60 Minutes

Season 44 Episode 34

May 13, 2012 - Hank, The Gulen Movement, The Role of a Lifetime

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 13, 2012 on CBS

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  • Gulen

    Gulen, sponsored by the CIA, is an active agent in the downfall of the democratic, secular republic of Turkey. His movement has infiltrated all levels of government.

    Leslie Stahl and 60 Minutes have produced a moronic program, no doubt part of the effort to have Gulen return to Turkey as a pseudo-caliph.

    He and his movement are dangerous to all freedom loving people, and particularly to women. Leave it to the stupid American media to produce a farce of a program in the name of news.
  • the Gulen movement - not alone

    The Gulen movement is not the only group conniving to give away US positions to people from outside the country without going through legal immigration. You do seem to be Muslim-phobic to portray them as unique. Arts organizations - most blatantly the dance companies - have been doing it for decades. They are required to post announcements for positions to prove there is no person in the U.S. who qualifies. Then, they lie and hire the person they want from another country. Companies simply post the exact resume of their preferred foreigner and then declare no one born in the U.S. is qualified or wants the position. I once read a replica of my own resume posted as requirements for a job, but was turned down and a Hungarian was granted the job(He'd been currently employed in Chile). 60 minutes will never do a story about the continuous artistic deception of the U.S. immigration Service.