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  • A few quotes for you to consider

    First about the death of Heather Heyer, the quote is The only thing evil needs to survive is for good to do nothing. Secondly this poem by a minister in Nazi Germany says it all. The group names may have changed but the ideal is the same.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for meand there was no one left to speak for me.

    Second freedom of speech. I believe Uncle Ben said it best With great power comes great responsibility Secondly Freedom of speech does not give you the right to yell FIRE in a crowded theater.

    Just some food for thought .
  • A really good foreign affairs correspondent needed!

    Why Is Lara Logan the chief foreign affairs correspondent for 60 minutes????? Despite her vast experience in war zones, her reports are both simplistic and patronizing. At best she sounds like a high school student giving a report to her class. At worst her reports seem to focus on her. In a recent report on impoverished boat refugees trying to cross to Italy, she is pictured carefully centered in the midst of them with perfect make-up, perfect hair-do, spotlessly clean snow-white jump suit and gorgeous scarf. Her discussions and comments are inane and insensitive. I used to look forward to 60 Minutes each week but if she continues like this I won't be watching anymore
  • wondering why there's racism in the United states

    Just watched the show about the new museum being built to memoralize blacks .At least it's something,but did it ever cross anyone's mind to maybe put these things in the established museums around the country. I mean,really, aren't blacks part of this country? Why must there be a separate museum? I just don't get it, how things are being done for the blacks ; but in my eyes it's just another wedge between the races . What is wrong with blacks and whites being honored together?
  • Confirmation bias is a terrible thing to waste...

    The reviews by members of the Faux News Generation are both revelatory and entertaining...

    "You can tell more about a man from what he says about others, than from what others say about -Leo Aikman
  • Interesting story

    I love your shows , very much. I would have an interesting story to bring up to your attention it would require a meeting and much more.

    It is a government issue that would reach a high level of attention in our country.

    Trying to reach your network somehow

    A reply from your office would be appreciate


    Are the workers on this show able to smoke cigarettes in their offices?

  • I need you help putting this sexual predator back behind bars. PLEASE!!!!???

    This man is a convicted child molester and has a outstanding warrant for his arrest. I am hoping that you can help me bring this story to light in an effort to get people to see the true reality of sexual predators. She knew about this back when it happened and she made me keep my mouth shut and he went free. Now I am nearly 30 and have a pending case against him for this crime that happened when I was 12 years old. They are both living in Michigan and running from the law. I don't know what else to do to get the word out to help get him caught. Can you give me any suggestions? I have lived with all this for so many years and just recently found the support that I needed to give me the courage to take this case to court. The law is on my side and they have done a full investigation and know that it is all truth. There also are many witnesses to this case and also another victim. He was already in prison for the same crime and was on the sex offenders list when he was doing it to me. I just need a little help getting the word out so that we can get him back behind bars where he belongs. As you can also guess I am struggeling with knowing that my own mother chose to be with this man 15yrs. after he raped me. She flat out told me that she loved him more than me and is ok with not having me in her life. How does a mother do that? I really need your help. I come to you out of desperation for closer and understanding. I really want to help other people that have gone thru this as well as help myself heal over the lose of my mother. My bio father molested me from the time that I was 3-5yrs. old. My mother also covered that one up. My ex step uncle did it to me as well. I took him to court and he plead guilty right before we walked into the court room because we has so much evidence against him. My mother stood next to me thru that which is why I am having such a hard time understanding how she could do this to me
  • 60 Minutes, Nov. 10

    Lara's apology about the report on Benghazi was not long enough or sincere enough. Reporting like FOX lies, should not be allowed. It's all about ratings, and not about facts.
  • Benghazi

    I was totally disappointed but not surprised by the report last night on Benghazi. 4 Americans murdered and a cover up by the Obama administration and not one time was the name Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama brought up. 60 Minutes did a great job in not associating these 4 murders with Obama or Clinton, very irresponsible!
  • Get Your Information Straight Before You Speak, Steve Croft!

