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Sunday 7:30 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 1968 In Season


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  • Biased News Show

    I agree with the previous reviewer who had a less than glowing opinion of this show- on a number of occasions its shown itself to be overwhelmingly biased. One of my favorite examples was their report on Thornton Dial- a self-taught African-American artist. The program nearly ruined his career and that of his manager- it also undercut the value of his work at a time when he was finally becoming recognized by the mainstream art institution. News shows really need to report the news rather than taking a sensationalist stance on a topic and then editing interviews to meet their agenda. Instead of informing and enlightening mainstream viewers about smaller groups different than their own, I have also found 60 Minutes to do a great deal of fear-mongering. Does the show feel that Americans are so cynical as to need a dark-side to every story?