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Episode Guide

  • Video Diary: Samoa
    Video Diary: Samoa
    Episode 12.12.09
    Correspondent Maureen Maher reflects on "48 Hours'" trip to Samoa and the particular beauty of the Pacific island nation.
  • Web Extra: Glock Firing Demo
    Web Extra: Glock Firing Demo
    Episode 12.05.09
    Undersheriff Cody Morris of the Stanton County, Kan., Sheriff's Office demonstrates one prosecution theory about how Michael Golub may have been shot.
  • Van Sant's Reporter's Notebook
    "48 Hours Mystery" Correspondent Peter Van Sant previews his upcoming report, Diary of a Showgirl.
  • In Faylene's Words
    In Faylene's Words
    Episode 10.31.09
    Faylene Grant was a devout Mormon who spent much time writing down her thoughts. Her daughter, Jenna, reads excerpts from her journals.
  • 911: They Tied Dynamite To Us
    Three masked gunmen take bank manager Michelle Renee, her daughter Breea, and their roommate Kimbra, hostage, strap dynamite to their backs, and force Michelle to steal $360,000 from her bank. Once the hostages are released, Kimbra speaks to a 911 operator, hoping police can capture the robbers.
  • Truth On Trial
    Truth On Trial
    Episode 11.16.08
    Who killed a doctor's young, beautiful wife? Erin Moriarty reports for 48 Hours Mystery.
  • The Last Take
    The Last Take
    Episode 10.04.08
    A young Hollywood actress becomes the Black Dahlia of the 1970's, leading investigators into a web of sex and celebrity. Did she know too much? Maureen Maher reports.
  • Love And Death In Alaska
    Love And Death In Alaska
    Episode 09.13.08
    "In Full:" The cold truth in Alaska - a crime of money, power, greed and sex. Susan Spencer reports.
  • Death Without Mercy
    Death Without Mercy
    Episode 07.21.08
    A man is killed in a tragic fire, shattering his perfect marriage. Could his wife, a woman dedicated to healing, be responsible? Susan Spencer reports
  • Blood And Money On Horseshoe Bay
    A millionaire's outrageous sex life may have led to his gruesome murder. Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on the case.
  • End of a Dream
    End of a Dream
    Episode 28
  • Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor? - Revisited
  • Deep Secret
    Deep Secret
    Episode 26
    Was a missing teenager a runaway or the victim of a serial killer? "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.
  • Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    Episode 25
    Did a brother and sister conspire to murder their stepfather? In a case of he said she said, it is up to two juries in one courtroom to decide. Tracy Smith has their stories.
  • Catch Her If You Can
    In her exclusive first interview, con artist Esther Reed reveals how she scammed her way into the Ivy League, outsmarted the feds and spent nearly nine years on the run. Peter Van Sant has her story.
  • Dark Voyage
    Dark Voyage
    Episode 23
    Ashley Barnett, a 24-year-old aspiring actress, took a romantic weekend cruise with her boyfriend. But 24 hours later, she was dead. Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on the case, which is being investigated by the FBI.
  • The Craigslist Killer: Classified for Murder
    The man suspected as the "Craigslist Killer" takes another life: his own. "48 Hours Mystery" exposes new details in the death of Philip Markoff.
  • American Girl, Italian Nightmare
  • The Curious Case Of Col. Shue
    An Air Force colonel is killed in a car accident, but his death gives rise to questions and controversy about the bizarre circumstances surrounding the crash. Troy Roberts reports.
  • Toxic
    Episode 19
    Eric and Ann Miller married after a college romance - they had a baby girl and successful careers. Eric was a promising pediatric AIDS researcher; Ann worked as a chemist. But the life they shared ended tragically when Eric Miller, 30, died of arsenic poisoning. With the couple both surrounded by chemicals at work, could the poisoning be an accident? One cop didn't think so. Revealing e-mails, extramarital affairs, a shocking suicide and a stunning disclosure about when Eric Miller was poisoned, all set this investigator on a determined quest for answers... and justice. Minutes after Eric Miller's heart stopped, his parents Verus and Doris arrived at the hospital. "He was laying in his bed with a tube in his mouth. Because they had tried to resuscitate him. He was cold. And I wanted to take that tube out. I wanted to cover him up. Cause he was so cold," Doris tearfully tells 48 Hours Mystery correspondent Troy Roberts.moreless
  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect
    Episode 18
    There are almost 1,000 women housed at the Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Ariz., but only a few have been charged with as serious a crime as 29-year-old Jodi Arias: first-degree murder for the killing of Travis Alexander. "I've been sitting a lot in my cell thinking what a waste," says Jodi Arias. "You know, I did have my whole future ahead of me, a career a marriage and a family. I had everything to lose and nothing to gain if I killed Travis." When asked if she's afraid, Jodi tells 48 Hours correspondent Maureen Maher, "I go from one end of the spectrum to being very afraid and feeling very hopeless to another end to where a deep sense of peace comes over me and realize that no matter what happens, everything is gonna work out. And it's gonna be OK."moreless
  • An Invisible Enemy - Revisited
    A young marine dies suddenly. NCIS says it's murder. But is it? Richard Schlesinger reports.
