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$40 a Day - Season 1

Food Network (ended 2005)


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Episode Guide

  • Cooperstown
    Episode 26
    Join host Rachael Ray as she explores the flavors in the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame in under $40 a Day! Starting with breakfast at the batting cages, & a picnic lunch after sampling at the Ommegang Brewery, she ends with BBQ dinner & dessert.
  • New York City
    New York City
    Episode 25
    Rachael is ready to take a big bite out of the Big Apple, but can she do it for $40 a Day? From breakfast at the Nolto Star, to an Indian fare lunch, to a cool treat, & finally a Mediterranean dinner, Rachael takes a bargain bite out of the Big Apple!moreless
  • Philadelphia
    Episode 24
    Rachael checks out Philadelphia, to see what kind of "brotherly" bargains she can find. From a down home breakfast at the Down Home Diner, to Jim's Steaks for the signature sandwich, to dinner at Villa di Roma, Rachael experiences a true bargain adventure.
  • Washington, D.C.
    Washington, D.C.
    Episode 23
    Rachael lays down the law in finding some awesome food bargains in our nation's capitol. From a cafeteria style breakfast at Teaism, to lunch at the local favorite, Clyde's of Georgetown, to a "topas" dinner at Jaleo, will Rachael make her budget?
  • Atlanta, GA
    Atlanta, GA
    Episode 22
    For breakfast, she tastes the thrifty, nifty Flying Biscuit & lunches at the city's oldest restaurant. For a snack, Rachael gets her mitts on some inexpensive sweet potato cheesecake. For dinner, she checks out Matt's Rib Shack.
  • Charleston, SC
    Charleston, SC
    Episode 21
    First, Rachael enjoys a breakfast of sweet potato pancakes with toasted pecan butter. For lunch, she enjoys old style cooking at Jestine's Kitchen & later indulges in a slice of pecan pie. For dinner, she tastes the delights at Hominy Grill.
  • Savannah, GA
    Savannah, GA
    Episode 20

    She starts off her day with a free breakfast at her historic B&B. Her next stop is Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House for lunch, & then a complimentary high tea at her hotel. After satisfying her sweet tooth in town, she heads to the Crab Shack for dinner.

