30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 15

The Bubble

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Liz once again popping the "bubble

    30 ROCK
    The Bubble,
    In this episode Liz's so called boyfriend turns out to be bad everything. Do to his looks, Jacks coins the term "in the bubble" were jack used to be himself. Liz worrys that he will not know what life is like for normal people such as Liz who dont get anything. In then Liz drives away her friend sorta. I didnt like this whole "bubble" thing. The other part of the episode features Jack trying to get Tracy to sign a contract. Jack not knowing that Tracy doesnt know that Tracy has enough money to never have work another day in his life. Tracy flees and Jack trys everything to get him back. Only to get Kenneth in the mix. In the end by getting Kenneth fired Tracy. Overall i just didnt like this episode.
  • Liz begins to have doubts about her relationship with her handsome boyfriend, and Jack has to deal with some unusual contractual negotiations.

    This struck me as another frustratingly uneven episode. The ironic treatment of the character played by Jon Hamm (an actor who, weirdly, seems more at home in a 1964 setting than he does in 2009) was amusing, if a little silly towards the end, but what was the rest of the episode all about? There are still some tremendous comic lines, and Baldwin and Fey (whose performances are arguably better than ever) still make their scenes together really memorable, but where is the sitcom? The show seems more like a 'com' without a 'sit' these days. Tina Fey knows the world of TV shows inside out, so maybe she's just bored of the situation she's created, because the 'show within the show' has long lost its relevance (in stark contrast to, say, the one in Larry Sanders). Most of the characters have also been pushed far into the background: take poor Toofer, who was interesting and relevant in series one and much of series two, but now he just sits there for a few seconds each week looking vacant. I can't even remember him having more than a handful of lines this season! (Every script the poor actor who plays him gets must make his heart sink a bit more each time). Aside from the increasingly irritating Kenneth, all we seem to focus on each week are Tracy and Jenna, and even they don't do anything except compete with each other to appear the most laboured and silly. The suspicion is growing, IMHO, that Tina Fey, brilliant though she is in many ways, is not really suited to writing a sitcom (as opposed to a sketch show). If the writer seems uninterested in the situation and most of the characters, then what sustains the show for the viewers?
  • This show gets funnier and funnier as it goes.

    There are 2 main focuses of the show. First Jack has to get Tracy Jordon resigned to the show. Which he almost does until Jack makes the stupid mistake of pointing out how much money he maid the year before and that he doesn't need to work. Tracey decides that Jack is right and quits. Jack is trying everything to get Tracy back before the next show. He realizes that Kenneth is what Tracy is tied to at NBC. He schemes a plan to fire Kenneth, tricking (it's not hard) Tracy into coming back with Kenneth. Second is the Bubble that Drew is living in. Everywhere he goes he gets 1st hand treatment because of his good looks. This bothers Liz and Drew does not believe it until Liz proves it to him. Drew decides he wants to stay in his bubble and wants Liz there with him, but she says no and breaks up with him.

    what a brilliant episode! nice incorporation of that child actor from the movie role models, apologies for not remembering his name. THis was definitely one of their more tightly written episodes. Especially the tracy jordan plot line.

    However, i would like to know what the BFF is ????

    LOL to all those who weren't able to appreciate the cleverness of this episode i refer you to the classic french saying

    Ffffghgg csdlkfj gekjl!

    This episode had it all, a well rounded sequence of events, interesting revelations - kenneth's accent, interesting past references, dot com's always trying to be the smartest in the room etc

    wtf why didn't ppl like this? it was AWESOME!
  • Tina Fey pens a great episode for every character.

    I love the episodes where everyone has at least a small share of the spotlight. This episode is a great example of that. I don't know if it is just me, but Jenna's character really does seem to be fading out of the storyline. That sucks because she is one of my favorites. But that's why her storyline was so strange yet believable: the character really is in the shadow of Tracey. I loved the use of Kenneth and that really made me laugh to have him be that loyal to a nut job. And Pete! He was actually in the episode! I loved the hand-stuck-in-the-vending-machine bit of his, but the writers haven't seemed to be giving him much material since then. I'm glad to see he's still there!

    I loved Tracey's kid in the tux. He was hilarious! I was so amazed that a tiny child could act that well because he had a lot of dialogue to memorize! That was just fantastic.
  • Tracy quits, Jenna cuts her mane, and Liz breaks up with Drew

    We had three parallel story lines here. Tracy quits and Jack tries to use Kenneth to bring him back. Liz makes Drew realize that he living in a bubble similar to that of a blond chick. And Jenna tries to cut her hair on the Today's show to increase her popularity ratings. I liked the Tracy story line, and perhaps the only part that made you laugh. I absolutely loved Tracy Jr. screaming at Jack. Jon Hamm is finally gone. They really made his character look like a loser. Though I really don't get what they tried to achieve with this story, but it sure wasn't funny. Jenna's story line was a filler.

    Nothing really happened, but was an OK episode overall.
  • Liz gets upset when Drew gets anything he wants.

    Calvin Klein! Man, you really have no idea who is going to pop up on 30 Rock next. It's great.

    The storyline in this episode? Not so much. Let's call it a "parallel" to the Seinfeld episode "The Calzone" where Jerry dates a woman who gets away with murder (not literally, but they did avoid a speeding ticket) because of her appearance.

    It did result in some funny moments, but it also did not make sense as to why Liz would not enjoy being with him. Who doesn't like getting things handed to them?

    The rest of the cast was a bit disappointing too as there really were not too many great Tracy or Jack lines.