  • Conspiracy to Kill
    Conspiracy to Kill
    Episode 16
    Two military men who loved the same woman are murdered... and now she's dead. "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports.
  • Lady in the Harbor
    Lady in the Harbor
    Episode 15
    A "CSI" actress becomes a real-life murder victim and the search for justice is pure Hollywood. "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.
  • Peace, Love and Murder
    They were hippies, practicing peace and love. How did it end in murder? Harold Dow reports.
  • Who Killed Toni Heartstring?
  • Power, Passion, and Poison - Revisited
  • 48 Hours: Vegas Heat
    48 Hours: Vegas Heat
    Episode 20081107
    In Full: Trapped inside a world of glamour, fitness and fury, a Vegas dancer is found dead. Peter Van Sant reports.
  • Invitation to a Murder - Revisited
  • The Guessing Game
    The Guessing Game
    Episode 10
    A football coach's pregnant wife is murdered and two legal titans battle to solve the twisted tale. Richard Schlesinger reports.
  • Drawn To Murder
    Drawn To Murder
    Episode 9
    A teen is hunted for murder. Now cops who helped put him away want to set him free. Susan Spencer reports, Saturday, July 25, 9-11 p.m. ET/PT.
  • The Mortgage and the Murder
    Did the pressure to close mortgages drive a loan officer to murder his clients? 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.
  • Sign of the Times
    Sign of the Times
    Episode 7
  • Truth On Trial
    Truth On Trial
    Episode 6
    Karen Tipton, the wife of a Decatur, AL doctor, was found brutally murdered in her home in 1999. Police, eager to wrap up the case, accused Daniel Wade Moore, a self-confessed marijuana and crack cocaine user, who had been in the Tipton home six-months earlier. Moore's defense attorney discovered that the prosecution had hidden key evidence in the initial trial that found Daniel Wade Moore guilty, thus had the case thrown out. But an appeals court determined that Wade could stand trial again - for the same crime. With the same district attorney but a new jury, Moore went on trial again. And again, the defense attempted to show reasonable doubt in the state's evidence. The jury could not come to a decision. They declared a mistrial. Free on bail, Daniel Wade Moore awaits his third trial, expected in April 2009. Correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.moreless
  • Vegas Heat
    Vegas Heat
    Episode 5
    Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan were two of the biggest stars of the body building world. The duo - he, a Mr. Olympia competitor and she, a fitness champion - won numerous competitions and graced magazine covers. Titus even trained Motley Crue lead singer, Vince Neil, who admits to 48 Hours Mystery that Titus used steroids and injected him with them. And steroids were not Titus' only drug of choice. These Las Vegas hard bodies were also hard partiers, known for using illegal drugs and pain killers. But all that changed on Dec. 14, 2005, when the charred corpse of a young woman was discovered in Ryan's burned out car on a Las Vegas desert road. The unrecognizable body was initially thought to be Ryan, but authorities were stunned when they arrived to the couple's house only to be greeted by her at the door. The body was that of their live-in assistant Melissa James. And soon police pieced together the web of fame, sex, drugs and jealousy that ended in this brutal murder, a gruesome cover up and the downfall of a fitness powerhouse. Now, in a 48 Hours Mystery exclusive, family, friends, detectives and witnesses each shed light on this shocking story. And, for the first time, shamed body builder Craig Titus tells his side of what happened the night James died, insisting to 48 Hours Mystery that is wasn't murder. "She OD'd. She'd been shooting drugs for days...I never intended to kill Melissa James, murder Melissa James." Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on the case.moreless
  • Blood and Money On Horseshoe Bay
    Charlie White was a larger-than-life Texas millionaire. Ambitious, bold and brash, he lived a lavish lifestyle that included a private jet, luxury vacations, parties and beautiful women. But it all came to a gruesome end in 2005 when police were called to his lakeside mansion. The eccentric millionaire had been murdered, mercilessly beaten, with an extension cord wrapped around his neck several times. By first impression, White was a very likeable person, but as police began investigating his murder, a darker image of White began to emerge, one of a cruel man with a dangerous mean streak sharpened by arrogance, alcohol and women. With an unbridled passion for the fairer sex, White bedded and rated the sexual prowess of over a thousand women, including strippers and prostitutes. And White didn't stop there, satisfying his sexual appetite with the girlfriends of his own son Darin, who he also used to pick up women to fulfill his needs. With his outrageous lifestyle and sexual conquests, White had no shortage of enemies. "Somebody had had enough," says a family friend, "somebody wanted him dead.' Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on the case.moreless
  • Did the Doctor Kill the Doctor?
