30 Rock

Season 3 Episode 3

The One with the Cast of Night Court

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • A former roommate of Liz and Jenna comes to New York, Kenneth lives out a Night Court fantasy

    This was not an episode of 30 Rock. It couldn't be. 30 Rock is the funniest, most creative program on television. This monstrocity was laugh-free and seemed to drag on for ages.

    Yet NBC says it was 30 Rock so maybe it was. After hyping up Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston's appearances neither delivered. Talk about a waste of a significant amount of money.

    The Kenneth character is just being horribly written right now. The originality and charm from the first two seasons has disappeared in an instant. Actually that dopey and brainless personification is applied to the entire supporting cast right now. You know it is painfully obvious when Harry Anderson, who's a sitcom veteran but has been out of the game for years, outshines pretty much everyone on 30 Rock.

    There was no witty jabs from Jack Donaghy or Liz Lemon and they both seemed to not be on their A game. If 30 Rock wants to avoid cancellation and rack up another consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series they are going to have to churn out better episodes than this inane rubbish.
  • Interesting twist of three shows coming together

    30 ROCK
    The One With The Cast Of 'Night Court'
    - In this episode Liz and Jenna's old friend (Jennifer Aniston) stops by for a vist. To both of there dismay because she is high spirited, although Jack sees interest in her. Liz says stay away but jack doesnt listen. They go to a club were women get into a huge fish take and men feed them from the top. INTERESTING. However there friend goes and coners jack. Kenneth is sad that the new page uniforms are not what he wanted. So Tracy gets the one thing Kenneth' wants The cast of night court to come to the studio. When they arrive it causes old problems, such as Jenna causing the show to jump thes shark because of the werewolf lawyer. Over all it was a funny episode the type i like.
  • Jennifer Aniston guest stars as Jenna and Liz's crazy old friend. Kenneth hates the new page jackets.

    Great episode! Really funny.

    Jennifer Aniston was awesome as Claire, a slutty "crazyputty" as Liz puts it.
    Liz: She's like the Macarena dance. Something everybody did in 1996.

    The whole Jack/Claire thing was hysterical, like when she sang at that house party and introduced herself as "his life coach, Esmeralda Fitzmonster". Haha, that's good stuff.

    Kenneth has a huge problem with the new page jackets. So Tracy brings in the cast of Night Court, so that they could create a satisifying ending to the show, as Kenneth puts it.
    Jenna had apparently had a part in the series, as the Werewolf Lawyer. She was hilarious when she said "full mooooon".

    In conclusion, simply a great ep!
  • an average episode of 30 Rock

    This was just a decent episode of 30 Rock, not the worst, but not the best either. Nothing really happens in the episode beyond Liz and Jenna's old roommate Claire coming into town, getting together with Jack, and being an uncontrollable maneating psycho. Meanwhile, in order to cheer Kenneth up after his old uniform is replaced, Tracey gathers the cast of Night Court to film the "right" ending of the show. In 30 Rock, the explanation as to why Night Court didn't get its happy ending was because Jenna, acting as a werewolf lawyer, was deemed as jumping the shark and resulted in the early dismissal. Jack is turned on by Liz's psycho roommate, ignoring sound advice from Liz until the relationship goes too far. The Jack/Liz storyline had a few missed opportunities. There could have been some conflict with Liz and Claire over the cool vs. nerdy woman angle but that was barely established. There was a mention of Claire stealing Liz's clown boyfriend but that was just a one-joke grab. There could have been Claire accusing Liz of having feelings for Jack but no. There could have been Jack willing to share the company with Claire before Liz rushes in to save the day. The Night Court storyline was handled pretty well but you have to be a fan of Night Court in order to understand what they're talking about. The grabbing point of this episode is that they have Jennifer Aniston on there. This may be the first time where an episode of 30 Rock has been taken over by a guest star. Was it bad? No. Could it have been a little better? Yes. It doesn't matter, sometimes comedy is hit-and-miss. This one is a miss but there will better episodes later.
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