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  • Amazing

    i just love watching this show even though it's getting old! They make me laugh ALL the time !!
  • I opened the tv i found a new show started about a group of alliens living on earth i thought that it could be funny but...

    I opened the tv i found a new show started about a group of alliens living on earth i thought that it could be funny but after 10 minutes i saw what it is, it is a disaster a complete disaster i didnt even smile, i felt really disappointed i mean the idea of allins living on earth and the difference between them and humans is a good one and they could have made the show way better than that.
    i saw score that was given to this show and i wander who could possibely like this show, what do they see in it that i cant see?!!!
    i've given it 1/10 for a good idea distroyed by its makers
  • Alien freaks who you will grow to love!

    This show is in my top 10 favourite comedies of all time.
    The premise for this show is simple - 4 beings from another planet (Dick, Sally, Tommy & Harry) have been sent to Earth to view life on this planet. Along the way, Dick (the "High Commander") falls in love with a woman he works with, Sally tests the strength of mankind, Tommy goes through puberty (even though, on his planet, he is actually the oldest out of the group), and Harry - well... I guess you can say... ummm.... Harry is just Harry.

    This show attracted a plethora of guest stars during it's run such as Roseanne, Elvis Costello, John Cleese, Phil Hartman and many others.

    This show is sharply written - and before this show first aired, I never knew that John Lithgow could handle comedy so well.
    A great show and a must watch if you enjoy comedy mixed with a touch of sci-fi.
  • Good show

    This is another show i remember loving when i was younger, but I really don't have any recollection of what the show was really about besides they were aliens from another planet on a mission while trying to live a normal human life in the process, oh and the Newman from Seinfeld was in some episodes. Many people say its a good solid show to watch, that being said this is a show I want to watch again some time in the future to see what I really enjoyed about this show.

    sorry i just needed eight more words sorry.
  • a funny hilorious show about aliens that come to earth and learn the ways of the humans .

    well third rock from the sun was a really well putogether show about aliens that came from space to come earth to learn the ways of the humans. and they report to there head leader the big head. which was funny and the way react around humans makes the show funny you got younger teen and a older but still younger guy and you got a older women and older man on the show which make up the family and the older man works in the office as the other delivers things and othe older man fall in love with a women in his office as the older women has guy a dilver man who is on the chucky side falling her and who has crush on her but she does not like him and the yonger teen has crush on her girl . so it makes up a good funny story and the jokes keep you laughing it was a good show when it was on.
  • Aliens on our planet? No way! Well after seeing this show, you're gonna have to think again. :D

    This is such great comedy. The cast deserves to be mentioned, because they are largely responsible for show's great success. The story revolves around a weird family that is actually a group of alien researches in disguise. They try to fit in and be as normal human beings as possible and that leads to numerous of funny scenes and unusual situations. And as they get to know humans better, the more human they become themselves and the more people they get to know, the more attached they get to them. I recommend this show to everyone that wants a good laugh but also a possibility to learn something new about us, humans.
  • Great!

    Summary: 3rd Rock From the Sun is an inspired half-hour comedy series farcically dealing with the human condition set in the fictional city of Rutherford, Ohio. This gentle-hearted series stars John Lithgow as the High Commander of an investigative team sent to Earth on a mission to learn everything about humans and their so-called advanced civilization. Described by its producers as "Carl Sagan meets the Marx Brothers," 3RD ROCK has a clever, distinct point of view seen through the extraterrestrial team who has no other worldly powers except absolute truthfulness. Overall this was a great show. Grade: A + 10/10
  • Wacky.

    This show was absolutely nuts. I do not think that I can think of one instance in which I thought the show was anything like a normal comedy. I think the crazy elements of the show is what made it entertaining. Some of the characters were funny while others were just okay. One of the best aspects of the show was the alien element. That was different from any other show. I also liked the comedic timing. One thing I did not like was the stupid plots and storylines. Overall, it was just an okay show with some funny moments. Thank you.
  • As the High commander I order you to read this review on 3rd Rock from the Sun!

    3rd rock really is my new best friend...well more like old friends reunited again after a long time. I used to watch this show when I was a kid and when I found out that it was playing again, I just had to watch it. I tape as many as I can on the DVR and watch them almost everyday. It is no surprise to me why this show was so popular in the 90's it's so original!! Most sitcoms don't put sci-fi to the equation, but this one does. The part about the aliens coming to earth and studying us is no news, but making it a sitcom is! This show is so smart and witty, and it helps you understand human nature, since it is so well explained after ever show when the Solomans learn something. I recommend this show to people who love a good laugh with a slight sci-fi intelligent twist!! Two thumbs way up! d^^b
  • Bwahaha, this is amazing!!!