    In his first network interview, Dr. Timothy Stryker addresses the accusations of murder that have dogged him for 15 years. "How could I be blamed for something as terrible as this?" he asks in the 48 Hours Mystery exclusive. In 1993, Dr. Linda Goudey's body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. The beloved OB/GYN had been strangled in an attack so brutal it left injuries at 24 separate places on her body. Immediately, authorities turned to her boyfriend Dr. Stryker and his attempts to help their investigation further fueled their suspicions of his involvement. But with only circumstantial evidence the case went cold. While authorities may not have had enough for a criminal case, Goudey's family pressed on and filed a civil suit against Stryker, who was now married with a successful practice. His wife Micael stood by him throughout the trial. In her first interview since the verdict she says, "[They] wove this amazing fantasy of this imaginary killer. I thought if I was a jury hearing this [it] would be very compelling." The jurors did find it compelling, Stryker was found responsible of Goudey's death and her family was awarded 15 million dollars. Soon after the civil case verdict, a new witness emerged. This was just the break Stryker needed, but to some this new development seemed a little too convenient. The criminal case would take a turn that no one could've imagined. Is Dr. Timothy Stryker a calculating murderer or is he an innocent man fighting to clear his name? Authorities remain committed to bringing Goudey's killer to justice, especially District Attorney Gerry Leone who in his first and only interview pledges, "I'm going to personally stay with this unsolved homicide case as I promised [her] family over a decade ago." Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports on the case.moreless
  • Into Thin Air
    Into Thin Air
    Episode 2
    When Jean Zapata vanished from her home in Madison, Wis., in 1976, she left behind her daughter Linda, two other children, a lot of friends, and a mystery that would take more than 30 years to solve. "I spent my whole life from age 11 just telling people when they asked, 'My mom abandoned me,'" Linda remembers. She only knew what her father had told her when on the day her mother disappeared. "At age 11, when my dad said she took off because she was stressed out, it was cemented in my head. She took off and she's raising another family somewhere." Had Jean really taken off and left her family and friends behind? As Richard Schlesinger reports, a set of new detectives would take a fresh look at the case decades later, and try to solve the question everyone wanted to know: what really happened to Jean Zapata?moreless
  • Kidnapped
    Episode 1
    On Oct. 6, 2002, 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck wanted to ride his bike to a friend's house - something his parents say he had done many times before. But this bike ride would end very differently than all others: when Shawn turned down a gravel road, he had no idea he was heading straight into the grip of a dangerous kidnapper - Mike Devlin. Shawn was living his days in terror. "I'm not gonna lie, there was times when it seemed like I was better off dead than living through that." Shawn was subjected to unimaginable daily physical and sexual abuse. "From day one, he had the gun, he had the power. I was powerless. There's nothing I could physically do," he explains. FBI agent Lynn Willett and her partner went to check out Mike Devlin in Kirkwood, Mo. over the disappearance of another young boy, Ben Ownby. "When I told Lynn that my name was Shawn Hornbeck, I could see the surprise in her face too and I just - my world was going in circles. I didn't know what was right, what was left, or up and down. It was a whole new feeling, you know. I was confused. I felt light-headed, it was such a rush," says Shawn, who had been waiting for this moment for four and a half years. "I felt like I didn't have that monkey on my back anymore. It was a new feeling for me to say who I really was." Mike Devlin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 72 life terms and 170 additional years in prison for his crimes. Shawn Hornbeck returned to his family, his life and friends. Correspondent Troy Roberts reports.moreless
  • Shawn Hornbeck: Kidnapped
    They were each kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for years. How did Jaycee Lee Dugard survive? Shawn Hornbeck knows and shares his incredible story with "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Troy Roberts.
  • Secrets of Palm Beach
    Secrets of Palm Beach
    Episode 20010119
    Palm Beach, Fla., invokes images of wealth, sun and beauty, but on Feb. 7, 2003 a sinister side of this town exposed itself when Linda Fishman, a beloved socialite known for her kindness, generosity and outgoing personality - who spent a lot of time there - was found murdered in her nearby home. After working for years as the chief court administrator in Hartford, Conn., where she met her husband Judge Milton Fishman, Linda moved to Boca Raton when he died unexpectedly of heart failure. Determined to make a fresh start Linda inserted herself in to the Palm Beach social scene, where the vivacious socialite developed a reputation as a caregiver to everyone from her nephew to her hairdresser. It was this benevolence that police believed was the ultimate cause of her death. But who would want Linda dead? At first, they suspected her nephew, Michael Jamrock, a popular DJ at local radio stations. With a shaky alibi and questionable financial situation compounded with his odd behavior in the wake of his aunt's death and a failed lie detector test, authorities had a powerful case. So powerful in fact that Michael's own family began to question his involvement too. As police dug deeper, however, they discovered that this socialite had a secret life - one filled with dubious younger men. But Linda's murder remained unsolved until investigators received a bombshell anonymous letter that would turn this case on its head.moreless