30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 14

The Funcooker

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on NBC
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Jack seeks a name for a new mini-microwave that the Legal Department will allow. Liz can't find a way out of jury duty and is forced to leave the staff unmanaged. Tracy sees being able to afford FCC fines as license to swear on television. Jenna gets medication to let her get by with no sleep from Dr. Spaceman so she can continue on both TGS and her 'Janis Joplin' biopic.moreless

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  • The funcooker, Liz goes to jury duty, Tracy curses and more.

    "Shut up Lutz!"

    Another good 30 Rock this week. Not as good as last week's episode, but it still had that zany, unpredictable nature we have come to know and love from one of NBC's few entertaining programs.

    I'm all for the super underrated Chris Parnell showing up on the program, but this was a bit disappointing. Dr. Leo Spaceman is a Seinfeld quality recurring character but his writing felt hackneyed this evening, and not as humorous as his past guest appearances. The Liz storyline also felt a little forced. We know she's not your ordinary female, but dressing up as Princess Leia to get out of jury duty? Sorry, I am not really buying that.moreless
  • Here comes the Funcooker!!!

    One of the funniest episodes yet. Liz's day starts out great until she finds out she's on jury duty. She shows ups as Princess Leah and still can't get out of it. Jack is trying to find a name for his new mini microwave and the team is being less than helpful. Tracy is cursing over the airwaves and decides that since he can afford the FCC find that it is OK to continue. Liz tells him they are loosing advertisers and Tracy decides to by up all of the advertising so he can curse all all he wants. Jenna gets a pill to help her stay awake and it is having adverse reactions on her. Kenneth comes up with the name the "funcooker" for the microwave oven, with has a dual meaning for Tracey who moons the camera.moreless
  • Cooking up some fun!

    This episode is all about microwave ovens and crussing. Liz got herself on jury duty, as a woman stands trial for setting a mail box store on fire. Later in this same episode, Liz herself sat the office on fire. tracy's foul mouth is in trouble with the FCC. He cuss at a parade and he cruss on TV. Even the s word is used, making the real FCC an excuse to fine "30 Rock" $50,000. This is one of the stand-lout epsodes of the series and that episode alone will merit a few Emmy nomination. If not a few FCC fines.moreless
  • The best episode ever.

    30 ROCK

    The Funcooker

    In this episode Liz get jury duty again. But this time no "Oprah". She plans to do her old star wars character to get out of it. It fails as does all the other people trying to look like wachos trying to get out of it. The case turns out to be an arsonist to killed her workers because they bothered her, just like how liz was feeling. Back at the studio Tracy and Jenna get in trouble with the St. Patrick's Day guy for Jenna falling asleep because of shooting her new movie and with TGS. Tracy got in trouble because he swore. Jenna goes to DR.Spaceman for answers and get a new medication that makes her awake for all hours. Allowing her do both TGS and her new movie. Tracy however likes how he can say anything on tv that he wants and just have to pay a small fee according to himself. During which he angers Martha Suawart. When advertisers start to pull how Tracy then gets the idea that he can be the advertiser. While Jack is trying to sell off his idea of the mini/mini microwave ovan. But trying to find a good name is hard. So hard he gets all of the crew of TGS to come up with ideas with it while Liz is away. Promting Liz to write the whole show while duing the jury duty. Kenneth comes up with the name for funcooker. As the night of the broadcast is here, Dr. Spaceman test rats die because they didnt get enough sleep, so he runs to get Jenna to sleep. During the show. Liz arrives back just to see her show get started. But Dr. Spaceman arrives and runs on set trying to knocked Jenna out while she was in a beat custom. Jack runs on set to get Leo off the stage but Leo knocks Jack off the stage. While Liz tells the guys in the booth to cut to a commerical. Tracy comes on and shows off his "Funcooker", which Kenneth remembers were he came up with the name. After the show Liz sends everyone to the backstage offices. Were she sends them into her office so she can yell at them. She decides to have a breather before going in. Before she finds a match and lights it up. Thinking about getting rid of her problems. She plans not to and throws the match away. However she fails and her star wars custom catchs on fire and door which the cast and crew were in does too. In the end the fire department rescues the cast and crew who at this point are so scared of her they say they wont make her angry again. - Overall i loved this episode, it was funny all over. Just not in the broadcast part. I liked how they brought the start of the show to finish out the end. OF how Liz isnt going to have good timies. And this has to be my favorite episode ever.moreless
  • 9 seconds, OK - here comes the funcooker!!

