ever happened to him. Liz thinks she can never get back together with him, but Dennis believes she will.

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