3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 2 Episode 10

Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1996 on NBC



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    • Sally: How did you afford all this?
      Tommy: You know the jar of pennies I keep in my room?
      Sally: Yeah.
      Tommy: Well that's where I keep Dick's credit card.

    • Vicki: Forget about the rules, Harry, just put whatever you want, wherever you want to put it.
      Harry: Can I put my shirts in my underwear drawer?

    • Vicki: Do you think we could make it work? Harry: I dunno, I'm pretty tired. Vicki: I meant us, Harry. Harry: I definitely think 'us' could work. Vicki: Me too. Your family's pretty strange though. Harry: Ha! Your mother's Mrs. Dubcek!

    • Vicki: I've never felt this way before.
      Harry: I've never felt this... sticky before.

    • Sally: We were at the store, and the place was a madhouse. People were cramming everything they could into their carts, especially these giant balls of butter. I got one for each of us.

    • (Tommy picks up two pool balls, holds them in the air and then drops them so they land back on the table)
      Tommy: Excuse me, this game's not three-dimensional, is it?

    • Dick: (explaining Thanksgiving) It's a national holiday. Tommy: What, like Big Giant Head Day? Dick: Similar... except that no one gets thrown into the sun.

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