3rd Rock from the Sun

NBC (ended 2001)





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  • a funny hilorious show about aliens that come to earth and learn the ways of the humans .

    well third rock from the sun was a really well putogether show about aliens that came from space to come earth to learn the ways of the humans. and they report to there head leader the big head. which was funny and the way react around humans makes the show funny you got younger teen and a older but still younger guy and you got a older women and older man on the show which make up the family and the older man works in the office as the other delivers things and othe older man fall in love with a women in his office as the older women has guy a dilver man who is on the chucky side falling her and who has crush on her but she does not like him and the yonger teen has crush on her girl . so it makes up a good funny story and the jokes keep you laughing it was a good show when it was on.