48 Hours

Season 2008 Episode 4

Blood and Money On Horseshoe Bay


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Charlie White was a larger-than-life Texas millionaire. Ambitious, bold and brash, he lived a lavish lifestyle that included a private jet, luxury vacations, parties and beautiful women. But it all came to a gruesome end in 2005 when police were called to his lakeside mansion. The eccentric millionaire had been murdered, mercilessly beaten, with an extension cord wrapped around his neck several times. By first impression, White was a very likeable person, but as police began investigating his murder, a darker image of White began to emerge, one of a cruel man with a dangerous mean streak sharpened by arrogance, alcohol and women. With an unbridled passion for the fairer sex, White bedded and rated the sexual prowess of over a thousand women, including strippers and prostitutes. And White didn't stop there, satisfying his sexual appetite with the girlfriends of his own son Darin, who he also used to pick up women to fulfill his needs. With his outrageous lifestyle and sexual conquests, White had no shortage of enemies. "Somebody had had enough," says a family friend, "somebody wanted him dead.' Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on the case.moreless
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