30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 15

The Bubble

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Liz ducking out of the office for lunch with her boyfriend. As she's about to leave, Jack reminds her that Tracy's contract is up for renewal and he needs to figure out how to keep him.

While Liz and Drew are walking down the street, Liz realizes that her boyfriend receives special treatment. Her realization begins with Drew getting out of a ticket, Calvin Klein asking him to be his underwear model and getting into Plunder for lunch. At Plunder, they gave them a table, the chef sent over food, women sent over drinks, and Mayor Bloomberg asked him to dance. Jack explains to Liz that beautiful people live in a bubble but it isn't always a bad thing. People in bubbles are treated like they are perfect because they extremely good looking. He suggests that she enjoys the perks of the bubble while she can since the bubble doesn't last forever.

Back at the studio, Jenna comes into the writers' room to announce that she will be cutting her hair and donating it to charity on the Today Show. Meanwhile Jack accidentally helps Tracy learn that he doesn't need to work anymore which prompts Tracy to leave the show.

At the tennis court, Drew warns Liz that he used to play pro in college. He started teaching kids at the Y and their mothers wanted private lessons. He promises to take it easy but she soon realizes that he is a horrible tennis player. Later that day, he cooks a disgusting homemade dinner made with Gatorade, draws a hideous portrait of her, has mediocre sex and cannot give her the Heimlich when she's choking.

She goes to Jack to discuss the bubble. He understands the bubble and admits that people kept telling him that he spoke excellent French – the danger of being super handsome is that no one tells you the truth. Liz wants to change that – she wants to fix him.

Liz decides to show Drew what normal life is like. They actually wait for a table. She orders off the menu and gets yelled at. He realizes that he does live in a bubble and wants to get out of it. She says that she'll help. She beats him at tennis and he gets very upset and calls her a cheating bitch.

In order to get Tracy back, Jack decides to get the help of Tracy's children. His children are very upset with Jack because Tracy is making their lives very difficult – packing inappropriate things for their lunch and setting up his recording studio in their recreation room. Jack, then, goes to Kenneth and uses him to get Tracy back.

When Kenneth ignores Tracy's calls, Tracy comes back to the studio looking for him. Kenneth breaks down and admits that he is only ignoring him because of Jack. Jack says he will fire Kenneth as a page if he leaves to help Tracy. This prompts Tracy to save Kenneth's job by coming back to the show.

Meanwhile, Liz meets Drew who wants to stay in the bubble and wants Liz in there too. Liz doesn't want that life and they break up. Drew says something in "French" and shakily rides off in his motorcycle.
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