$40 a Day

Food Network (ended 2005)


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  • A good show for those who want to eat some good foods while on vacation without having to pay a high budget.

    "$40 a Day" like what the title says, is about Reachal Ray, a Food Network chef, taking you to well-known places around the United States, and at the same time, informs you about the great restaurants located there. She has fourty dollars in her hand (two twenty dollar bills), and she wants to spend it on food. In the end, she'll have some left over sometimes, and in other times, all $40 go poof.

    While I think it's not a very important show for me, it could be very informative for those who want to eat big, and pay small. Excuse my horrible slogan. If you get paid a low income, you can watch this show on FOOD Network every day and learn something about saving money and eating in great restaurants at the same time.