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Aired Unknown Aug 01, 1993 on
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Yakumo Fugii, an ordinary Japanese student, inherits the care of Pai, a young girl from Nepal, from his dying archaeologist father. But Pai is more than she innocently appears to be. She is the last of a vanished magical race known as the Sanjiyan Unkara, or Triclops, and is in a desperate hunt against the forces of darkness to find the Ningen no Zou (Statue of Humanity) to turn her human. Yakumo nearly dies in a fight against a demon and to save him, Pai turns him into a Wu, a zombie bound to her service who cannot die. Yakumo and Pai travel to Hong Hong to meet with Ling Ling Lee, a colleague of his father's, to track down the statue. But, the demons of the dark lord Kaiyan Wang are already there to retrieve it...whatever the cost.moreless

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    Ai Orikasa

    Ai Orikasa

    Ling-Ling Lee

    Akio Ohtsuka

    Akio Ohtsuka


    Brigitte Bako

    Brigitte Bako

    Pai Ayanokouji/Sanjiyan (English dub)

    Christian Campbell

    Christian Campbell

    Yakumo Fujii (English dub)

    Earl Boen

    Earl Boen

    Benares (English dub)

    Jean Gilpin

    Jean Gilpin

    Ms. Huang/Shunkai (English dub)

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      • Yakumo: So, you're from China? What's your name?
        Pai: Pai
        Yakumo: Pai? Well I'm...Oh, the outfit? This is just for work I'm not really a transvestite. Well, my mom left when I was little. And dad went to Tibet 4 years ago. I haven't been able to contact him. It didn't leave me much choice, so that's how I ended up here.
        Pai: That's so profound.

      • Pai: I have not consumed your soul! Rather your soul and mine are now one!
        Yakumo: My soul...and your soul?!
        Pai: I saved your life in Shinjuku, as well. Now that you're immortal that's no longer necessary. Ours fates are bound. If I die, so shall you. If I become human, you will also become human again.

      • Ling-Ling: (to Yakumo) Sanjiyan Unkara: a beautiful, immortal, three-eyed demon. They often seduce humans, devouring its victim's soul. With his soul devoured, the victim dies. However his body lives on undead and indestructible...and will bear the mark of Wu upon his forehead. Obviously, it's some old wise tale.

      • Ling-Ling: Listen, Yakumo, there's no such thing as monsters!
        Yakumo: But Ling-Ling, you work as an occult expert.
        Ling-Ling: It's just a job, so long as it makes me money.
        Yakumo: You're awful, that's fraud!

      • Professor Fujii: (thinking) Long ago, the Sanjiyan discovered a way to become human...giving up their immortality for a shorter life span. Those transformations were successful. Its likely that Pai is the last remaining Sanjiyan

      • Transvestite 1: (about Pai) Hey, Yakumo, what's with the girl? I thought you didn't like girls, Yakumo.
        Transvestite 2: Yakumo's 16 now. He probably wants to do the nasty.
        Yakumo: Its not like that!

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