30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 8

The Break-Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on NBC
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When Liz finally dumps her boyfriend Dennis, she prowls the singles scene under Jenna's tutelage. Love also stinks for Jack, as he discovers dating a Bush administration official has its downside. And Tracy and Toofer clash, which lands both in sensitivity training.

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  • Good.

    When Liz finally dumps her boyfriend Dennis, she prowls the singles scene under Jenna's tutelage. Love also stinks for Jack, as he discovers dating a Bush administration official has its downside. And Tracy and Toofer clash, which lands both in sensitivity training.

    The Toofer and Tracy scenes in this episode where by far the highlight of this 20 minutes of footage. I like the way they finally agree to make a skit but it didnt get made. Tracy's other skit at the end was good. Nothing much happened in this one but it was a good episode. 9 out of 10.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    This is my favorite episode ever! There are so many hysterical moments. The love letter from Dennis is hilarious, and even better is seeing him on Dateline. Plus, we get to see Liz on the dating scene, and that is just priceless. I like this show most of the time, although I get annoyed with all the sex-related jokes,(I mean, come on, they require no creativity at all), but this episode had me laughing out loud over and over again. In fact, it is the only reason I started watching this show. It happened to be the first episode I saw, so I gave it a chance, and now I love it! If you only watch one episode of this show, this should be the one.moreless
  • An average episode.

    30 Rock,

    In this episode liz breaks up with Dennis. Mostley because what he has dont to her apartmant. So she gets taken out. Just making this worse. In the end though{sort of though} Liz invits him to come back to her apartmant for some food. Just to find out that Dennis stunck into somebody house on datleine. Problems occur on the set,
  • You go Tina!

    Tina has had it and dumps her dumb boyfriend. the only highlight of the epsiode. Someone on the set utter the N word. A reference to an incident Michael Richards hurlo racial stuff at hecklers. I don't know if that epsiode was made before or after Richard's rant. I really don't know about that. I saw Tina hanhing out a the bar looking for Mr. Right. If you see tina, you know that she's a hot actress. I keep telling you this from week to week. Tracy Morgan, alec Baldwin are all come in second, but tina Fey is the reason why I watching the show.moreless
  • Exciting, why?

    Exciting only because this episode exploited character as much as it did typical humour.

    This was the first time I got a sense of the lead as a person, the first time I saw a B plot that managed to hold it's own and at some points surpass the A plot.

    Hearty structure, situational humour, many varied threads and that satisfied feeling after watching.

    Before now I was uncertain about Tiny Fey's skill as a writer but this episode gives a glimpse of both her comedic and dramatic potential.

    Solid performances, spritly editing, meaningful direction and an absorbing story.

    See me smile.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen


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Devin Richards

Devin Richards

Black Frasier

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Eugene Osborne Smith

Eugene Osborne Smith

Black Martin

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Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Dennis Duffy

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Keith Powell

Keith Powell

James "Toofer" Spurlock

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Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The trucker hats Frank wears in this episode read "Over Easy," "E.S.P. Tutor," and "Kung Fu Beech."

    • Liz Lemon's Pros/Cons List:

      -basically nice
      -takes good care of his feet
      -makes good chili
      -remembers my birthday
      -rarely wants to do it
      -is funny when he goofs on his friends
      -doesn't care about money
      -too lazy to cheat
      -would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kid
      -loves The Simpsons
      -has good hair
      -has already seen me throw up two times
      -fixed tv
      -Jack likes Dennis

      -not super smart
      -listens to Winger
      -dental hygiene
      -wears acid wash denim
      -always wants food rubs
      -not much money
      -doesn't like his mother
      -I don't like his mother
      -his mother doesn't like me
      -loves Family Guy
      -reads the Post
      -insists on spending holidays with his mother
      -has already seen me throw up
      -attempted threeway
      -wears Italian horn even though Irish
      -Jack likes Dennis

      (also, Liz presumably puts Dennis' appearance on "To Catch A Predator" in the Cons column)

    • The day this episode aired Alec Baldwin was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, which he won.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Dennis: I just wanted to drop off your Christmas present. I'd already bought it for you, so... It's a fancy briefcase, you know, because you're classy and important. Like a dude.

    • Random Guy: (flirting) Hey, is this seat taken?
      Liz: (irritated) Ugh! Really, dude? I have to move my coat?! There are, like, four empty seats over there. Can't you just be cool?!
      (he sulks away)
      Jenna: That guy wanted to buy you a drink.
      Liz: Really? I already have a drink. Do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks?

