3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 3 Episode 22

Just Your Average Dick (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1998 on NBC



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    • Nina: What's wrong with being black?
      Dick: Let's face it, Nina, most white people aren't.
      Nina: But they want to be.

    • (August tosses a coke can in the trash)
      Harry: Hey, don't throw that away!
      (Harry takes the can out of the trash)
      August: Oh, why? Do you recycle?
      Harry: (holding the can) No, I'm trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's biggest can collection.
      August: How many do you have?
      Harry: So far... just the one.

    • Harry: Hey, I've seen this before! This is stain-resistant carpet, watch. (Harry pours the entire contents of a coke can on the carpet and wipes it with his foot, but nothing happens) That's a good place for a chair.

    • Sally: I'm part of a community. A community that embraces wholesome, American values. And if you cross us... we will destroy you.

    • Sally: It says here the average American uses 4.1 pounds of butter a year.
      Tommy: Orally?

    • Tommy: Statistically, at least one of us should be divorced by now.
      Harry: Oooh! Can I have that one?
      Tommy: And 10% of us should be gay.
      (Everyone looks at Harry)
      Harry: That's not why we got divorced.

    • (Tommy enters the room with his hair cut short)
      Sally: Who are you?
      Tommy: It's me, Tommy.
      Dick: You can't be Tommy, Tommy looks like a girl.

    • Mary: I'm having a nice time.
      Dick: That's true, you've never screamed nor cried all evening. This calls for celebration, uh, waiter! A bottle of your most... average champagne.

    • Mary: You and your family... I know you mean well, but sometimes it's like being around the Addams Family.
      Dick: Well, I admit John Adams' views of a strong central government may have been ahead of their time.
      Mary: That's not who I meant!
      Dick: John Quincy Adams?! You're comparing me to that freak show?!

    • August: Okay, my family came to America in 1852 on a Dutch schooner. How about yours?
      Tommy: Well, um, my great-grandfather, uh... escaped from the Nazis through the Alps with his family and their singing nanny.
      August: Uh, Tommy.
      Tommy: Yeah.
      August: That's 'The Sound of Music'.
      Tommy: Yeah, I know. And don't think that we're not suing!

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