60 Minutes

Season 45 Episode 2

October 7, 2012 - Huawei, Sticker Shock, Rodriguez

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Excellent Jounalism in an Eye-opening Program

    I think most of us have known for a long time of Chinese espionage and their stealing of most anything they can get their hands on and, since America is still the greatest country in the world and the land of hope and creativity (among many others), their efforts have largely been focused there. Every now and then you hear that somebody is caught, but I think if we knew the extent of the espionage, most of us would probably faint.

    I believe that one does not have to control information to have power for the real power comes from owning the platforms on which the information flows and is distributed. That was the beauty of the internet - no one entity controls it although they try. It's not a new strategy - Microsoft is expert at it and has been for many years. Thanks to Steve Kroft and 60 Minutes for an enlightening segment.

    As a loyal Lenscrafters customer who picked up his newest purchase just this week, I had no idea of the effective monopoly Luxottica has on the global market. It's a solid strategy and an excellent example of why we have anti-trust laws and don't allow monopoly power. I thought Lesley Stahl did a great job of exposing the company president's lame excuses and avoidance of answering some tough questions.

    The commonality between the two stories is the wall of secrecy both organizations hide behind. The power has always been with 'We the People' but the truth is that if you do not exercise any gift or talent, for example speaking a language, you tend to lose it. As a society we have been guilty of abdicating our personal power to some pretty unsavory entities. The good news is that we can take our it back any time we choose to do so.
  • An episode of good journalism that really makes you think about your country.

    Thank you 60 Minutes... you've managed to do IT. All in one episode you went from, "Watch out! China could possibly take over our airwaves and cause some real economic warfare if they wanted to."

    (please contact your Senators about Huawei and while you're at it, Continental in Alabama)

    To, "Watch out for your country! The oligarchs have bought and owned your presidents and your congress for years. Enough to overturn enough laws that will allow, THEM, the multinationals, to rip the American people off."

    Finally, you leave us with, "How dreams can really come true, when you least expect it. You just have to keep at it. Never giving up hope. America is still the land of dreams."
  • Research your 4G CARRIER!!

    I feel like a naive American that I get excited about the 4G network and never thought of who provides the service and what they could do with the information! Sad to think that America does not have it's own company who provides the technology and equipment for 4G!! In a year of a Presidential election and all the discussions of job growth lets talk about a "stimulous package" for companies creating jobs in this field and factories to manufacter the parts!