    • (Jenna spies some guys in suits at the bar)
      Jenna: They're cute. Do you think they're Wall Street guys?
      Liz: Yeah, I think they're from the firm of 'Date Rape, Cokington, Cheeseball, & Jag'.

    • Jenna: I'm taking you out to celebrate—a girls' night. We'll meet some new people.
      Liz: Oh, you mean like at a discotheque?
      Jenna: Oh, boy...

    • (Liz watches Dennis on Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator" in shock)
      Chris Hansen: What are you doing here tonight?
      Dennis: (with balloons) I'm here to boff some chick named Mary.
      Chris Hansen: "Boff some chick named Mary"... do you know how old Mary is?
      Dennis: 22... I think?
      (Liz screams, Dennis runs in and turns off the TV)
      Liz: Oh, my God!
      Dennis: Oh, crap! That girl said she was 16, but I swear to God I could tell she was 22!
      Liz: Get out of my apartment!
      Dennis: This happened while we were broken up!
      Liz: No, no, no, no, no. I was right about you. This is a con, by the way. You on Dateline is a CON!

    • Jack: Guess where I was last night.
      Liz: Mark Foley's pajama party?
      Jack: No, Kandahar.
      Liz: Afghanistan?
      Jack Yeah, I took the corporate jet to hook up with my neocon inamorata.
      Liz: Well, I'm glad things are still working out for you and your "mystery lady".
      Jack: Actually they're not. I broke up with her.
      Liz: Really? What happened?
      Jack:Well, I finally realized we're not compatible. I mean I'm all for fantasy role play -- but Abu Ghraib?!
      Liz: Well, you know, relationships end, people move on...
      Jack: I'm glad at least I gave it a shot. Thank Dennis for making me do this.
      Liz: Dennis??
      Jack: I might have been too hard on the guy. He's OK.

    • Dr. Smew: So, what else? What else can we not call each other?
      Crew Guy: How about sweaty greaseball?
      Dr. Smew: Oh, very good, that's highly offensive.
      Billy Huckster: Person of color!
      Dr. Smew: I guess if you say it like that.
      Tracy: Sneaky Taiwanese tranny who stole my watch.

    • Tracy: Our comedy got to do more than make people laugh, it gotta make people think. I want to hold a mirror to society and then win world record for biggest mirror.

    • Liz: (about a Great Dane) Whose horse is that?
      Dennis: Thats my cousin Teddy's Great Dane. I told him I'd watch him for a couple of weeks 'cause Teddy broke his ankle running from some black guys who pulled a gun on him.
      Liz: Now why is it important to tell me that the muggers were black?
      Dennis: They weren't muggers, they were cops.
      Liz: So why don't you just say that he was running from some cops?
      Dennis: I don't know. I mean, you're racist for assuming that they weren't cops.

    • Jack: (on the phone with his mystery girlfriend) So when can we see each other again? (pause) What are you wearing? Black dress? Black stockings? A funeral, oh. I'm sorry.

    • Toofer: Think about it, Tracy. All the best African American comedians refuse to do drag. Chris Rock doesn't do it. Dr. Cosby doesn't do it.
      Tracy: Bernie Mac doesn't do it 'cause he's look ugly as hell. (pause, to Frank) Forget it. I'm not wearing a dress. It's prejudicial.
      Frank: (to Toofer) Thanks a lot. Now what am I suppose to do with this sketch?
      Josh: I'll do it. I mean, my parents raised me as a girl for, like, ten years.

    • Josh: (dressed in drag) Rodney! Don't make me come over there and beat on you with my boom-booms!

    • Toofer: (looking through a dictionary, sarcastic) Here it is. "-Izzle—a suffix that can take the place of anything."
      Tracy: Now you're just being patronizzle.
      Frank: Do you know who would love this argument? My racist grandfather.

    • Liz: (to two men hitting on Jenna) Really?! You think she looks like Jessica Simpson?! You could put a blonde wig on a ferret and it would look like Jessica Simpson! Oh, and by the way, Jessica Simpson would think you guys are old and gross!

    • Dennis: (reading from his letter) Dear Liz Lemon. While other women have bigger boobs than you, no woman has as big a heart. When I saw you getting ready to go out and get nailed by a bunch of guys last night, I knew for sure it was over between us. And for the first time since the '86 World Series I cried. I cried like a big dumb homo. And if it was up to me, we would be together for ever. But there's a new thing called "women's liberation" which gives you women the right to choose, and you have chosen to abort me. And that I must live with. So tonight when you arrive home I'll be gone. I officially renounce my squatters' rights. (folds the letter) I'll always love you. Goodbye and good luck. I'll never forget you. (he leaves)
      Liz: And that is why we are no longer a couple.

  • NOTES (4)