3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 1 Episode 8

Body & Soul & Dick

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When an obnoxious professor dies during a party in his honor, Dick finds the will specifies that he must deliver a "forthright and honest" eulogy about the universally despised academic. Meanwhile, Tommy neglects his female pal August to hit it off with an "easy" cheerleader.

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  • The aliens learn two important Earth customs: ass-kissing and death.

    Dick and the family attend a party in honor of a pompous professor, Dr. Henlin, who is rude and condescending to everyone. They fail to understand why everyone is so nice to him, yet when his back is turned they badmouth him. Henlin actually takes a liking to Dick due to his unabashed and unbiased opinions on Henlin and his works, calling it something "potential high schoolers would find interesting". Then Henlin dies at the party.

    Dick is shocked to learn that he's been chosen to give the eulogy at Henlin's funeral, but learns that he cannot give an honest opinion of the man without it being insulting. Despite his best efforts, Dick can't find anything nice to say about him, despite asking everyone around him, and he can't lie, as his honesty was the reason Henlin picked him before he died. Despite all, Dick manages to give a beautiful eulogy, equating Henlin's death to the idea of matter turning into energy. Despite Mary's tearful praise, the other Solomons ask him why he didn't just phone it in?

    Some of the best scenes in this involve Henlin dropping dead, followed immediately by Dick loudly congratulating Mary for getting her wish. As the medics move Henlin's body, Harry and Sally mistakenly believe that Sally actually killed him, as he died moments after Sally threatened him. Dick accuses Sally of not being a lady, pointing to Mary as a better example, since she simply wanted Henlin dead but didn't act on it. And, of course, Mary is chugging down vodka. The culminating, hilarious scene of the episode, has Harry actually stealing Henlin's corpse before the funeral and having a conversation with it in the Solomons kitchen.moreless
Steven Barnett

Steven Barnett

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William Bogert

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John Mahoney

Dr. Leonard Hanlin

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    • Dick: You know what we should do right now? Run out of here, grab a couple of horses, ride bareback through the woods all night and make love in a meadow at sunrise!
      Mary: I have class in five minutes. And that's just the first of my reservations.
      Dick: Forget class! Let's live! Let's taste danger! Let's go for the gusto, consequences be damned! Let's drive fast, and eat cheese!

    • Harry: Excuse me.

      Dr. Henlin: Can I help you?
      Harry: Well, someone said there was a giant flaming jack-ass over here.
      Dr. Henlin: They put it out.

    • Dr. Henlin: (To Dick) But I don't think anybody hates me more than your friend, Doctor, um-
      Mary: Albright.
      Dr. Henlin: Yes! Probably because I turned her down.
      Mary: I need something from the bar.
      Dr. Henlin: Yes, that should solve all your problems.

    • Sally: How would you like your eyes in the bottom of a martini glass, 'cause I can do it?
      Dr. Henlin: (sounding delighted) Oh, the Amazon is going to manhandle me!

    • Harry: Oh, Dick, we've got cable! Seventy-two channels! And unlike primitive free television this one you get to pay for.

    • (When the Solomons are discussing death)
      Sally: Dick, I feel different here. I mean, I like Sally. What will happen to her when I'm gone? What happens to all her stuff? All her shoes?

    • Mary: I can't believe this. I've never seen anyone die before.
      Dick: I know! It's amazing! One minute he's active, then the next, he's inert. He's limber, then he's stiff. His eyes are twinkley, then they're milky. He's rosey, then sallow. Oily, then dry. Girgley, then silent..
      Mary: Will you stop?!

    • (Dr. Hanlan just died. Earlier Mary was saying how she wished he would die)
      Dick: Dr. Albright! You got your wish!

    • Opening Narration: The Earth is covered with a deep, hard crust. Although it does have a wonderful chewy centre.

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    • Harry: To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream. Oooh, there's the rub. (turns an apple around, which resembles a skull) For in that sleep of death what dreams may come. When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.
      Dick: What's that from?
      Harry: I don't know, some Mel Gibson movie.

      Harry quotes lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet (Act III, Scene I), part of the "To be or not to be" monologue.
      Mel Gibson played in the 1990 screen adaptation of this play.