30 Rock

Season 1 Episode 17

The Fighting Irish

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2007 on NBC
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Jack helps his brother Eddie land a job at TGS, Liz is forced to make desperate staff cutbacks, and Tracy seeks spiritual fulfillment with help from Kenneth.

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  • good

    Jack helps his brother Eddie land a job at TGS, Liz is forced to make desperate staff cutbacks, and Tracy seeks spiritual fulfillment with help from Kenneth. This one was a ok episode, Jack's family was slightley annoying and I thought they got a little too much screen time. The episode was probably one of the worst. Liz was was really funny firing the woman. The part where Liz was knocked out was really funny and unexpected I have learnt to be ready for some funny shocks in this show. I give this episode of 30 Rock a 9 out of 10.moreless
  • Once again not my favorite.

    30 Rock,

    I didn't like this one much at all. I didn't really find it funny really at all. Although there was one or two. Jack tells Liz she has to fire somebody for buget cuts. Soon everybody learns that she has to do this. Liz likes the new treatment. She learns that person she likes girlfriend works for Liz's show. She fires her just so she can have Her lover with her. Soon people come in to protest Liz about her fireing. Lizs goes crazy by fireing everbody that bothers her in anyway.Tracy wants to follow a new region. Jack's brother comes back to say that there father is dead. The whole family comes back to morn the loss of there father. But things go wrong when their father comes back telling the same story inwhich the brother told Jack so he could get special treatment. And money donated to the fathers death/brothers death would go the brother/father. In the end The whole family starts to fight on the set in front of the studio audinece.moreless
  • Jack's brother, Eddie, comes to visit, informing Jack that their father has died. It is later discovered that Eddie is scamming everyone. Meanwhile, Liz tries to think of a way to fire "Flower Guy"'s girlfriend and Tracy looks for a religion.moreless

    This episode was not as funny as I expect and episode of 30 Rock to be. While there were some funny moments, it just wasn't up to par in general. I did like when Liz's firing of "Other Liz," the awkward moment between Liz and Eddie in the writer's room, and the elevator scene at the end. Other than that, however, I barely laughed at all.
Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky

Other Liz

Guest Star

Brian Murray

Brian Murray

Jack's Dad

Guest Star

Boris McGiver

Boris McGiver


Guest Star

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis

Floyd Debarber

Recurring Role

Lonny Ross

Lonny Ross

Josh Girard

Recurring Role

Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden

Cerie Xerox

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Tracy: What's your religion, Liz Lemon?
      Liz: I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to.

    • Tracy: What kind of Presbyterian is this?
      Kenneth: No, we're the Eighth Day Resurrected Covenant of the Holy Trinity. We haven't been Presbyterian for months.

    • Eddie: I'm looking for Jack Donahy.
      Liz: And you are?
      Eddie: Eddie Donahy, Jack's brother.
      Liz: Really? 'Cause Jack never mentioned a brother, and his name is Donaghy, not Donahy.
      Eddie: You know, you could be pretty if you didn't scowl so much.
      Liz: Tracy, this is Jack's brother Eddie.

    • Tracy: Hey, Liz Lemon, you know where I could find a good church?
      Liz: How good? Like Judaism good, or just, like, Unitarian?

    • (at the gym)
      Jenna: What class do you want to take?
      Liz: Uh, anything that doesn't have the words "strip," "salsa," or "beatz" with a "z" in the name of it.
      Jenna: Cardio Hip-Hop Groove it is, then.

    • Liz: I'm not gonna just do anything. I have a plan. Step one, befriend the enemy and gather information. Then use the information to drive her into the bottom 10%.
      Pete: Good lord! Your eyes! You look like that lady astronaut who tried to kidnap that other woman.
      Liz: Hey, that was a lady with a plan: diapers, mace, Houston to Orlando in nine hours, blammo!

    • Tracy: See, I can screw up now, and then just go to confession. No longer do I have to throw my parties in international waters.

    • Jack: It seem that things are lining up again for old Liz Lemon. And you say?
      Liz: Thank you, Jack.

    • Eddie: Say hello to Bono and Sandra Day O'Connor.
      Jack: Those are the stupidest fist names I've ever heard.

    • Jenna: I'm so glad you asked. Kabbalah is a wonderful religion that mixes the fun part of Judaism with magic.
      Tracy: So where do you worship?
      Jenna: Where don't you worship? My friend, Madonna—

    • Liz: (talking about making out in public) It's only inappropriate when it's ugly people.

    • Cerie: Hey, Liz, you want to hang out tonight? 'Cause you're totally my role model. You make smart, sexy.

    • Jack: I haven't seen Eddie since I bailed him out of Disney jail.

    • Liz: I've never fired anybody in my life.
      Jack: It's an acquired skill. I'm not trying to make your life miserable but this is coming from the top. Now there are 140 people on the show, so go out and make 126 people very happy.

    • Jack: Lemon, you've gone chicken killer on me over a guy whose name you don't know? And you still think our next president should be a woman?

    • Eddie: I got a real job now. I talk homeless people into joining the army.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Der Kampf der Iren", and the French title is "Combat d'irlandais", both meaning "Battle of the Irish". The Italian title is "Potere assoluto", meaning "Absolute Authority". The Spanish title is "Boxeo a la irlandesa", meaning "Irish Boxing".

    • International Airdates: Czech Republic: March 15, 2010 on Prima COOL