    Granted, I was 1, almost 2, when the show premiered, and I've just now gotten into it. It's like on TV Land or something at 9. Anyway, this show is about a group of aliens, Dick, Sally, Tommy, and Harry, who are sent on assignment on Earth or something, hence the name, 3rd Rock From the Sun. I'm not really sure why they're on Earth. I haven't been watching it that long. Harry is definitely my favorite. Everyone thinks he's just a bumbling idiot and the only reason that he's there is because "they had an extra seat". Well, maybe that's true, but Harry is still amazingly awesome!!!!!
  • 3rd Rock From the Sun is a fantastic oddball sitcom. It's fast-paced and off-beat and John Lithgow's over the top performance steals the show.

    3rd Rock From the Sun is a fantastic oddball sitcom. It's fast-paced and off-beat and John Lithgow's over the top performance steals the show.

    The show's premise is that a team of alien scientists (Lithgow and cast) are on a research mission to study humanity, so they are posing as a typical human family. Most episodes revolve around the cast attempting, and failing, to fit in to everyday society.

    The key to any TV show is to have likable, interesting characters. John Lithgow was fantastic, but he's surrounded by other interesting characters. Even Newman from Seinfeld is a cast-member, this time as a bumbling cop.

    Great show.
  • Great!

    One of the best shows ever ! So funny ! With an amasing cast and insane jokes they bring us one of the best comedy shows and I doubt that there will be another one like this . The story is just crazy . A group of aliens who travel to earth to study humans . They pretend to be a family and are fascinated by the tiniest things from witch one of my favorites is Dicks fascination with toilet paper . Basicly it is a great show and is definetly worth watching every single second of your time .
  • classic laughs

    We can always have a bit of a laugh at ourselves when we look at what we do and try to assertain why using a fuctional sociological perspect and third rock made it a art form. What really took a step above was John Lithgow's performance as Dick 'the high commander'
    Featuring some great reoccuring guest appearences from the likes of William Shatner as 'the big giant head', Wayne Knight as officer Don and John Cleese as Dr Liam Neeson (Dicks nemisus when dick isn't being his own worst enemy). Even the little details such as the names of the three male aliens (Tom, Dick, and Harry) are a canvis for comidic outlets
  • IF NBC had funny shows like this it would not be such a failure these days...

    Unlike the unimaginative shows that the major networks shove downs ones gullets these days this show was funny quirky and totally unpredictable. Goofy aliens attempting to integrate into society and how amusing it was when everyone was completely unable to notice made for great laughs every step of the way. If only we had comedy shows that did not revolve around couples, married people, and singles, and other basic comedy that is so over done it is not funny when done ten times over. Sadly it seems what nbc thinks is funny these days is really bad office humor and ummmm nothing else really comes to mind except for my name is earl but that is somewhat funny tho it has been going down hill.
  • A hilarious show, among my top ten.

    Granted, I only started watching this after I saw Mysterious Skin (when I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the pilot, I was, like, flabbergasted), I fell in love with it (especially Tommy). This is one of the few shows where every single character is good, and not one is annoying beyond reason. However...
    If you'll recall the season 3 opener, it says that Roseanne's character, Dick's new bride, is the BGH's niece. In the season 5 closer, however, it blatantly says that Dick was the BGH's son. This would make Dick and Janet (Roseanne) cousins. Am I thew only one who notices this? I don't know how the Home Planet works, but here, we frown upon that.
  • Excellent show for poking fun at humanity for what it really is and how uncivilised civilisation has become. A corking good show with a very consistent quality standard for the most part.

    The excellent premise for this show made it a must watch when it first hit our screens but sadly could not sustain itself for the length of its run due to the problem of naturalisation in its characters. Once they got used to earth and how to live on it, the novelty was gone.

    That said, for the majority of its run 3rd Rock was good stuff and regularly hilarious. Some of the episodes were utterly inspired and can be heralded as truely original pieces of television comedy.

    At its best it was original and side-splittingly funny, what more do you want?
  • 3rd Rock explores the learning curve of aliens who live among us. Hilarity ensues.

    This show made me realize who John Lithgow was. I had not heard of him before 3rd Rock. I thought he was hilarious in this show, especially when paired with the Likes of John Cleese and William Shatner. He pulls off the bewildered High Commander role perfectly
    The other characters in the show, Sally, Tommy, and Harry all have their own quirks. I remember specifically the episode where Sally became interested in Martha Stewart's decorating technique. She shoves a guest's face into a centerpiece she created and screamed "SMELL THE PERFECTION!!!". I ROFLed.
    For being such an advanced race, they seemed quite clueless, but any clulessness was rooted in a lack of understanding of Ohio's culture. It was such a fun show to watch.
  • Boom boom boom ba boom boom boom boom booooooom!(great show!)

