3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 1 Episode 18

Father Knows Dick

Aired Unknown May 07, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Dick decides the reason Harry's"odd" is because he lacks a father, and sets out nurture the suddenly rebellious Harry -- who then learns that he has a"thing" in his head, a communications device the others knew about all along. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Sally meets the hostile mother of her boyfriend.moreless

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  • Harry as a thing in his head!

    This is my favorite episode to date, mostly because it centers around French Stewart's character, my favorite, Harry! John lithgow was very funny in this episode, trying to be Harrry's father instead of his brother. And of course the classic funny scene where Dick is telling Harry to go and stay until Harry said that Dick was tearing him apart. Also, this episode had a very funny B-story with Sally trying to impress Mr. Randall's mother, however the tension mounts to a point where they fight! I give this episode a high rating as 3rd Rock turns in yet another wonderful performance!moreless
J. Jay Cohen

J. Jay Cohen


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Lisa Kamimir

Lisa Kamimir


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Kenneth Magee

Kenneth Magee

Policeman Joe

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Elmarie Wendel

Elmarie Wendel

Mrs. Dubcek

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Ian Lithgow

Ian Lithgow


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David DeLuise

David DeLuise


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Harry: Hey, World, I'm alive. And these pants are washable.

    • Bug: My father? Very strict. It didn't matter that I was the youngest, when I would act up, he gave me his belt.
      Dick: You wore the same size?
      Bug: No, as punishment he would put me over his knee and give me a whooping.
      Dick: He gave a 'whoopin' and a belt?
      Bug: With a belt.
      Dick: And then he gave you the belt?
      Bug: Um... yeah.

    • Tommy: How will we know if the Big Giant Head calls?
      Dick: Well when the Big Giant Head calls, Harry will go blank and stare into space.
      Tommy: As I said, how will we know if he calls?

    • Dick: Oh Harry you sound just like me. Like fake father, like fake son.

    • Mrs. Randall: Don't get me wrong, you're not half as cheap as you look.
      Sally: Cheerfully Wait, I get it, you're insulting me! I thought you were nice, but you're not being nice, you hate me!
      Mrs. Randall: I'm so glad we finally understand each other.

    • Sally: I want to meet your mother, we could all go out to dinner, the three of us.
      Mr. Randall: Don't you think it's a little early?
      Sally: No, breakfast would be a little early, dinner is fine.

    • Dick: Just because you haven't been invited somewhere is no reason not to go.

    • Dick: What are you watching?
      Tommy: Star Wars, it's a movie.
      Dick: What's all that supposed to be?
      Tommy: Outer space, can you believe it?
      (they both start laughing)

    • Dick: You've got a thing in your head.
      Harry: A thing?
      Dick: A Cranial Micro Receiver chip.
      Harry: In my head.
      Dick: But it's not in the part you use, it's in your brain.

    • Dick: Tomorrow there will be a pop quiz on the effects of thermal dynamics. Remember it's a pop quiz! If you'll study, I'll know.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Harry: You're tearing me apart!

      Harry is imitating the character Jim Stark played by James Dean from the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause.

    • Man in bar: We're gone play a game of chicken.
      Harry: I'll stop at the Colonel.
      Colonel Sanders (Harland Sanders) was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). His image is used in the chain's advertising, and statues of him can be found outside KFC restaurants.

    • Episode Title
      This is a pun on the phrase and title of the 1950s comedy TV show Father Knows Best.

    • Tommy: Star Wars. It's a movie.
      Star Wars is a groundbreaking 1977 science fantasy movie written and directed by George Lucas that created a legion of hardcore fans throughout decades.