48 Hours

Season 2007 Episode 28

The Preacher's Wife


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Since the sudden death of his wife Kari in April 2006, Matt Baker has gone from grieving husband to a murder suspect maintaining his innocence. Kari Baker was a beloved school teacher who shared a seemingly perfect life with her husband Matt, a pastor. But the couple suffered a devastating blow when one of their daughters succumbed to cancer shortly after her first birthday. According to Matt, Kari became withdrawn, leaving him struggling to take care of his family. Then, seven years later, tragedy struck again when Matt discovered Kari's lifeless body in the couple's Waco, Tex. home. Despite being ruled a suicide by authorities, Kari's family was convinced she had been murdered and set out to prove it. Dubbing themselves "Charlie's Angels," Kari's three aunts and cousin launched their own investigation, retracing the couple's relationship and Matt's steps the night Kari died. Their probe unearthed a number of women who accuse Matt Baker of inappropriate sexual behavior, painting a very different portrait of the charismatic Baptist preacher known to the community. Matt Baker denies these claims, but at the urging of her family and armed with new information, authorities reopened the investigation into Kari's death. Did this bright young loving mother really take her own life? Or, did her preacher husband commit the ultimate sin? 48 Hours correspondent Erin Moriarty sits down with Kari's family and her mother, Linda, who opens up for the first time on television..moreless
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