48 Hours

Season 26 Episode 21

Father and Son


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The 2011 death of Uta Von Schwedler in Utah is investigated. The victim's son believes his father, John Brickman Wall, may have been involved in her drowning.
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Apr 20, 2014
That kid looks pretty suspicious to me... He does not show any sadness as he talks about his mother... Could the perfect kid framed his father, after all the DNA they found on the crime scene belong to both of them, the other kids are out of the picture because are their age. Maybe the father know his son did it , trying to cover him wash the car and takse the blame for the kid... Don't forget the mother left the kids , she abandoned them... Lots of hate from the older kid who is the only one who could carry the vengeance for the rest of them. He see his father as a lost soul, incapable to react, dragging the house down with everybody in it, the solution, get him out of the picture too, like this they all can go on with their lives...moreless

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