3rd Rock from the Sun

Season 2 Episode 2

See Dick Continue to Run (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary


The Solomons free Dick from the basement and Dick attempts to get rid of his replacement.

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  • Warning if you did not watch the first part you will not completly understand this part.

    This is the second part of a three part episode plot. The first part being the last episode of the first season. This is the first episode of the second season and teh show continues to be as funny as ever. Dick is stuck in an invisable box in the basement while the new commander has no idea what so ever what he is doing (and not only that but is a fraud). At the end of the episode the others find Dick stuck in the basement and the episode ends with a to be continued. Though not the best episode in the series it did have quite a few funny moments.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Tommy presses the button to disable the invisible box that Dick is in, Sally is on top of it and the cord suspending her is visible for a moment before she falls on Dick.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (After running into the door twice, Evil Dick finally gets into his classroom. He sees all of his students there)
      Evil Dick: Excuse me. There must be some mistake. This classroom is mine, find your own!

    • (Evil Dick is sitting at Dick's desk at the University. He is playing with a pencil when the phone rings)
      Evil Dick: (to the phone) What do you want?
      (the phone rings again)
      Evil Dick: (yells) What do you want?!
      (the phone rings again)
      Evil Dick: Stop it!
      (the phone rings again)
      Evil Dick: (yells) Stop it!
      (The phone stops ringing and Evil Dick gets a look on his face, showing that he just won)

    • Tommy: This guy's such a hard ass
      Sally: Hey! let me remind you that that hard ass is our high commander!
      Harry: Well you're the weapons expert. Isn't there someway to get rid of him?
      Sally: No. We're stuck with him. We can't just frag him with a grenade while he is taking a shower.
      Tommy: Yeah, but listen: Shower's accidentally explode all the time!
      Sally: I didn't hear that!!
      Harry: He said that-
      Sally: Shut up!

    • Evil Dick: Now pay attention! I have an assignment for you! Lieutenant take this down!
      (Sally goes for a pad of paper)
      Evil Dick: I will require the following items: 500 rolls of silver reflective duct tape, 144 ceramic custard cups, 1 subatomic spectrometer and one turkey baster.
      (Tommy Sally and Harry give him a weird look)
      (Evil Dick starts talking in an evil voice)
      Evil Dick: (in an evil voice) You see I am building the greatest incubator these puny humans have every known. And when it is completed, I will spawn my own private army of..
      (He looks at Sally, Harry and Tommy and freezes. The three give him another weird look)
      Evil Dick: Fuzzy easter chicks! Well what are you looking at? You have your assignment, hop to it!
      Sally: Well, can't you give us a ride?
      Evil Dick: No! The car is mine and mine alone!

    • Tommy: (Instructing Evil Dick with what to do at work) When someone asks you what time it is, you do not say 'It's time to die.'

    • Evil Dick: You will go to a barber, I will go to a stylist!
      Tommy, Sally and Harry: Oh..wait wait wait!
      Tommy: We have so much more hair then you!
      Evil Dick: You will never mention that again!! Have I made myself clear, Tommy?
      Tommy, Sally and Harry: Yes.

    • Evil Dick: The bathroom has been stocked with two kinds of toilet paper. I and I alone...get the quilted kind!

    • Evil Dick: It is becoming all too clear that my predecessor chose to run things. (Now talking to Harry) You will find things to be quite different while under my command, Tommy!
      Harry: Ah...no. I'm Harry.
      Evil Dick: No. I've decided that from now on, you will be known as Tommy.
      Tommy: (stands up) Well, what about me?
      Evil Dick: You will be known as Tommy too.
      Tommy: Wait. Tommy then the number two or Tommy as well?
      Evil Dick: You will all be known as Tommy!!

    • Tommy: You work at the university.
      Evil Dick: Ah, so I own the university.
      Tommy: Well, not so much own as teach a physics class.
      Evil Dick: I'm a teacher?! Were all the janitor jobs taken?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Tommy: What about Michael Jordan?
      Michael Jordan was an American basketball player and considered to be the best basketball player in the history of the game and the NBA.