    With regards to your Oct 6, 2013 airing regarding disability. Thanks for setting us back several years. First of all, Steve Croft, you described fibromyalgia as a joint and muscle disorder. How wrong you are! If you had spent any time researching this DISEASE, you would know it is over-active nerves that effect the whole body in many different and varying ways. That fibro pain feeds off of other pain. That our immune systems are compromised. That different days we may have different pain, it can even change several times in a day! Fibro fog makes it difficult to make decisions, have a conversation, memory loss, and the inability to carry on a conversation. We have blurry vision. Some days I'm in so much pain I am curled up in the fetal position and it hurts to even try to move. We have chronic pain every single moment of every single day. I tried working a part-time, temporary job. I ended up in a wreck coming home because why head was so fuzzy, and had to have my crushed knee replaced. The medicines that Medicare will approve for fibro ended me up in cardiac ICU! But they won't cover the medicine, Savella, that was created for fibro and doesn't have the severe side effects that Cymbalta and Lyrica have. Sometimes my house gets cleaned, sometimes it doesn't. I miss so many family and friend activities because I get up that day to find it's a "bad" day. A "good" day doesn't mean I don't have pain; it means I can tolerate it much better than the "bad" ones. Just because my disease is invisible to those who don't know me a lot of the time does not mean it's not real. It's very real and it changed my whole life. I worked from the time I was 14 and lead a very active lifestyle. All that has been ripped away from me. As of October, 2007, fibro was declared a disease by the a syndrome, not a disorder. Get your facts straight before you speak. And the two former employees of Binder & Binder who said there are no defining tests for fibro are also misinformed. It has been difficult to diagnose in the past. But if you look at a person's WHOLE medical records you can take all the different diagnosed problems and look at the picture. Not only that, there is a blood test! I don't know how you can call something "news" or "facts" when you don't even have all the facts straight. I doubt I will receive a response and I know you won't be retracting any of your misinformation on your show. Stop misinforming people! Your raise more doubt and discrimination against us and you make others think that they must be imagining all their symptoms and feel lost. I fought for 3 1/2 years to receive my disability. I was also informed by an employee of SS/Disability that it was their "unwritten policy" to immediately deny the first and, sometimes, second time in the process.
  • Use your time only

    You use your time and your time only I know many people who hate when you go over your time people are trying to watch shows that they like to tht are after your show but some of us have to go to bed early so we can't see the show after yours use your time and your time only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are making people angry
  • Please be respectful with the language that is aired in your interviews.

    You removed my prior review. Please retain this one. I find it very offensive when you allow Sheryl Sandberg to use God's name as an expletive. There is no need to allow that language to filter through the interview.
  • Where were the Bucks?

    You promoted the footall segment with Ohio State. I then had to sit through 15 minutes on Michigan. Shame on you. Go Bucks!
  • Romney/obama episode

    You didn't let Romney talk. Interviewing Romney in his plane talking ablut middle class, nice touch. The whole time Obama is sitting at his desk. Softball questions to Obama, i thought katie couric was interviewing him.
  • Dr. Eric Nisula

    Shame on 60 Minues for omitting Ryan's comment that his own mother is a retiree

    in Florida and thus dependent on Medicare---a program he A. does not intend to change

    for those over the age of 55; and B a program he is trying to save, unlike Obama who would just stand back and let it go bankrupt.

    score for
  • Deadly Bias

    Usually I only vent to my TV however, this time I need to comment on the "interview" with Mr Rodriguez on last night's edition of 60 Minutes. What is it you don't understand about the fact that we have many groups, (people terrorists, or whatever you LIBS call them today) a who want us DEAD? Ms. Stahl projecting condescending questions in her own snarky way does not help very brave men and women who are working undercover all over the world to get information to pass to our protectors to verify (yes, some places DO verify) and to perhaps save us from planned attacks. You can't prove a negative but I am profoundly grateful for our clandestine service members - hope they can withstand the need to know from people who DO NOT NEED TO KNOW. Stop working hand in hand with our enemies.
  • This episode is without any redeeming features. Our president is not the enemy. The show was so biased it clearly was a bad joke. No journalism, not reporting, and poorly organized. So sad to see 60 minutes sink to this level.


    Where was the honesty? Where was the sincerety? Who took credit for this sloppy show? The President is a sincere and honest man, a diplomat,and not a cowboy costing millions of lives worldwide, a man who seeks to resolve issues without support. Your job - to tell the truth. You didn't do that.

