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Eric and Ann Miller married after a college romance - they had a baby girl and successful careers. Eric was a promising pediatric AIDS researcher; Ann worked as a chemist. But the life they shared ended tragically when Eric Miller, 30, died of arsenic poisoning. With the couple both surrounded by chemicals at work, could the poisoning be an accident? One cop didn't think so. Revealing e-mails, extramarital affairs, a shocking suicide and a stunning disclosure about when Eric Miller was poisoned, all set this investigator on a determined quest for answers... and justice. Minutes after Eric Miller's heart stopped, his parents Verus and Doris arrived at the hospital. "He was laying in his bed with a tube in his mouth. Because they had tried to resuscitate him. He was cold. And I wanted to take that tube out. I wanted to cover him up. Cause he was so cold," Doris tearfully tells 48 Hours Mystery correspondent Troy Roberts.moreless
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