30 Rock

Season 2 Episode 3

The Collection

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Angie tells Liz that she will be watching Tracy 24/7 in order for him to be on his best behavior and Liz agrees to help out when Angie is not around.

Jack is stressing over the fact that GE is doing a background check on his life before promoting him. As a result, he hires Lenny to do a background check on his background check. Lenny wants to know what it is exactly that Jack did wrong and besides the sexual things, Lenny enjoyed finding all the information out on his own.

Liz is amazed at how productive Tracy is when his wife is around. Yet as soon as Angie leaves, Tracy is back to his old ways, for example, going to strip clubs in the afternoon. Liz does not want to have to babysit Tracy.

Lenny tells Jack that his background was clean, except for Jack's cookie jar collection. Lenny lets him know that this could be negative if he ever wants to be CEO.

Angie gets mad at Liz when she finds out that Tracy ended up going to a strip club. Angie says that she is in charge and that everything has to be approved by her including Liz's sketch ideas. Angie also demands that all the writers be fired.

Jenna starts worrying when she starts losing weight because she has endorsement deals because of her weight gain. Jack assigns Kenneth the task of keeping Jenna fat.

Jack is heartbroken that he has to depart ways with his cookie jar collection. Jack tells Liz that she has to physically fight Angie in order to get rid of her. He offers to help Liz learn how to fight. What happens though is Angie is too turned on by Tracy to care about the show any longer.

Liz tells Kenneth to make Jenna feel horrible and this in turn would make her resort to eating bad and unhealthy food. The plan doesn't go through as planned when Kenneth's bad mouthing arouses Jenna. Kenneth tells Jack that he was unable to make Jenna eat and Jack forgives him when he decides to take all of Jack's cookie jars.
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