  • Biased News Show

    I agree with the previous reviewer who had a less than glowing opinion of this show- on a number of occasions its shown itself to be overwhelmingly biased. One of my favorite examples was their report on Thornton Dial- a self-taught African-American artist. The program nearly ruined his career and that of his manager- it also undercut the value of his work at a time when he was finally becoming recognized by the mainstream art institution. News shows really need to report the news rather than taking a sensationalist stance on a topic and then editing interviews to meet their agenda. Instead of informing and enlightening mainstream viewers about smaller groups different than their own, I have also found 60 Minutes to do a great deal of fear-mongering. Does the show feel that Americans are so cynical as to need a dark-side to every story?
  • This show should tell a story and let people draw their own conclusion, instead of using bias tactics to get the outcome that they want. I don't know how to say this because so many peole are so set in their ways they will just think I'm being biased.

    People need to stop just blindly believing these shows like zombies, I was in broadcasting and it's not hard to shift news towards one way. People whouldn't just watch show to here what they want to, and then believe it because it's similar to their beliefs. I'm just saying research what they say, people don't believe Fox because everyone says they are biased, well why can't they see how bad this show and CBS have gotten too. I'm just saying don't just blindly believe something. There was even a book written by Bernard Goldberg called Bias: an Insiders look of how the Media Distorts the News. This was written by someone who says he has no agenda and worked for CBS he was phased out of the organization after the book of course and snubbed by some friends like Dan Rather, but it goes to show even the people in the organization know. I like some shows on CBS I just think this one has turned into tabloid journalism. Journalist shouldn't bias news in any way,this isn't political or just toward one side, that last episode was just so rediculous, that I hope someone writes the sponsors. How can you justify reporting on troops who are against their missions, why ruin all the other troops morale what is that going to help, I have heard from a couple of troops, that said we are doing alot better in Iraq than the news reports, why do they only report the bad, aren't they on our side? Why do shows like this one always seem to be against us? What are they gaining from this?
  • 60 mins a show that has been around for over 40 years but age has not gotten to it

    i am 20 years old and i watch 60 mins i know most kids my age dont watch it because most older folks do but i have been watching 60 mins since i was 13 yeas old. anyway 60 mins is a shows that phocuses on a broad range of subejects from big time ceos to politics and to other big time things. i like the show because it sheds more light on subjects the new does not get into much. like they interview these people that have been suposed commit these acts fo crime from extorision or other things. its a show that shows you sorta whats really happening and i like that and i gave this show 9 and will continue to watch it.
  • For a show that's 41 years old, it's still looking pretty darn good

    Born in 1968, 60 Minutes had to earn it's place as something other than an extended news program. It had to stay current and on point, which is difficult to do through multiple generations of viewers. It's funny how a program that bored a 12 year old to tears seems to have evolved into a "must see" show years later. Some of 60 Minute's reporters have been there from the beginning. Andy Rooney, Morley Safer, I suspect have been around since rocks formed, but are amazingly still sharp as it gets and even funny. 60 Minutes still garners top, exclusive interviews with foreign leaders and U.S. Presidents, never hesitating to ask the questions we're all wondering about and others are afraid to approach. How, for so many years and so many shows, does it stay fresh? Part of the answer is because it's about life and life is new every day; unpredictable and surprising. The other part is because of the people that make 60 Minutes happen. From the cornerstones that built it to the newest anchors and roving reporters, being contemporary is what keeps it looking pretty darn good!
  • Interview with Harry Markopolos.

    Why is everyone fawning over the "hero" Harry Markopolos interviewed tonight? It's great he tried to blow the whistle to the SEC on Bernie, but WHY let a decade go by and not go public on this fraud. If you don't get results, try something else! Just think how many lives may have not been ruined or at least reduce the carnage. This guy came across as very smug and self-serving in the interview. He does not impress me at all. We need more people who don't look the other way, but follow through until you get satisfactory results. Hopefully Harry Markopolos doesn't get anymore "fame" from the public. Now if we can just see Bernie in stripes!
  • I watched your broadcast on Alton Logan. Why would they make him pay bail if he is innocent and WHY would they use tax payer money to re-try him for something they know he did not do? I do not get it.

    I watched your broadcast on Alton Logan. Why would they make him pay bail if he is innocent and WHY would they use tax payer money to re-try him for something they know he did not do? I do not get it. Our taxpayer money could be used for a lot better and more important reasons.

    I have a DVR and always watch your show without the commercials. I would not miss it for the world. You bring a lot of great stories into my living room. Thank you so much for your continue effort. By the way, I love Andy Rooney. He makes my week.
  • I would like to request you to please investigate the abuse of American Citizen who look like either arab desent or Pakistan/Indian looks at most European cities airports security before checking in for flights to United States.

    If you ask them why are they asking such questions,they refuse to answer any question and tells you to calm down, they are not there to answer questions.

