30 Rock

Season 5 Episode 16

TGS Hates Women

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on NBC

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  • 2/24

    "It's my free period." "Well-played."

    Some funny parts of 30 Rock tonight, but as a whole, this was a little below the season average in my eyes. They relied too much on the humor tactic of using a saying or expression, but then having it be a literal thing (the man upstairs actually being someone upstairs, things of that nature.)

    The Abby Flynn character was really annoying too. Tracy Morgan's absence was notable here today, unlike last week, but Jenna was able to make up for it. She was definitely the MVP of this episode, but that's not saying that much.

    Can they please get rid of Lutz?
  • Terrence Mann!

    Broadway legend Terrence Mann! Best choice for a cameo ever, playing the marine explorer. I had no idea he was making an appearance and I did a double-take when I heard his voice. Awesome. The episode was one of the best episodes this season. It was great fun to see Chloe Moretz - aka Hit-Girl - as well. There was some good character conflict, the jokes all hit the mark, and I loved the final gag. Hilarious. The episodes have been hit and miss this season, but this one made me laugh. I didn't miss Tracy Morgan, I am afraid.
  • Is this where you got your V-card punched?

    Great episode tonight! 30 Rock goes back to it's true form which is comedy. Liz had some great moments when she was shocked to discover TGS was getting a bad rep towards women. Meanwhile Jack was determined to live out some of his missed childhood fantasies by mentoring a local school girl. Both these scenario's presented great character interactions. I loved the scene at the end where they reveal Abby's true identity and Liz declares that Steve Carell owns, "That what she said,"

    I've felt this season of 30 Rock to be mediocre at best until this point. By far the best episode this season.
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