    3rd Rock From the sun is one of the greatest sitcoms ever imagined, or at least aired that is, it's plotlines, directing and british style-humour is one of the things that makes it so well-done. I watch the whole first season after, there were daily reruns on the local cable channel, when my mom was watching it and after that I knew the show was great. The acting is well done, most of the time and the writing is poured out in bucket loads of brilliance, also the opening theme and music, as well as the 3D bumpers(which are in replace of crummy establishing shots), also make it worth the watch. My only complaint, which cost the rating of ten, is the fact of how weak the act-breaks are, I can't describe it, they're just bland and unfunny, if I could go back and redo the series, they would be the only thing, I as a fan, would touch. It's a shame this didn't run a couple of seasons more, it really had it em. Long live the High Commander!
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun is truly a CLASSIC SITCOM. It's One of the top ten greatest television shows of all time. Miserably underrated.I dare anyone to try NOT to Laugh while he watchs this show,I dare you..

    "As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is a story of a band of four such explorers. In order to blend in, they have assumed human form. This is the High Commander [Dick]. He has assembled an elite team of experts: A decorated military officer [Sally], a seasoned intelligence specialist [Tommy] and [Harry], well, they had an extra seat".

    This is one of the best shows put out! It really feels like your in a theater watching a play. 'Dick' is the best character, hes funny and bossy and quite the simpleton when he wants to be. I love the way he expresses his feelings through his facial expressions. I would be entertained just watching him, with no sound. and 'Harry' is definitely the next best character. i love the way he dresses...the fur coat and his suspenders and bright shirts. plus, hes very funny. he gives off the impression that he is the youngest alien even though tommy is. i love how innocent and sweet he seems. 3rd Rock is not your A-typical show, it doesn't deal with real life and regular families and friends. every character in this show is weird and crazy and doing their own thing. i think its better this way. i get tired of watching the same old shows with a husband and a wife. problems with the kids or work or each other. its very refreshing to see a show where they have crazy situations and answers. plus it fun to see what it might be like for an alien to come to earth and not know how to deal with their bodies, or relationships, or school and work.

    "This message will end in 5....4.....3....2.... Haaachewww!!!
    What did I miss???".
  • absolutely hilarius

    3rd rock from the sun is without a doubt one of the best comedy shows made in the last decade..... the humor is full of witty observations on the human condition and human life, its goofy and off the wall- simply fantastic!!!!!!!!! the premise of the show is an added bonus and allows for this unique humor, all the characters are excellently portrayed by the actors and are realistic and engaging.
    One of the funniest aspects of the show is the title of the episodes which again show the smartness of the humor, e.g "les liasons dickgerouses"!!!!!!!!!!!! What more can i say?? i love it and its a shame that there is nothin to equal it on t.v at the moment..............
  • I love third rock from the sun can evben begin to start thinking of why this show is not on again. It is ahead of its time the Elien perspactive of a famaly livng in an atick. A high comander wioth three other exsentric brother,sister and son.

    3rd rock from the sun i so funny I watch them on my spare time. Each character has so much personality. Dick the high comander is so crazy and mad crazy in love with mary albright. He can be the most spontanius character and the things he sais makes him so funny.Tommy the oldest of the bunch but traped in the youngest body as Dick,s son he has to expiriense the joy of puberty. Sally is now geting acustemd to being an earth women and a really hot one, and the falls in love with don a chubby cop that hit the lottery with her.Of course sally is a women but with a man attitude that makes her a tomboy model with great legs but is so hilarius. Harryu is the dubm one but all I can say he can make me HA ha ha HA ha !!!!!!!!!!!
  • The aliens have invaded Ohio! Tommy, Harry, Sally, and Dick Solomon try to blend in among the humans and learn our secrets.

    3rd Rock follows a family of aliens trying to blend in on Earth. John Lithgow stars as Dick, the egotistical college professor and the mission's High Commander. Lieutenant Sally, played by Kristen Johnston, struggles with being "the woman." Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Information Officer Tommy, struggling to understand humanity and high school. French Stewart plays dopey television addict Harry, who works as the "transmitter" to the home world. Together they learn about everything from pop-up books to jealousy.

    This show had a great ensemble cast, filled out by the aliens' respective (human) significant others. The acting was always terrific. Instead of relying on special effects, the show had a great cast with a wonderful dynamic. Though they occasionally tackled semi-serious subjects, the show was lighthearted. Over the years, they had a long list of special guest stars, including Roseanne Barr, John Cleese, and William Shatner (who all played other aliens). A few episodes may be dated now (such as Dennis Rodman's cameo in season 1) but overall the show holds up well. A kitchen full of "Fuzzy Buddies" is funny even if you don't get the reference to the Beanie Baby craze ("Collect Call for Dick," season 4). It is a good family show, though parents may object to the sex jokes and language.

