411VM Skateboarding - Season 15

411VM Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Unknown


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  • Hot Dogs On Wheels
    Hot Dogs On Wheels
    Episode 2
    411VM "Hot Dogs on Wheels" features Cody McEntire, Felix Arguelles, Kurtis Colamonico, Luis Tolentino, Corey Duffel, Chris Pfanner, Dennis Durrant Tommy Sandoval, Mark Gutterman, Alex Carolino, Shiloh Greathouse, Nate Broussard, Jeremy Holmes, Stacy Lowery and Nick Mclouth. Get your condiments ready, it's time for "Hot Dogs On Wheels", the newest 411VM Skateboarding DVD, with creative direction by Bueno Skateboards' very own Michael Sieben, you'll be relishing in its savory flavors...Openers features the new owner of the Nollie Big Spin Heelflip, Cody McEntire, and charges right into Chaos with Famous Stars And Straps' Felix Arguelles, Kurtis Colamonico and Luis Tolentino, Foundation's Corey Duffel, european powerhouse Chris Pfanner, and putting the final nail in the coffin are Black Box's Dennis Durrant and Tommy Sandoval! Get your mind out of the gutter, man! Mark Gutterman cooks up a tasty treat for everyone to feast on. Take one part smooth style, add a nice bag of tricks, throw in a pinch of unique spots and you got yourself the recipe for a great part! Brazilian transplant Alex Carolino comes through with yet another full part, strutting his stuff on the board and ripping up the streets of The Bay Area, Southern California, Europe and just about everywhere else in the world, all the while keeping that happy-as-a-clam smile on his face. Time to break out your glow sticks, laser lights and smoke machines 'cause we've got your VIP pass to the Bueno Dance Party! With the quick footwork of Shiloh Greathouse, Nate Broussard, Jeremy Holmes and Stacy Lowery, you'll be practicing your sweet moves in the mirror in no time. Bueno's newest team member Nick Mclouth satisfies your sweet tooth with his as-effortless-as-whipped-butter style and delicious trick selection. Wait until you see the Kickflip Front Board Popout that he does in a line... now that hits the spot!moreless
  • Up for Grabs
    Up for Grabs
    Episode 1
    411VM "Up For Grabs" features Kevin Romar, Justin Figueroa, Nick Dompierre, Robert Lim, Chad Barte, Greg Lutzka, Jerry Hsu, Tony Tave, Peter Raffin, Terell Robinson, Nate Sherwood, Chad Bartie, Jason Wakuzawa and Derek Fukuhara. 411VM "Up For Grabs" teamed up with Art Directior Uncle Geez (5Boro, Zoo York), you'll for sure want to get your hands on this one. Jumping around to Chaos, Greg Lutzka, Jerry Hsu, Tony Tave and a bucket full of others kill it in the streets. 411VM introduced Terell Robinson four years ago in Issue 61 and already Terell has stood the test of time! So naturally Classic Rock was fitting this time around as Terell wows audiences once again with a killer full part. Following that up is a choice bag of tech from Derek Fukuhara and Jason Wakuzawa. With the help of Filmbot's Mike Stanfield, Derek and Jason light off some fireworks for your skateboarding viewing pleasure. Once the smoke clears, 411VM brings you to the notorious Nate Sherwood! Yes, THE Nate Sherwood. The city that never sleeps brings us a New York City Montage from the "5 boroughs" of skateboarding: 5Boro, Official, Shut, Vehicle and Zoo York featuring Brandon Westgate, Rodney Torres, Luis Tolentino, Eli Reed and Zered Bassett. The Big Apple skaters are holding it down on the East Coast and this montage represents! Chad Bartie wraps it up with a full part. Anybody who is awake in skateboarding these days knows that transition skating is the shit. Dylan Rieder knows it; Chris Haslam knows it; hell, Chad Bartie should teach it!moreless