    Well it was high time Fey and Co. realized they ought to get back and focus more on TGS stuff in 30 Rock. And in this installment, they precisely did that.

    Liz gets called for jury-duty, and things go haywire on the set, as Tracy cusses on TV, and Jenna pops up some trial pills given by Dr. Spaceman to keep her awake. Jack in the meanwhile, dwells in his own world trying to utilize the TGS writers to come up with an innovative name for his new microwave product. The writers have again used the fact that Tracy is loaded with cash yet again. Previously we saw him buy Lehman Bros., and now he uses it to pay FCC fines such that he can continue to cuss on TV. On jury duty, Liz sees herself in the accused, and decides to confine her employees in a room, and set them on fire. Despite extinguishing the matchstick, she still ignites the fire. What happens next was pretty obvious, but she manages to get some fear into her inferiors. Great episode.moreless
Nancy O'Dell

Nancy O'Dell


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Jackie Hoffman

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Nolan Carley

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Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell

Dr. Leo Spaceman

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John Lutz

J.D. Lutz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Kenneth: Oh, what are all these little plastic containers for? Are you pickling squirrel meat? Because I can lend you my skull presser.

    • Liz: Already today I have lost faith in "decorganizing", chipped a tooth, and lost a shoving match to what I thought was a female bike messenger. So I am asking all of you for the next 12 to 14 hours, to just be cool. Let's all have a normal day.
      Frank: (enters the room) Yeah, guys, seriously. Be cool.
      Liz: Why are you not wearing pants?

    • Kenneth: (on the phone with Liz) Miss Lemon, where are you? The pig spoor has hit the wind spinner, Mr. Jordan cussed at Martha Stewart, and Miss Maroney drank all the water out of the toilets. And I keep starting to sneeze, but nothing comes out.

    • Jack: I'm going to pick some random letters from this bag of Scrabble tiles. Let fate choose a name for us.
      (picks some letters)
      Jack: V, A, G... Why don't we start over?
      (Jack picks some more letters)
      Jack: N, I... (Toofer shakes his head) I have an idea. Why don't I just pull them all at once?
      (Jack picks six letters that read "HITLER")
      Jack: Why don't we take a break?

    • Jenna: (about joining a medical trial) Where do I sign up?
      Dr. Spaceman: Oh, please, we don't want a paper trail.

    • Dr. Spaceman: (in his office) Between my medical practice and this job, I'm pulled in every direction.

    • Jack: The FCC disagrees, and they decided to make an example of you and fine you—personally—$50,000.
      Tracy: 50 grand?! (grabs his wristwatch) Can anyone cut this in half?

    • Jack: Legal rejected all of our ideas. Every one of the names we came up with was offensive in some language, even English, Frank.
      Frank: They knew what a "hot Richard" was?

    • Cerie: You told me to be more proactive.
      Liz: No, I told you to buy more Proactiv.

    • Jack: Passing out? Cursing? On St. Patrick's Day? Is nothing sacred?

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Hier kommt der "Funcooker"", meaning "Here Comes the Funcooker". The French title is "La pilule magique", meaning "The Magic Pill". The Spanish title is "El microondas", meaning "The Microwave".

    • International Airdates: Latin America: May 6, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony); Australia: May 18, 2009 on Channel 7; Czech Republic: June 9, 2011 on Prima COOL

    • Though credited, Scott Adsit does not appear in this episode.