30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 14

The "C" Word

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on NBC
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As shocked as she is to be called the c-word by Lutz, Liz is more horrified to realize he may be right. Meanwhile, Jack brings Tracy to a charity golf event to get closer to the chairman, however his plan backfires when Tracy acts too much like his uncensored self.moreless

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  • Story felt a bit stretched.

    As shocked as she is to be called the c-word by Lutz, Liz is more horrified to realize he may be right. Meanwhile, Jack brings Tracy to a charity golf event to get closer to the chairman, however his plan backfires when Tracy acts too much like his uncensored self.

    A good episode but after the last few episodes it does nothing to compare to there level of comedy. This one was ok Liz was good with her story but like her by the end of the episode I was tired. this one lasted a bit longer than it should have. a LOW 9 out of 10.moreless
  • Another great installment.

    30 Rock,

    In this episode we find Liz finding out what her coworkers think about her. He goes to her friend and talks about ways to get back. Just to learn that she is usually mean and very hard on them. Liz decides to litening up. But just gets stepped over for being to nice. Jack takes Tracy with him charity golfing. Jack uses Tracy i belive to golf with the head. In the end though Tracy messes things up and Jack gets made at him.moreless
Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty


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Tamara Fay

Tamara Fay


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Rachel Hamilton

Rachel Hamilton


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John Lutz

John Lutz

J.D. Lutz

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Keith Powell

Keith Powell

James "Toofer" Spurlock

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Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch

Greta Johansen

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (22)

    • Jack: I've invited [Tracy] to join me at a GE Golf Tournament in Connecticut.
      Liz: Was Courtney Love not available?

    • Liz: Hey, Lutz, why don't you approach your job with the creativity and excitement you have for all-you-can-eat buffets?

    • Don Geiss: This guy spends so much time in the sand that his nickname should be Fallujah.

    • Don Geiss: Thank you so much for being here and supporting diabetes research.
      Tracy: Hey, I feel you. Messed up sugar runs in my family, too.

    • Liz: [Lutz] called me the worst name ever.
      Frank: What did he call you?
      Liz: I'm not gonna repeat it. That's how much I hate it.
      Pete: Fat camp?
      Liz: No.
      Frank: Mouth hooker.
      Liz: No.
      Frank: Monster bitch.
      Pete: Hatchet face.
      Liz: No! The one that rhymes with the name of your favorite Todd Rundgren album.
      Frank: It rhymes with Hermit of Mink Hollow?

    • Kenneth: Hello, gentlemen. Welcome to the 9th Annual Cure-Diabetes-Now Golf Tournament.
      Jack: Has Don Geiss arrived yet?
      Kenneth: Uh no, sir. But if you'd like, we could work out a signal so I could let you know when he does arrive. Like (makes an animal sound) rrooo rrrrooo.
      Jack: That won't be necessary.
      Kenneth: (whispers) I'll probably just do it anyway.

    • Liz: Hey, Frank, wake up. You're not allowed to sleep through the topical meeting.
      Frank: Dude! I'm exhausted. I stayed up all night watching a Designing Women marathon. Yeah, at first I hated it.... And then I liked it... Then I hated it again... Then I got horny, and then I fell asleep.

    • Tracy: This is what I do. I drop "truth bombs".

    • Jack: What are you doing?
      Tracy: Payback. The way you treated me. You used me.
      Jack: God, its like dating Katie Couric all over again. I didn't use you. I created a situation that could have been mutually beneficial, and you blew it.

    • Liz: This is the new me. Do you like the new me? Now before you answer—superballs!

    • Kenneth: I studied TV Theory at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.
      Tracy: I studied Fried Chicken at the School of Hard Knocks. Ain't that right, Mr. Jack?
      Jack: You're still here?

    • Liz: (to Pete) I'm a nice person you bald, gangly—I'm going to try harder. I'm going to try to be nice.

    • Jack: You're embarrassing yourself.
      Tracy: No, I'm not, Jack, I'm embarrassing you. And you know what? I'm just getting started.

    • Liz: Oh, my God, I am. I'm a total—
      Greta: Runt! Runt!

    • Liz: There is no male equivalent to this word.
      Pete: Well, why don't we come up with one, and you can call him that.

    • Kenneth: I just don't want to disgrace the peacock.
      Pete: Aw, Kenneth. If you're worried about disgracing the National Broadcasting Company, you're too late.

    • Lutz: Hey, what about my 'Dancing With the Hobo's' sketch?
      Liz: I didn't like it two weeks ago when it was called 'America's Next Top Hobo', and I didn't like it a month ago when it was called 'Hobo Eye For The Straight Guy'.
      Lutz: 'Deal or No Hobo'?

    • Liz: Did anyone see Condoleezza on Meet the Press yesterday? She always sounds so terrified.

    • Jack: Being in a foursome with this guy can change your life.
      Liz: You might want to rephrase that.

    • Tracy: How come there is no black people here? Black people can't make light bulbs?

    • Tracy: You need to hook me up with one of them helicopters.
      Ted: Absolutely! I'd be happy to arrange for you to take a ride.
      Tracy: Nah, I don't wanna get in it. I wanna blow it up and run away from it in slow motion.

    • Jack: Come on in, Tracy.
      Tracy: Yo, is this about that little red-headed intern? Cuz she asked me to take it out.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Tracy: I'm ridiculous. I'm black. I may even be ugly. But thank God I'm he-ah, I'm he-ah, and nothing but death can keep me from it.

      Tracy is parodying two memorable quotes from the 1985 film The Color Purple. The main character, Celie, is a young African American woman who faces problems of poverty, racism and sexism in the early 1900s.

    • Liz tells Frank the awful name she was called, "rhymes with [his] favorite Todd Rundgren album," referring to Rundgren's 1970 album Runt.