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  • Season 1
    • The God Spot
      The God Spot
      Episode 5
      A twelve year old girl is admitted to Hanson Neuro due to seizures that are becoming worse and worse. She has a form of epilepsy that is resistant to drugs. But she does not want the surgery that Hanson is suggesting to stop the seizures because she had euphoric moments right before the seizures where she sees God.moreless
    • Heart-Stopping
      Episode 3
      When Dr. Hanson treats a patient with a recurrence of a brain aneurism, he will literally have to stop the patient's heart during an operation. Though Hanson is confident that he can remove the aneurism, he isn't sure that Seger feels as confident about the outcome. To make the situation even more difficult, the patient's interfering brother wants to prevent the surgery altogether. Meanwhile, Adrianne is attracted to a patient who doesn't recognize people's faces.moreless
    • Of Two Minds
      Of Two Minds
      Episode 2
      Dr. Hanson is blunt when he tells a pregnant Kate Larson that while radiation is the best treatment for her brain tumor, her unborn child probably won't survive it. Kate is determined to keep the baby and instead agrees to a complicated brain surgery that could buy her time. When that surgery causes unexpected side effects, Adrianne decides to try an experimental treatment without Hanson's approval. Meanwhile, Jonathan becomes involved with the attorney of a man he's treating who is accused of a violent crime.moreless
    • Lost for Words
      Lost for Words
      Episode 1
      After a young concert violinist has a grand mal seizure during a performance, Dr. Doug Hanson proposes brain surgery in his own direct style to the girl's mother. But a conflict arises when Hanson's new associate, Dr. Jonathan Seger, tells the mother that there is a non-surgical option and she can choose between the two.moreless