60 Minutes

Season 45 Episode 10

December 2, 2012 - The Cost of Admission, Three Generations of Punishment, Around the World in 20 Days

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Dec 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Lakeland Hospital Should be investigated!!

    In February this past year, I was in Florida visiting my husband. He was in Lakeland Florida working and his company flew me out to see him. He took a few days off and we drove down to Miami. We ate some oysters on the half shell and the next morning I was so sick with food poisoning. Later that evening after driving back into Lakeland. It was clear that I had food poisoning I had it coming out both ends. My husband took me to Lakeland Regional was 7:00pm They immediately took me back , Which I thought that was weird considering the girl who was in before me was in for chest pains. She said she had suffered from a stroke 6 months before that day. But they took me back first. They had me give them a urine sample. And then tried to take blood from my arm but couldnt get anything I was dehydrated and the blood wouldnt give. They tried going threw my port ( I have a port because I am a survivor of breast cancer and had it put in while I was getting treatment. My treatments were done in 2011. So I was cancer free when I went into the hospital in Lakeland) It took 3 tries before anyone could get it into my and even then they got less then a half of vile of blood. The nurse dropped the lid to the vile on the floor and then put it on the vile. I said um isnt that un sterile? She said it would be fine because we were in a sterile room. But I didnt think it was right and neither did my husband. They had me poop in a cup and it sat in my room for 2 hours before they took it. We kept reminding them every time they came in the room. Not checking on me but the patient next to me. The dr came in and told the nurse to take more blood from me as soon as I had gotten some fluids in me. She never came back to take more blood. The doctor ordered a CT scan which HELLO I clearly had food poisoning!! No need for a CT Scan!! But they gave me one anyways. They gave me morphine threw my IV which made no sense to me what so ever !!! I was NOT in pain, I was sick. I couldnt sleep so I just laid there and watched tv and listened to the patients that were being wheeled in and out of the room they put me in. About 5:45am the next morning one of the nurses was bring another patient in to the room I had been sharing and she looked over at me and said OMG your still here????? I said yep Id like to get out of here. She said OMG WE FORGOT about YOU. I thought to my self well its good thing I didnt die. I heard her tell the Dr. that I was still here. Then My husband and I both heard him say OMG I forgot about her. Where are her labs??? No one could find them. He came in my room and said Im so sorry we forgot all about you and cant seem to find your labs. I'll have you out of here in a jiffy . I got dressed and waited at the nurses station for my release papers. He diagnosed me with Gastro enteritis , Food poisoning, and a parasite. He gave me a prescription for a antibiotic. I flew home the evening called my doctor told him what happened. He was puzzled that they didnt give me anything to kill the parasite. He said Gastro enteritis is a virus and has to run it course. Couldnt quite figure out why I was giving a antibiotic. Two weeks later I got a bill for 14,000 dollars. I refuse to pay !! I have called the hospital numerous of times I'm sending a letter to the AMA.