3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Mar 04, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Dick receives a roundabout lesson in family values from Dr. Albright's loopy brother, who claims to have been abducted by aliens.

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    Bronson Pinchot

    Bronson Pinchot

    Roy Albright

    Guest Star

    Shay Astar

    Shay Astar


    Recurring Role

    Simbi Khali

    Simbi Khali

    Nina Campbell

    Recurring Role

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      • Roy: Jordan H. Almond, you are one beautiful woman.
        Sally: Why does every man I meet have to remind me of that, like I'm gonna forget?

      • Sally: Huh, floor's so shiny I can see up my own dress! (Harry bends down to look) That's enough!

      • Mary: (Referring to her brother) I have a picture of him around here somewhere.
        Dick: (Picking up a picture frame) Is this him? What a gut!
        Mary: No, that's my mother.

      • Nina: You must be Roy. We've spoken. I'm Nina.
        Roy: Hey! It's nice to finally meet you.
        Nina: Nice to meet you, too
        Roy: Gosh, you don't sound black on the phone.
        Nina: It's just something I picked up in spy school. (to Mary) Ooh, he's nice.

      • Sally: I'll give you your promotion if you don't say the word "really" in the next sixty seconds.
        Harry: Really?
        Sally: You lose!

      • Dick: So, no matter how obnoxious you are, how much of a burden you become, you can still count on the forgiveness of your family?
        Mary: Yeah.
        Dick: Even if they touch your radio and refuse to make smoked chub and disobey your orders not to kill?
        Mary: Yeah, even then.
        Dick: That is so beautiful.

      • (Dick comes to stop Harry and Sally from killing Roy)
        Sally: Dick! What a pleasant surprise. You'll know this one. Is that the big dipper or is- (Sally gets cut off by Dick)
        Dick: Don't try to kiss up. Your ass is grass.

      • (Mary's brother Roy is telling the Solomons about the time he was kidnapped by aliens)
        Mary: (sarcastically) Yeah Right. Aliens traveled billions of light years through space to ram a probe up Roy Albright's butt.

      • Dick: All we seem to do is argue, ever since we came here.
        Sally: I don't want to talk about it
        Dick: We've studied nine galaxies in perfect harmony.
        Harry: And we didn't leave scuff marks. (He is referring to the ground that he just waxed)
        Dick: We seem to be annoyed with each other, and as fascinating as that is, it's irritating as hell. Sally?
        Sally: I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. I just got a shooting pain in my head when you began to speak.

      • Opening Narration: Earth is a place where backing down causes ego problems, and backing up causes severe tire damage.

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