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Sunday 7:30 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 24, 1968 In Season


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  • Deadly Bias

    Usually I only vent to my TV however, this time I need to comment on the "interview" with Mr Rodriguez on last night's edition of 60 Minutes. What is it you don't understand about the fact that we have many groups, (people terrorists, or whatever you LIBS call them today) a who want us DEAD? Ms. Stahl projecting condescending questions in her own snarky way does not help very brave men and women who are working undercover all over the world to get information to pass to our protectors to verify (yes, some places DO verify) and to perhaps save us from planned attacks. You can't prove a negative but I am profoundly grateful for our clandestine service members - hope they can withstand the need to know from people who DO NOT NEED TO KNOW. Stop working hand in hand with our enemies.