60 Minutes

Season 44 Episode 19

January 29, 2012 - Defense Secretary Panetta, The Commissioner, Big Game Hunting

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 29, 2012 on CBS



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    • Scott Pelley: How do you launch the nuclear response from this airplane? I mean, you pick up that phone?
      Leon Panetta: Don't touch anything, Scott! (laughs heartily)

    • Leon Panetta: The toughest thing in this job, frankly, is writing the condolence letters to, ah, to the parents of those young men and women who are killed in action. And that loss, having been a parent of somebody who has been stationed over there, ah, you know what that means. But I also say to them, you know, your son or daughter is really a true hero and patriot because they were willing to give their life for their country and that means that they'll never be forgotten. And I hope that, that's some measure of comfort for them because in the end it's only comfort I have is to know that these kids, when they put their lives on the line, are helping America be strong for the future.

    • Roger Goodell: I have to make a lot of decisions that aren't in the best interests of individuals, whether they be owners, club executives, players. But I have to make sure the integrity of the game is protected at all times.
      Steve Kroft: And who decides what the integrity of the game is?
      Roger Goodell: That's my job.

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