3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 1 Episode 4

Dick Is From Mars, Sally Is From Venus

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2000 on NBC
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Sally's exploration of the life style of a young adult woman proceeds: Dick assigns her to go out on a date and, not surprisingly, the guy turns out to be a jerk.

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      • Sally: (Listing off different male and female things on Earth) Mother Earth.
        Dick: Father Time.
        Sally: Lady Luck.
        Dick: Gentlemen's Quarterly.
        Sally: Daughter's of the American Revolution.
        Dick: Son of Kong.
        Sally: Fairy Godmother.
        Dick: The Godfather of Soul.
        Sally: Mississippi.
        Dick: Mister-sippi.

      • Teacher at conference: You need to set a good example for your son to live up to.
        Dick: Since when did my son become my responsibility? I mean, you're the ones who are falling down on the job, you're supposed to be educating him! Knowledge is the only chance this planet has for survival. One day you're going to have to find someone to pull your collective butts out of the cosmic pliers and all you'll have to pick from is a bunch of rope-climbers!

      • Coach Strickland: In gym he refused to climb the rope.
        Dick: What was at the top of the rope?
        Coach Strickland: If he were my boy, I'd warm up his little bottom.
        Dick: You're the one that didn't want him sitting with the girls, right?

      • Harry: Orange juice. (Drinks orange juice) Non-toxic. Tabasco Sauce. (Drinks Tabasco sauce) Also non-toxic. Wine Cooler. (Drinks the wine cooler) That could go either way.

      • Coach Strickland: Come on Solomon, let's keep it moving. Climb the rope.
        Tommy: Uh, yeah. What's at the top of the rope?
        Coach Strickland: Your self-respect is at the top of the rope.
        Tommy: Uh, all right. Run this by my again. I climb up there, and then I...?
        Coach Strickland: You climb down!
        Tommy: And this gives me self-respect, uh, because...?
        Coach Strickland: Okay, look. You don't wanna climb the rope, you can go over there and sit with the girls.
        Tommy: So if I don't climb the rope, then I sit with the girls.
        Coach Strickland: That's right.
        Tommy: Now help me out here, because I'm failing to see the downside.

      • Teacher at conference: Dr. Solomon! I think you're avoiding the real problem... the home environment.
        Dick: Well of course I'm avoiding it! It's full of crazy people.

      • Sally: This is all your fault. I didn't want to be the woman. You made me be the woman.
        Dick: You're a decorated veteran. I thought you could handle it.
        Sally: Well, I can't. This is hard.

      • (Nina and Mary are at a resturant with Sally)
        Mary: Oh come on Sally. I know you're in a lot of pain, but holding it in isn't going to do you any good. You've got to let it out. Come on. Open up.
        (Sally starts to scream at the top of her lungs and everyone in the resturant looks at her)

      • Sally: It was so great! Brad said he liked me! Why won't he call me?
        (Sally is crying on Dick)
        Dick: There, There! (Dick hits Sally on the back) Maybe he can't call. Maybe his phone is out. Maybe he injured himself running with scissors or used a dry cleaning bag as a toy.

      • Sally: You just can't imagine what it feels like Dick. It's like he reached in and pulled all of the bones out of my body.
        (Sally starts to cry and Dick starts moving away from her)
        Dick: My God! What are you doing?!
        Sally: Apparently I'm leaking!

      • Sally: Damnit Dick! Give me some pain I can define!
        Dick: I will not jam your hand in the toaster again!

      • Dick: Come on Sport! I'll drive you to school!
        Tommy: Bite me!
        Dick: Bite me what?
        Tommy: Bite me, daddy. (daddy is said in a baby-ish voice)

      • (Dick is helping Sally for her date tonight. Harry is playing her date Brad.)
        Harry: When do I get to touch her breasts?
        Sally: Right before you die.

      • Dick: Well one of us has to experience sex and I am getting no where with her! (Dick points to Mary)
        Sally: Well, Why didn't you say so? I mean if sex is so important, you and I can do it right here on the desk and get it out of the way!

      • Mary: Sally? Are you seeing anyone now?
        Sally: I'm looking at you, aren't I?

      • (Dick is reading the Bible)
        Dick: Why are you listening to the serpent? Don't eat the fruit! Don't eat the fruit! (Dick turns the page, reads it, then looks over at Mary) Women.

      • Sally: Tell me, Dick, what kind of shampoo do you use?
        Dick: I don't know.
        Sally: Exactly. And you feel the urge to have an 8 pounds creaming larva rip its way out of your lower abdomen?
        Dick: No, I think I can do without that.
        Sally: See? Here you and I are completely different life forms and it's just some sick cosmic joke that we have to share a planet.

      • Sally: Is there some place where people can have sex with various partners?
        Mary: Yes, it's called 'the 70s.'
        Sally: Well, how late is it open?

      • Dick: This is just perfect. I try to mold us into a family that could blend in and what do I get? A surly teenager, a sister obsessed with a man, and a brother who drinks too much. Is there another family in the whole world like this? I don't think so!

      • Dick: So, Lieutenant, give us a full report on your assignment.
        Sally: He was wonderful, he thinks I'm wonderful. He asked me where I've been all his life.
        Dick: You didn't tell him...
        Sally: All the coordinates. Thank goodness he didn't believe me so I didn't have to kill him.
        Dick: What happened after dinner?
        Sally: Well, he wanted to sleep with me, I wanted sex, but since he was tired I let him go home...

      • Opening narration: The people of earth sometimes divide against each other based on national origin or skin color. Of course, no one else in the galaxy can tell them apart.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Sally goes on her first date

      • This episode seems to be out of place as in the beginning Dick tells Tommy that he will be starting high school. Yet in an earlier episode they all got sick after Tommy got the flu from making out with a girl from his school.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Mary: I'll leave you Clampetts alone to your banjo lesson.
        Referencing the CBS show, The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971) about a hillbilly family that's moved to Beverly Hills after striking oil on their land.

      • Episode Title
        This is a pun on the title of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.