3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 4 Episode 19

Citizen Solomon

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (The Solomon men have 'stolen' Mary's housekeeper; she has come to confront Dick)
      Mary: You can't keep me away from her forever, Dick. I stole her away from Judith... and I'll steal her from you! (exits down staircase)
      Dick: Mary, don't get any crazy ideas! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! Harry, get out here!
      Harry: What?
      Dick: Mary's up to something, we have to go to Cathy's house and intercept her.
      Harry: Nooooooo! This can't be happening! She means the world to us! I've never felt so close to anyone in my entire life.
      Dick: Me neither, Harry; where does Cathy live? (grabs phonebook)
      Harry: I don't know
      Dick: Well, what's her last name?
      Harry: Beats me.
      Dick: Well, how does she spell 'Cathy'?
      Harry: 'Cathy'? I thought it was 'Cassie'.
      Dick: Let's just follow Mary!
      Harry: LET'S GO!