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Sunday 7:30 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 1968 In Season


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  • Still very informative, newsworthy and entertaining.

    Every episode isn't speculation, they do their research, present concise facts and inform Americans on a variety of topics.

    60 Minutes is still one of the better news show on TV. Featuring a whole list of widely known and recognized journalists (Ed Bradley, Mike Wallace etc) the program sets the bar for other news shows to follow.

    Their reports on Iraq aren't biased or copped out like the crap on Foxnews. Last week they interviewed George Tenet of the disgraced Bush Administration. The funny thing all this talk about speculation is a joke. By now people know the truth about Bush and the topics they present, it's just a matter of whether the truth is accepted. Likewise, they don't have to persuade viewers much as their guests always want to talk and spill the beans.

    Other informative reports they have done is on American Red Cross and the way they misused funds after 9/11. That was actually based on a REAL report and investigation that turned up rather disturbing facts. Of course the program also did pieces on Katrina disaster which also turned up evidence of misusage of funds.

    On top of 60 minutes has done interviews with a lot of movers and shakers in business, sports and entertainment. I remember an interview they did with Robert Altman. Then last year before Ed Bradley's death he did another interview with legendary Michael Jordan.

    Then you still got Andy Rooney delivering his stuffy jokes every week. All in all has survived the tests of times. Although the anchors change, the quality and focus is still there.