    I think it's so unfair to all of us as an American's, where we have to go through such ordeal everytime we take a flight to come from Europe.

    Security questions I can understand and all for it for any kind of safety, but when safety questions become a personal questions and specially in a different tone to scare you and given you an impression that if you don't answer or follow the rules, you cannot go home.

    I would like to know who give these people who are not European or Americans' to treat American's so bad, like I need a permission from one of these clown to come home.
  • Medical mistakes and sleep deprivation

    The CBS 60 Minutes program tonight (Mar 16, 2008) presented an interesting juxtaposition of 2 stories, although I don't think it was intentional. The first story, having to do with medical errors, and the second, about sleep deprivation and diminished functionality, made me think about doctors in training (residents) and how most of them experience significant sleep loss due to the many hours they work. As a parent of a newly trained orthopaedic surgeon, I can tell you with great certainty how little sleep most residents are able to get. And don't you think the many medical errors cited in your first story might be caused in part by over-worked and fatigued residents, and perhaps nurses as well? And when one begins to attempt to understand the reasoning behind making residents work such long hours, it seems to come down to a source of cheap labor for the hospital. Either that, or it's seen as a rite of passage which is expected of residents simply because their predecessors did it. Not such a good reason to put patients' lives at risk, true? Perhaps you should devote a story specifically to this subject. It might help bring about change which could reduce medical mistakes.
  • Still very informative, newsworthy and entertaining.

    Every episode isn't speculation, they do their research, present concise facts and inform Americans on a variety of topics.

    60 Minutes is still one of the better news show on TV. Featuring a whole list of widely known and recognized journalists (Ed Bradley, Mike Wallace etc) the program sets the bar for other news shows to follow.

    Their reports on Iraq aren't biased or copped out like the crap on Foxnews. Last week they interviewed George Tenet of the disgraced Bush Administration. The funny thing all this talk about speculation is a joke. By now people know the truth about Bush and the topics they present, it's just a matter of whether the truth is accepted. Likewise, they don't have to persuade viewers much as their guests always want to talk and spill the beans.

    Other informative reports they have done is on American Red Cross and the way they misused funds after 9/11. That was actually based on a REAL report and investigation that turned up rather disturbing facts. Of course the program also did pieces on Katrina disaster which also turned up evidence of misusage of funds.

    On top of 60 minutes has done interviews with a lot of movers and shakers in business, sports and entertainment. I remember an interview they did with Robert Altman. Then last year before Ed Bradley's death he did another interview with legendary Michael Jordan.

    Then you still got Andy Rooney delivering his stuffy jokes every week. All in all has survived the tests of times. Although the anchors change, the quality and focus is still there.
  • A news show that does not just tell you what happened, but why it happened.

    The investigations done by the series are almost always on interesting topics. They cover stories that matter. Some are human interest stories. Some are of interest because they affect the country. Some are of interest because they explain something new about a corporation whose name is slightly familiar but overall is not.

    Watching 60 minutes gives one a sense of why some things are going on in the world.

    Rather than just recounting the actions of organizations and individuals by repeating events cited by press releases or scandal sheets, this show digs into the underlying story a bit.

    To make an analogy, some news programs are kind of like the coverage of a ball game. They tell you the score and rattle off the plays.

    But 60 minutes is like one of those before game shows that tells you about the players, the teams, and the forces that bring them to bear and influence the action and outcomes.

    They both cover the same sport. But they are different kinds of a show.
  • Keeps getting better and better with age!

    The show is getting better and better with age
    If you know what I mean
    The anchors and correspondents have come and gone
    It will be a big blow when Mike Wallace steps down as I admit I will miss his hard news magazine interviews
    But of course there is Lesley Stahl to pick up where Mike has left off
    Great show that will only keep getting better
    No matter how many anchors and correspondents have change!
  • 60 Minutes continues to be my favorite news magazine program on network TV. The segments are usually about topics of interest to me. Yes they made a mistake in 2004, but one error is not enough to ruin our relationship.

    I have been watching 60 Minutes off and on for my whole life. Despite the glitch in their verification process in 2004, I still trust their reporting to be fair and more complete than I see on 24-hour news channels or other news magazine shows. Andy Rooney is my favorite TV curmudgeon, and I always enjoy Ed Bradley and Mike Wallace. Everyone is trying to produce the very best news program they possibly can, and I appreciate it.
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