30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Chairman of GE, Don Geiss, visits Jack with some big news. He wants to make Jack the Chairman of the company when he retires. Jack cries with joy upon hearing the news. Before this can be, he needs to decide who will be his successor and Don has to receive approval from the board.

The script that the writers spent a lot of time on has gotten destroyed by a computer virus. Liz gets mad at Frank for downloading the virus and Frank in turn blames the virus on Liz.

Tracy is hurt when his son, Tracy Jr. didn't invite him to "Bring Your Dad to School Day."

Jack is excited to tell Liz about his soon-to-be promotion. He knows that all will go well with the board of directors and he is anxious to hear about their approval.

Jack realizes Devin Banks, his arch-rival, is nearby when he smells self tanner and teeth whitener. Devin thinks that he will be the one in charge of the company. He wants to throw his bachelor's party on the TGS stage and even though Liz doesn't think it's a good idea, Jack agrees to it.

Tracy wants to leave his legacy to make it so that his sons can be proud of having him as their father. He decides to seek help from Kenneth. Tracy comes up with the idea to make a porn video game.

Liz and Devin are in the elevator together, forcing them to speak. She is aware of the fact that Devin wants to gather as much information about Jack as possible and she vows to keep it from him, yet she ends up disclosing information. Liz offers up Kenneth if Devin keeps quiet but he does not agree to it. Liz jumps on him in the elevator for video proof that they were physical, so that she can blackmail him later.

Liz shows Jack the tape. Impressed, Jack thinks he has found the ideal successor. Liz does not think that she is able to do Jack's job but he tells her the starting salary and she seriously reconsiders. That night, Jack takes her to dinner with other top businessmen that work at GE and she fits right in.

Tracy is working extra hard to create the best porn video game ever. Frank tells him that it cannot be done. Kenneth, however, believes in Tracy.

When Frank finds Tracy's notes, he breaks down because he is amazed that Tracy found the secret to combining porn and video games. Frank gets jealous of the success of Tracy's plan.

Liz and Jack discover that Don is in a diabetic coma. Don has to wake up in order to name Jack his successor but Don cannot be revived. Nobody knows that Jack is supposed to be the successor, so they don't believe him when he makes the claim. Devin steps up to the plate and claims the role as Don's successor, and everyone believes him since he is Don's future son-in-law.

Devin pays a visit to Jack's office and Jack tells him to leave. It turns out that Cathy, Don's daughter, has been named the successor. Jack is shocked to hear this news. Devin also makes it evident that he and Cathy are taking Jack's office as their own and they tell him he needs to vacate.
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