30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 12

Subway Hero

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2008 on NBC

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  • Liz's old boyfriend, Dennis is back, Jack is trying to find the face of the Republican party and Kenneth escorts around an old-time television star.

    I love this show! It gets funnier and funnier every week that I watch. In this episode, Liz Lemon's loser ex-boyfriend, Dennis, comes back as the Subway Hero. Of course all of the networks want Dennis "The Subway Hero's" story and Jack edged Liz into getting him because she had an in. When she found out it was Dennis, she was so upset. She told Jenna that she didn't know what to do and Jenna actually gave her good advice and told her to walk away. Liz described Dennis's love as cold and numbing and you just can't wake up from it and Jenna told her she described the symptons of frostbite! Meanwhile, Jack was going all around trying to find someone who wanted to be the face of the GOP but had no luck (Kenneth told him that choosing was a sin so he always writes in the Lord's name) and he finally gets to Tracy who tells him hell no but after a dream because he was electrocuted by the CD player when he inserted a metal object! Well Tracy dreams off as himself and talks to Richard Nixon, played by Jack, and Tracy realized that he had to support the Republican party. When he awoke, he ran and told Jack that he would, but could't find a way to get through to African Americans, so of course Jack and Tracy made an ad that told African Americans not to vote! Hilarious for so many reasons, but the fact the Alec Baldwin's Jack Doneghy was a hard core republican is a far cry from his real life liberal views. My other favorite and the end was when Liz went into Jack's office and told him that she wasn't comfortable with covering Dennis as the Subway Hero and Jack told her not to worry, that he decided to go with the 911 bird. The bird dialed 911 and yelled "fire" only because he didn't know the word for "rape"! Classic show. Liz was touched, asked Jack if it had anything to do with her feelings and Jack said why of course because all of my decisions are based on how you feel and what you want. And I loved her response that the pocket deep-fryer would be a huge seller! It really would! I loved this episode, did I say that enough? And at the end, Liz confronts Dennis on saying he is a loser and will always be a loser and he even tries to push her on the Subway track to try and become another Subway Hero. Thankfully, the train switched tracks. Liz runs away with Dennis yelling that she would be back. BLURG!

    Great great show. I hope Tina Fey wins the Best Actress Golden Globe, Emmy and Alec Baldwin the same for Actor and the show better win best comedy because even though I am a huge fan of The Office, I cannot believe how many times this show makes me fall on the floor laughing!!
  • conan o'brien is a giant sad lesbian !

    this show is really fun ! i was hilarious to see dennis again (and not just cause i love this actor !). the part on all the democrats having all the nice celebrities was excellent !! as always, alec is wonderful and funny and gives so "a propos" lines !!! i did not enjoy the part with kenneth even if i loved his line about not choosing between democrats and republicans and choosing God instead: jake answered "we count those ones too" !!!!!!!! anyway, it was not as good as last week episode but it was a really good laugh !!!!!
  • Excellent episode, one of the best.

    This episode was simply brilliant. One of the best of the show so far.
    Just plain hilarious. 20 minutes of endless laughing - this definitely does demand a rewatch!

    30 rock is truly the finest comedy on tv right now with it's sophisticated humor and ties with real world events.

    The political involvment in the show is hilarious. Jack and Tracy had the best scenes.

    Kenneth and Mr. Burnt Out TV star was hilarious to watch. And the fact that Dennis returned (even if for just one episode) was brill. This episode easily beat the effort of MILF Island, which was good to start with. But this one had just so many series defining moments, I can't even count 'em!
  • subway hero

    Of all the great guest stars during Season 2, Tim Conway ended up winning the award for his role here as Bucky Bright. Conway, the former McHale's Navy star, was funny in the role, but I would hardly call his delusional performance as memorable and award-worthy.

    Michael Sheen has been mostly hit or miss as Dennis, and thankfully, he was a hit here in this episode acting like a hero. We all ponder who Liz will end up with (if anyone) if this show ends, but I think Dennis is as good a guess as anyone. They have that perfect love-hate element that makes it work.
  • Liz getting hit by a train!!!!!

    30 Rock,
    Subway Hero,
    So this episode goes along with Liz's old boyfriend resues some one from getting hit by a train. Getting his 15 minutes of fame. And getting a guest spot on the show. His 15 minutes ends with him insulting someone and than wants liz to fall into the tracks so once again can be famous. Jack wants Tracy to be the head of the Replubincan party to attract people. By the end Jack gets Tracy to tell back people just not to vote. Overall i have to say its was a good episode. Could have been better but i enjoyed seeing Liz life being twisted.
  • Only disappointing compared to the stellar MILF Island.

    When I saw Tim Conway I immediately thought I'd love this episode but somehow it just didn't work for me as well as I'd hoped. Even a bad episode of 30 Rock is better than 95% of the other alleged comedy on tv, but it still fell short of my expectations. Maybe that's because I'm getting tired of Liz' returning to this loser ex-boyfriend and he was more annoying than usual in this installment.

    Overall it was funny, I liked the disappointment on Kenneth's face as his idol showed his "feet of clay", that was a little bit overdone but I won't be picky. The good old days were really not that different from today, except that it was much easier to hide shortcomings and the media cooperated back then and Tim Conway conveyed that well.
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