55 Degrees North

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55 Degrees North

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"This show airs in the United States under the title "The Night Detective"

Set amidst the vibrant streets of Newcastle, 55 Degrees North is a six-part drama series for BBC ONE. Don Gilet stars as DS Nicky Cole, a charismatic London detective relocated to Newcastle to work the nightshift after he blows the whistle on police corruption. Blending drama and dry humour, the series follows Nicky as he comes to terms with his career change and tries to make his face fit within his new Northern environment.

Armed with a self-effacing manner and a lively sense of humour, Nicky quickly discovers that being a good cop doesn't always win you friends. Stuck away from the land of the living as a night detective, he learns that new friends are in short supply—the other detectives look upon him with suspicion and his boss DI Carter doesn't do much to make his new recruit welcome.

Although his methods can, at times, be unorthodox, Nicky always tries to do the right thing, even if it does make him unpopular with his new colleagues. Nicky finds his match in self-assured Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Claire Maxwell. But could their friendship ever develop beyond the boundaries of work?moreless
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  • I absolutely love this show!

    Like the summary says, "I absolutely love this show!" I first saw this on BBCAmerica and thought, "Hmm, this is interesting." Then, as I watched I thought "I don't think I've seen anything quite like this before."

    Oh sure, there are a glut "cop shows" and "procedural dramas" all over American television, but this is different.

    For instance, in one episode, Nicky is talking to Matty about something Errol has said to him on many an occasion, "What have you done today that you're proud of?" How many characters on any of those other shows can answer that question? Well, depending on the episode, quite a few, but how many of them, upon not being able to find something would be content with "Well, there's always tomorrow."?

    Not too many I think. Not very many at all.

    I like the developing relationship between Nicky and Claire, but I sometimes wonder about the banter between him and Sergeant Brookes. I have nothing against it, but will the writers try to make something more of it, thereby messing up what Nicky and Claire seem to be having at the moment?

    Time will tell.moreless
  • It one of those shows that keep you wandering, what are they gonna touch on next.

    The cast are varied, with new and old, young and mature, and blend together well like an extended family. The show touches on a variety of different angles from not just police business, but family lives, whcih aren't filled with tragic circumstances, but some funny seranios. Its a pleasant surprise to find that not all coppers are boring and just eat doughnuts. The unusually btwist that the night working detective has custody of his nephew is intriguing as he bringing up a well grounded, ambitious young black man, without any mother figure but instead 2 father figures. What a pleasant change that is,moreless
  • This is a program that shows that minority ethnic groups can be as smart, or smarter than white people. Why can white people not understand this and accept it. Logical thinking is not the exclusive province of the ruling classes.moreless

    A black man,(a police officer)is showing that he is better and more honest than his white workmates, but is put down because of this.

    They try to get rid of him to another division, but he still manages to be better than them, and break cases that they have been unable to solve.
  • This isn't just another cop show.

    In this great new drama series, we follow Nicky Cole, who has recently (well not any more) become a night-detective for the Tyneside police force, after moving up from London.

    In the first series we saw Cole trying to adjust to his new job and home. But in the new series he has finally settled down but his relationship with CPS lawyer Claire Maxwell continues to complicate.

    This show is a great drama with some dry-humour (which go well together) based on the lives of Newcastle policemen and women. I really enjoy this show, however it must be said that it takes a few episodes to get right into the show.moreless