411VM Skateboarding - Season 14

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  • Issue 14.4
    Issue 14.4
    Episode 4
    411VM Volume 14, Issue 4 features Danny Garcia, Chris Haslam, Dennis Busenitz, Devine Calloway, Kenny Anderson, Robert Lopez, Nate Broussard, Steve Nesser, Jon Newport, Danny Cerezini, Andre Genovesi, Christian Hosoi, Daniel Cardone, Richard Mulder, Daewon Song, Daniel Castillo, Zered Bassett, Chico Brenes, Torey Pudwill, Mike Carroll, Daewon Song, Rick Howard, Danny Castillo, Jeron Wilson, Chris Miller, Omar Hassan, Jeff Grosso, Josh Harmony, Rick McCrank, Corey Duffel, Nick Dompierre, Andre Genovesi, Chris Pfanner and Tony Magnusson. 411 brings the treats with 411 Volume 14, Issue 4. Art Director Bob Kronbauer sprinkles his creative dust and gives this issue a look and feel that stands out from the rest. Openers will get your heart racing and the adrenalin pumping followed by an amazing Chaos that features Danny Garcia, Chris Haslam, Dennis Busenitz, Devine Calloway and Kenny Anderson! Puerto Rico's Robert Lopez is one skate machine that doesn't have an off switch. Put anything in his way and he'll annihilate it. Big gaps? Crazy rails? It doesn't matter! Robert skates like an angry Silverback Gorilla with the power to bulldoze anything that stands in his path. The Planet Earth skate crew went on a trip to Greece for some homemade gyros and pita bread and instead came back with a full skate part featuring Nate Broussard, Steve Nesser and Jon Newport. Currently holding it down in the OC, Danny Cerezini is throwing it down all over the place and making it look too easy while he's at it! What's a synonym for Switchstance? Andre Genovesi! Recently added to the Hosoi Skates Pro roster, 411's got the debut pro part with the master of switch himself! This guy takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Also featuring Christian Hosoi, Daniel Cardone and Richard Mulder, you won't want to miss this! Daewon Song, Daniel Castillo, Zered Bassett, Chico Brenes and Torey Pudwill spent two weeks touring Mexico and Costa Rica, eating some good authentic cuisine and shredding up some uniqmoreless
  • Issue 14.3
    Issue 14.3
    Episode 3
    411VM Volume 14, Issue 3 features Russ Pope, Marius Syvanen, Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Richie Belton, Ted De Gros, Joey Brezinski, Vincent Bressol, Javier Mendizabal, Lucas Puig, Ben Gore, Emmanuel Guzman, Sid Melvin, Jason Adams, Louie Barletta, Pat Rakestraw, Adam Alfaro, Dyson Ramones, Don Nguyen, Mike Vallely, Justin Schulte, Jimmy Carlin, Josh Mattson, Marquis Preston, Grant Patterson and Geoff Dermer. Stay indoors and cool off with 411VM Volume 14, Issue 3. With Duffs Art Director Russ Pope at the creative helm, 411 provides everything you need to enjoy your lazy days in the shade! Goin' down in this episode is another Chaos featuring Marius Syvanen, Flo Marfaing & Alex Carolino from the Santa Cruz Team, the Bueno crew and ending it with a Dekline Shoes barrage. Watch the Hellrose Hero Richie Belton destroy everything in his path both on and off the skateboard! Canadian Ted De Gros (Santa Cruz Skateboards) rolls in with a feel-good part and a bag of tricks that's sure to raise eyebrows (Frontside Tailslide Hardflip out!). And best of all, he looks clean and stylish while doing it! Keep an eye on this guy! Across the pond comes the Cliché team (winners of the 2006 TWS Best Team Award!) who wreck shop in Sicily, Italy. Featuring Joey Brezinski, Vincent Bressol, Javier Mendizabal and Lucas Puig, these Euros rip the streets hard enough to make the Godfather have a heart attack! Florida is known for its oranges, but will soon be known as the home of Ben Gore, the World Industries Am that comes through with a rippin' part to keep you rockin' all night! Emmanuel Guzman and Sid Melvin knock out walls with a part that proves that Santa Cruz Skateboards has one helluva team! The Duffs Montage illustrates the diversity of the Duffs team with the quickness of Jason Adams, the creativity of Louie Barletta, the uniqueness of Pat Rakestraw, the rawness of Adam Alfaro and the pure talent of Dyson Ramones, you'll be asking yourself "Am I good, man?" No Duffs Montage wouldmoreless