  • Florence, Italy
    Florence, Italy
    Episode 19
    After a breakfast of espresso & a croissant, Rachael splurges on lunch at a trattorias. Anticipating a late dinner, she grabs a snack, & then braves a long line at one of the most popular trattorias for dinner. She indulges in la dolce vida for dessert.
  • Tuscany, Italy
    Tuscany, Italy
    Episode 18
    In Tuscany, Rachael enjoys a fresh lunch at a Tuscan farmhouse. Her next stop is the home of a winery called Castello Verrazzano. In Siena, Italy, Rachael finds a no-frills trattoria, She ventures into one of Siena's priciest restaurants for dessert.
  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy
    Episode 17
    Rachael Ray takes on Rome, Italy and tries Enoteca Corsi, Rome's version of bacon & eggs, spaghetti alla carbonara anti pasta, margo di Maile alla Mazio (marinated pork) & gelato ice cream.
  • Amsterdam
    Episode 16
    For breakfast, Rachael bikes over to DePrins. She samples the Pancake Bakery, and discovers that people in Amsterdam eat both sweet and savory pancakes for lunch. For dinner, she gets a taste of Indrapura, and Amsterdam Cafe for dessert.
  • Brussles, Belgium
    Brussles, Belgium
    Episode 15
    Rachael starts off her day with a Belgian waffle. By midday, she is ready for steamed mussels. She heads to LePainQuotidien, for an affordable lunch. Rachael manages to score artisan chocolates, and still has money to enjoy dinner.
  • Paris
    Episode 14
    Her days begins at one of Paris's oldest patisseries, Stohner. Then a fixed price lunch at Au Gourmet De I'lle. In the afternoon, Rachael picks up a snack at an open-air market. Her day ends at Polidor where she dines like a true Parisian.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Episode 13
    At the Cold Tavern, host Rachael Ray gets a healthy breakfast. For lunch, she stops in at the Santa Barbara Shellfich Co. Rachael grabs some dinner at the Camino Real Cafe. Finally, Rachael grabs some Kahula Cheesecake at the Sojourner.
  • San Diego, CA
    San Diego, CA
    Episode 12
    Host Rachael Ray is ready for breakfast at Big Kitchen. At Point Loma, Rachael has some seaside fare at point loma Seafood. Rachael grabs a great deal at Old Town Mexican Cafe & to cool down, Rachael heads to the Moontime Creamery.
  • Las Vegas, NV
    Las Vegas, NV
    Episode 11
    For dinner, Rachael decides upon Bahama Breeze & a slice of Grand Marnier Cake. Rachael is ready for a late night snack at The Palms- Sunrise Cafe. For her last meal, Rachael finds an abundance of high end food at Sam's Town Firelight Buffet.
  • Portland, Oregon
    Portland, Oregon
    Episode 10
    Rachael Ray hikes through the Multnomak Fall to the Lodge Restaurant. Next, Rachael heads to Bush Gardens, famous for its bargain food prices. Then to McMenamin's Edgefield Bed & Breakfast. Finally, Rachael gets a wonderful salmon dinner at Higgins.
  • Seattle, Washington
    Rachael Ray starts with a high- octane breakfast at Cafe Landro. She tries a Mexican feast at Agua Verde Paddle Club. At Red Hook Ale Brewery, she bellies up to the bar for $1 drinks! At Bick's Broadway Grill, she enjoys an Asian feast.
  • Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
    Episode 8
    Rachael's $40 goes a lot further than expected! First, a vegetarian restaurant called Sweet Cherutium, then the Sha-lin Noodle House. Rachael caps off her day at Death by Chocolate, a trendy cafe, specializing in decadent chocolate desserts.
  • Miami, Florida
    Miami, Florida
    Episode 7
    Rachael Ray starts with a late lunch at Captain Jim's Seafood. Next stop: Coral Gables and a bistro, Ortanique on the Mile. next, she's off to the Colmobian restaurant called Mama Vieja. Finally, Rachael's ready to top off the evening at The Ice Box.
  • The Keys
    The Keys
    Episode 6
    Rachael tastes some low-cost gourmet treats as she explores the Florida keys. She stops at the Cracked Conch, has some lunch at Blue Heaven. For dinner, it's off to Bahama Mama's, & stops at an utdoor bar called Bily Fish.
  • Orlando
    Episode 5
    Host Rachael Ray heads south to Orlando, Florida. She starts off at lacomka. Next, she hits funky Orange Avenue, & The White Wolf. Next, she snacks on dessert at the Coloraddo Fondue Co. Finally, she rounds out her day at Cafe TuTuTango.
  • Monterey
    Episode 4
    Bargain hunting Rachael Ray hits the stores of California's Montery coast where she visits Connery Row and First Awakenings. Next, she lands at the rustic Cork Screw Cafe. Next, it's on to The Tuck Box, & then to Cafe Fina where she rounds out her day.
  • Napa
    Episode 3
    Traveling foodie Rachael Ray takes a tour of California's Napa Valley. She stops at Sonoma's Bosque Cafe, Catahoula, thenshe's off to nosh at Saint Helen's V. Sattuti winery. She ends the day at the family-owned Tuscan eatery, Della Santini's.
  • San Francisco
    San Francisco
    Episode 2
    Rachael is on a low-cost mission to enjoy one of America's most exciting culinary cities. Her first stop is Chinatown. Next, she's to Swan Oyster Depot. Rachael goes to Citizen Cake, & finishes off the day at LeMetro.
  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles
    Episode 1
    Host Rachael Ray is a thrifty traveler on a mission to find the quintessential flavors of LA's high-priced eateries & do it on just $40 a day. She hits the local market, La Guelaguentza, Neptune's Net, Elixir, and Authentic Cafe.
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