    Even now, my favorite episodes still make me laugh. I used to stay up after midnight to watch the reruns. Fortunately, now I can watch them all on DVD!
  • the best comedy

    its a crasy komedy style that i really love. i has every thing mixt in to a crasy fameliy bonde. And that they dont realy now how the shode be acting as a family. they pull out the ranks and dick lovs to be the suprim comander and boos them around. even if the youngest is the oldest and he hates to be a teenager to start with. Then later he loves it when i can yeast chill and do homwork that he things is realy easy. And wen dick is thinking about writhing the realy fisical rols of the univers and after understand that it will blow there cover.

    you have to see it.
  • This show was hilarious.

    3rd Rock from the sun was one of the funniest shows I watched when I was a kid. It was so Zanny and out of the loop, and made me laugh every episode I watched.

    The whole storyline of people that are aliens was just so unusual in a sitcom, and that is what made the show so much better. I love the show, and I hope they bring it back.

    I cant really say much more about the show, seeing as I only watched it when I was a kid, and havent seen it on normal TV as of late.
  • they really need to bring it back... seriously...

    this show was one of the best show on fox.... come one! people thought this show was bad because of its story line.. at frist i didnt know if i should watch it but then i got hooked it wasnt a joke...... sometimes i could even relate to them because sometimes i thought i was from a different plant. classic bring back i think people would appreciated now!!!
  • halarious sitcom to easy the pain of a hard day

    At first I didn't like this show, but it grew on me. The story of the show was great. The whole idea of a group of aliens using human bodies to explore how humans live is just amazing. John Lithgow did a great job as Dick Soloman, as did the rest of the cast with their characters. It's a classic show that I'll continue to enjoy on DVD. It had a great run on NBC and the re-runs were just as enjoyable as first-time runs of the show. Very original story with very original characters. If there was a network dedicated to cancelled sitcoms, 3rd Rock would have to be one of the shows in the lineup!!
  • One of the funniest TV shows there's ever been!

    In 3rd rock from the sun, we see the life of four aliens, who infiltrated Earth and are pretending to be humans. We see the selfish highcommander Dick (John Lithgow) the strong female lieutenant Sally (Kristen Johnston) the wise information officer Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is disguised as a teenager, and the transmitter (Harry), who's with them because they had an extra seat in the spaceship.

    3rd rock from sun has funny jokes and crazy characters. Even though the show sometimes repeats itself, it's still fun! Other characters include Dick's love interest Mary, Sally's boyfriend Officer Don (Wayne Knight), and Dick's secretary Nina (Simbi Khali).
  • Quite possibly the best sci-fi comedy ever made - along with Red Dwarf...

    One of the best comedy shows around, 3rd Rock from the Sun ran for six seasons and won many awards, including three well-deserved Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy Awards for John Lithgow.

    John Lithgow is Dick Solomon, the High Commander of the mission. His main task was trying to bed Mary Albright (Jane Curtin), while figuring out the human experiences like the rest of his family, but whatever he did, Mary just seemed to love him like nothing had ever happened. He also had interesting encounters with his students - Leon (Ian Lithgow, John Lithgow's son), Bug (David DeLuise), Pitman (Chris Hogan) and Caryn (Daniella Nicolet).

    Kristen Johnston (Sally Solomon), French Stewart (Harry Solomon) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon) also had their experiences in love - Don Orville (the excellent Wayne Knight), Vicki Dubcek (Jan Hooks) and August (Shay Astar) - later Alissa (Larisa Oleynik) respectively.

    This is one show that definitely should be in your collection today...
  • Great show. An all time favorite.

    John Lithgow is gold as a self absorbed high commander of an alien team of explorers. Sally, ironically, is the warrior. Tommy is the information officer. And Harry is the transmitter to communicate with the Big Giant Head, who is played by William Shatner. This show's stars alone are enough reason to watch, but the guest stars top it off. Phil Hartman has appeared twice as well as Wayne Knight who plays Sally's love intrest Don Orville (great name). All in all a great show. There's nothing like watching a bunch of "aliens" who know nothing about Earth (Rutherford, Ohio).
  • a very funny show about aliens experiencing human behavious

    this is a very good, insitfull, humorous and underapreciated show. its all about aliens who study all life in the universe come to earth in order to experience human life. they expect it to be a 2 day job but then that changes when the high comander ( leader of the group ) encounters "feelings" and wants to explore them. they take on human form to avoid detection. they go round finding more and more emotions and decide that they like iton earth and end up spending lots and lots of time here.its a very insitfull show on how different people live and offers a second opinion on how we all live.
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