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48 Hours began January 19, 1988 with Dan Rather anchoring/hosting until 2002. Leslie Stahl, took over for Rather in the Fall of 2002 and continues with the program to present day. This news magazine program began as a half hour show, evolving into the one hour investigative report that it remains today. The name has changed from "48 Hours" to "48 Hours Investigates" and the current, "48 Hours Mystery". Having won numerous awards in broadcast, it also now features a stellar 'cast' of individual award winning reporters and has been known to not just report on stories, but make real differences.

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    I have a terrible true story to tell about this title of my only Grandson killed by my deceased daughter's (also my only child) estranged husband a year and a half after her untimely sudden death at age 27. Maybe if his story is told it could save the life of another innocent child who's parent must have been so depressed and did not seek any type of councilling after the death of my daughter. He is now in jail awaiting trial, yet the prosecutor is trying to plea bargain with offers to me that are a slap in my consider dong a show on him. Sincerely, Leslie G. (219)229-6007 Thank youmoreless
  • Just 48 Hours now (11-9-12)

    Still the same exact show. Love it. Watch every week. One thing I don't like is they repeat a lot.
  • Touching, truthful, suspenseful...journalism done with flair and class. This show is immediately gripping and can be heartbreaking

    48 Hours Mystery is one of my favorite shows. They bring real life mysteries to the screen and each mystery is told by a different host who is usually, but I'll admit not always, fair and objective. Each host tries not to show favoritism or sway the viewer's opinions, but merely plays devil's advocate, picking away at all the pieces of the story, including the stories of the suspects.

    I feel bad for what most of these people have gone through and I admire them for sharing their stories with us. I like how the 48 Hours staff handles each story with style and class, without even a hint of sensationalism. This is CSI or SVU without the unnecessary drama (though, don't get me wrong, I ama big fan of those fictitious crime shows).

    Most of the stories presented on 48 hours will touch your heart with their sadness, the family's quest for justice, lives taken too soon. Your heart will beat in suspense throughout the courtroom drama or hunt for a criminal. I think this show is well done. You will find some family from time to time that you can empathize with. Many of these cases are news worthy and but hardly made the news (some of them are cases that I've never heard of) and I am glad that 48 hours gives the families a platform to tell their stories.moreless
  • Bring Back 48 Hours Mystery- the new format of Live to Tell is awful.

    As a long time watcher of 48 Hours Mystery I was dissapointed to see the new format of Live to Tell. Simply put that show is boring with a capital B. Most of the reason the original show is so good is because it is a mystery....and its true. There is no suspense with Live to Tell..no mystery. I'm giving it one more week and then I'm gonna stop watching its so not worth it. Not to mention you can tell those stories in 15 minutes rather than dragging it out for an hour. Totally boring.moreless

    RE: Herb Witlock and Randy Steidl case

    AIRED: March 1, 2008

    This show gave us viewers just another disgusting example of our corrupt legal system at work, as I know only too well having been incarcerated on Death Row for simply arranging a blind date.

    How one man can be imprisoned and one not for the same crime, is totally absurd. This situation is a true double standard, just like the rich and famous getting a slap on the wrist while low-income minorities get the death penalty, as we have seen in many cases throughout the country. In this particular case, justice eventually prevailed but came many years too late. I hope that these two men will file a lawsuit against the State of Illinois to send a message to the police department who chose to listen to the statement of an admitted substance abuser, and refused to listen the Officer Mike Callahan, showing him no good deed goes unpunished.

    -Cheri Woods

    Author, Death Row Madam

    Website: myspace.com/cheriwoodsmoreless

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