  • Issue 14.2
    Issue 14.2
    Episode 2
    411VM Volume 14, Issue 2 features Chris Pastras, Kerry Getz, Nate Jones, Matt Ball, Daryl Angel, Jerry Hsu, Jose Rojo, Jon Nguyen, Olly Todd, Abdias Rivera, Paul Machnau, Mike Hastie, PLG, Chet Thomas, Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Dyson Ramones, Danny Supa, Daniel Shimitzu, Danny Renaud, Tony Silva, Raymond Molinar and Angel Ramirez. Another inspiring, skate-heavy masterpiece comes your way from the crew at 411VM with the creative Chris Pastras pioneering the art direction. Openers history was made at the famous El Toro 20 this past winter and 411 has the footage! 411 has the pleasure to bring another great Chaos section featuring Kerry Getz, Nate Jones, Matt Ball and a host of others to satisfy your appetite! After experiencing a horrific car accident, San Jose's Daryl Angel thanks his Guardian Angel that he made it out alive and brings you a bangin' skate part with a little help from his friends Jerry Hsu, Jose Rojo and Jon Nguyen! Everyone run for cover as Olly Todd, a.k.a. Toddmate, the scrappy little elf from the UK, comes through with a stylish part that's sure to make you want to get your daily grind on! What starts as a tiny spark explodes into raging fire as Florida's own Abdias Rivera brings you his first full part ever in Little Big Man! Mack Now, Not Later, Handrails beware: When Paul Machnau is near, you WILL get destroyed! Featuring a mini-part of the Darkstar crew including Mike Hastie, PLG and Chet Thomas, this section will leave you salivating! Kick off the shoes and relax the socks as the Stereo Sound Agency brings you Surround Sound, a montage of the Stereo Sound Agents doing what they do best: skating and creating. Featuring Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Dyson Ramones, Danny Supa, Daniel Shimitzu and Danny Renaud! Now that his bullocks have dropped, Tony Silva has become a Grown Ass Man and brings you a fully grown skate part with such style and grace that only a mature adult could bring.moreless
  • Issue 14.1
    Issue 14.1
    Episode 1
    411VM Volume 14, Issue 1 features Chima Ferguson, Corey Duffel, Marius Syvanen, Tyler Bledsoe, Jack Curtin, Chad Bartie, Quim Cardona, Jereme Rogers, Donny Barley, Pat Duffy, Mike Peterson, Kurtis Colamonico, Terell Robinson, Jereme Rogers and Greg Lutzka. 411 Volume 14, Issue 1 delivers another exciting addition to the 411 library with guest artist Todd Francis at the helm. Todd has been the lead artist for Element since 1999 and lends 411 his creativity for this issue. Starting off with another heart-pounding Openers segment, Chima Ferguson's last trick is sure to leave your mouth hanging. Even though the days of winter are short, step into the sun with a bright and shiny segment of Chaos featuring skaters from DVS, Bueno and Zoo York. Then Pack Your Duffel Bags as we head up to Northern California to skate with Corey Duffel and watch Jaws tear up our presidential cabinet. Meanwhile, down south in San Diego, Marius Syvanen and Tyler Bledsoe show you the future of skateboarding as these young bucks go through Growing Pains to give you a tasty skate part. Remember Jack Curtin from 411 Issue 59? Well Jack's Back as we head out to Barcelona to hang with him for the summer. What's Better Than Canadian Bacon? Why, Billabong in Canada of course! Chad Bartie, Quim Cardona, Jereme Rogers and the rest of the team head up to our neighbors in the north to skate around and tear up the streets. Then, The Teflon Don, a.k.a. Donny Barley, enlightens you on the true meaning of skateboarding then knocks you out with an amazing full part, featuring his friends on the Zoo York squad.moreless
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