60 Minutes

Sunday 7:30 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 1968 In Season


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  • This show should tell a story and let people draw their own conclusion, instead of using bias tactics to get the outcome that they want. I don't know how to say this because so many peole are so set in their ways they will just think I'm being biased.

    People need to stop just blindly believing these shows like zombies, I was in broadcasting and it's not hard to shift news towards one way. People whouldn't just watch show to here what they want to, and then believe it because it's similar to their beliefs. I'm just saying research what they say, people don't believe Fox because everyone says they are biased, well why can't they see how bad this show and CBS have gotten too. I'm just saying don't just blindly believe something. There was even a book written by Bernard Goldberg called Bias: an Insiders look of how the Media Distorts the News. This was written by someone who says he has no agenda and worked for CBS he was phased out of the organization after the book of course and snubbed by some friends like Dan Rather, but it goes to show even the people in the organization know. I like some shows on CBS I just think this one has turned into tabloid journalism. Journalist shouldn't bias news in any way,this isn't political or just toward one side, that last episode was just so rediculous, that I hope someone writes the sponsors. How can you justify reporting on troops who are against their missions, why ruin all the other troops morale what is that going to help, I have heard from a couple of troops, that said we are doing alot better in Iraq than the news reports, why do they only report the bad, aren't they on our side? Why do shows like this one always seem to be against us? What are they gaining from this?