3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 3 Episode 17

Auto EuroDicka

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1998 on NBC



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    • Nina: There are two types of people, the ones that have a loving monogamous relationship and the ones that move from bed to bed Dick: I was the former now I'm the latter, what's your point! Nina: If I were Dr Albright, I would slap you in the face (She slaps him then goes into her office) Dick: (yelling after her) Hey you're not Dr Albright!

    • (After finding out the woman Dick has casual sex with is Bug's mother)
      Mary: If I were the Dean, I would slap you in the face
      (She slaps him then leaves)
      Dick: (yelling after her) Hey, you're not the Dean!

    • Tommy: You know Dick, most families do have two cars.
      Dick: Most families have a couch. Most families have a mother. Most families are related. If that's what you want, go move in with most families!
      Harry: Not that I'm thinking about, but where exactly do most families live?

    • Sally: Wait... You just met her, and...
      Tommy: Did you use a...
      Dick: Oh yeah! 3-pack! Ribbed, for her pleasure! But i turned them inside out.

    • Bill the car salesman: Say there, sport, you like girls?
      Tommy: Yeah. Sorry.

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