30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Jack is finally getting promoted to the head of NBC, but who will take his place?

    Don Geis decided to give his job to Jack Doneghy because his soon-to-be son-in-law, Devan Banks, was going to be family and that was separate. Devan was still going on with his "relationship" with Don's daughter who is a plain-faced woman who would turn any man gay Jack decides that his replacement should be Liz. Liz, at first, is not so sure of the idea, because she doesn't want to "go corporate" but when Jack shows her what her starting salary will be, she slaps him and tells her crew that she's going corporate, monkeys! Liz is taken to the dinner with all of the execs and she shows off because she had been drinking and they all love her. She saves the company 2 million dollars by sticking with the classic microwave start button. Meanwhile, Tracy is trying to figure out what he can do to make his kids proud of him when he realizes that his son did not ask him to come to Bring Your Dad to School Day. So after hours of brainstorming, he decides to invent a porn-centered video game. His idea goes as far as it can and I assume we will see more of this to come! Jack takes Liz to the party where Don is going to announce that Jack is the new CEO but Don has a diabetic attack and needs some sugar, he sends Liz. Oh boy, she gets distracted, because, again, she had been drinking and is too late because when she returns he is a diabetic coma. They call in Dr. Spaceman, who is portrayed brilliantly by Chris Parnell. Dr. Spaceman is completely clueless on how to revive him and can't do anything to help him. All of the execs and Devan come into the room and find Geis passed out and Jack, Liz and Dr. Spaceman over him. Jack tells the execs that Don was going to make the announcement of Jack being the new CEO but now he was unable to, but Liz was able to back him up, as should have Devan, but he played dumb. It ended up that Devan convinced the execs while Don was in his coma that the job should go to only one person, Don's daughter. With her in charge, Devan will be her confidant as her soon to be husband and now Jack is out of a job at NBC. What is going on? What is going to happen?
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