30 Rock

Season 4 Episode 6

Sun Tea

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Al Gore!

    The average person watches The Office on NBC at 9 PM, and by 9:30 either turns the TV off or turns something else on. You have to question why as 30 Rock is consistently funnier than its lead-in show. Don't believe me? Look at which show has won the Emmy three years running. 30 Rock is able to lure in big names like Jennifer Aniston, Al Gore, Steve Martin and more. The Office? Idris Elba. Not much comparison there.

    Tonight's episode was superior to what we had been getting lately from the show, but I still cannot rightfully call this the best comedy on TV anymore. Tracy and Dr. Spaceman are just not what they used to be, even if they are still two of the funniest people on the tube.

    As always, anytime Al Gore puts his name on something you pay attention and his second 30 Rock guest star was great as well. I loved the reference to his previous episode with him searching for a troubled whale again.
  • Carbon footprints and vasectomies...

    30 Rock proves time and again that it is one of the most technically sound and consistent comedies on TV. Be it Liz Lemon's self deprecating act, or Leo Spaceman's delusional doctor routine, or Jack Donaghy's ass kissing of Don Geiss. Though Al Gore's brief cameo may be the highlight of this episode, but the real magic came from Tracy, Jack, and Dr. Spaceman. Be it taking a jab at black stereotypes or Tracy reading out long lines from the script, things like these though inappropriate, always never go low on laughs. The message conveying part of the show also seemed to flow flawlessly with the script, be it the importance of going green, or urging viewers to watch NBC's Hereos.

    Good episode.
  • Its all about carbon footprints this week as Kenneth is tasked with lowering TGS' carbon footprint. Liz tries to get into the Manhattan real estate game by driving out her upstairs neighbor.

    This ep was one of the sharper ones this season with some really stinging dialogue without ever coming across as either preachy or demeaning, just plain funny. As usual Baldwin steals every scene he is in and everyone else performs brilliantly in another very funny ep.

    This week Jack has given Kenneth the task of reducing the carbon footprint of TGS in line with Green Week. This job includes unplugging all of Jenna's chargers in her dressing room and convincing Liz to get rid of her office mini fridge. Kenneth doesn't need to act on Frank as Frank has an interesting system using sun tea to reduce his own carbon footprint.

    Meanwhile, Liz has been informed that the building she lives in is "going Condo" and that she either buys up or ships out. Liz wants something bigger for a family when Jack suggests that she bribe her upstairs neighbor to move out so she can buy the apartment as well as her own and have a larger condo. She goes to do just that when she discovers that everyone has been bribing him to move but he won't budge, he then says that both he and Liz should move in together and be a united front. Jenna sees this as a way of being of horror roommate and force him out but whatever Liz tries doesn't work and she is beginning to lose hope.

    In other news, Jack decides to have a vasectomy so that he can put the whole having a family thing to rest. Tracey follows suit as he is tired of having kids and not being able to tell inappropriate stories so he wants no more kids. They both go to Leo Spaceman to get it done but both have defining moments that make them reconsider.

    There was a lot packed into this ep and to its credit it didn't let it overwhelm the story and how it all panned out. Plus there was a great cameo from Al Gore that got me to chuckle a bit, even if in the spirit of green week they were using recycled jokes!
  • Wacky with a moving flow of story

    I was really glad this episode didn't start with a "green week" thing. But, it starts with Liz being Liz!

    The episodes is kinda all over the place at first, but damn it ends with a bang, well not really you'll get the picture. The show this week revolve around Liz trying to kick out of his roommate, getting advice from Jenna, Jack, and Tracy. Speaking of Jack and Tracy, those two decided to get a vasectomy. I actually like the combination of the two. And The Cosby Show hallucination was creative but could have been better. And Frank's 'Sun Tea' is also quite fun...ny. Though, Jenna doesn't have a story this week, she has some pretty memorable lines and her cutaways were fantastic! Best Jenna's cutaway for a while!

    Overall, it's another moving and funny episode but still it's not the best 30 Rock Installment.