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  • 09.20.09
    Episode 51
    Scott Pelley shows us the biggest innovation in prosthetic arms since WW II; Also, Morely Safer on Anna Wintour, and Byron Pitts speaks with USC football coach, Pete Carroll.
  • September 13, 2009 Obama Update; Ted Kennedy Memoir; 'Guiding Light' sign off In our first story, Steve Kroft with President Obama Lesley Stahl with Ted Kennedy's son in a first interview after his death from brain cancer. Excerpts from Kennedy's memoir, True Compass is discussed in a videotaped segment with the Senator and his son talks about what might seem like extraordinary measures he took after losing two brothers to assassination. Morley Safer and a retrospect of The Guiding Light, a soap opera that has blazed a trail over decades and is winding down to a close.moreless
  • 09.06.09
    Episode 49
    Scott Pelley examines increasing the number of forest fires due to global warming; Lara Logan reports from a forward operating base near Pakistan; Plus, Morly Safer with musician, Steve Lopez.
  • 08.30.09
    Episode 48
    Scott Pelley shows us where our society's electronic refuse ends up; Also, Steve Kroft examines credit default swaps; Plus, Morly Safer reports on the inventor, Forrest Bird.
  • August 23, 2009 In Memory of Our Creator
    August 23, 2009 In Memory of Our Creator Tonight's episode is fully dedicated to Don Hewitt, the original creator of 60 Minutes who passed away on Wednesday. The correspondents will all develop their own segments for this remembrance episode.
  • August 16, 2009 Michael Vick
    August 16, 2009 Michael Vick Former pro quarterback, Michael Vick in an interview by CBS Sports anchor James Brown. He discusses his suspension, his involvement in dogfights and hopes to be signed. At this writing it was reported that Vick has been signed to the Eagles.
  • 08.09.09
    Episode 45
    Steve Kroft reports on the corruption with Chiquita Brands International; Also, Scott Pelley shows us a new technology that connects brains to a computer; Plus, Bob Simon on 'shark tourism'.
  • 08.02.09
    Episode 44
    In Full: Are the hassles passengers endure at airport security checkpoints making them safer? Lesley Stahl reports; Also, Bob Simon reports DWI crackdowns; Plus, Scott Pelley speaks with Wycleff Jean.
  • 07.26.09
    Episode 43
    In Full: Lesley Stahl reports that Americans are snapping up guns at a higher rate; Bob Simon tells us the dangers that lions are in; Also, Charlie Rose speaks with casino mogul, Steve Wynn.
  • July 19, 2009 The Life & Times of Walter Cronkite
    July 19, 2009 The Life & Times of Walter Cronkite We interrupt the summer re-runs and re-visits with a special edition, new 60 Minutes. In memoriam of Walter Cronkite.
  • 07.12.09
    Episode 41
    Scott Pelley speaks with the officer who led the Delta Force mission to kill Osama bin Laden; Lesley Stahl reports on flaws in eyewitness testimonies; Also, Andy Rooney inspects NYC fruit.
  • 06.28.09
    Episode 40
    Steve Kroft examines online poker and cheating the system; Lesley Stahl reports on the newest neuroscience innovation; Also, Scott Pelley speaks with a man helping poor people in Africa.
  • 06.21.09
    Episode 39
    Scott Pelley takes a look at secretive "Supermax" federal prison; Anderson Cooper reports on the Drug-cartel war in Mexico; Also, Steve Kroft talks with basketball superstar, LeBron James.
  • 06.14.09
    Episode 38
    Scott Kroft interviews Madoff whistle blower Harry Markopolos; Bob Simon reports on foreigners who are being asked to leave the country; Lesley Stahl speaks with organic chef, Alice Waters.
  • 06.07.09
    Episode 37
    Scott Pelley speaks with Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke about the U.S. financial system; Morley Safer with country music superstar, Dolly Parton; Andy Rooney doesn't like to throw stuff out.
  • 05.31.09
    Episode 36
    Scott Pelley examines FDIC's control of a failed bank; Steve Kroft reports from Pakistan on Islamic insurgents; Anderson Cooper speaks with Olympian, Michael Phelps; Also, Andy Rooney on newspapers.
  • May 24, 2009 Buy American; New Sheriff In Town; Red Wine For Health Revisited stories: Lesley Stahl with what 'buying American' means to the world economy; Katie Couric with self appointed, "Narcotics Task Force" sheriff Sgt. Bill Jakob; Morley Safer with the truth about the health benefits of red wine.
  • 60 Minutes, 05.17.09
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates discusses the war in Afghanistan with Katie Couric; AIG CEO Ed Liddy speaks with Steve Kroft about the road ahead.; Morley Safer profiles Vogue editor Anna Wintour.; And, Andy Rooney on staying home this summer.
  • May 17, 2009 Secretary of Defense; AIG; Vogue Editor
    Katie Couric with an updated, in depth look and interview with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates about what's really happening now and his insights to a time frame for an end to this war. Also, Steve Kroft with the insurance and banking powerhouse, AIG, the reported center of the economic crises. Finally, Morley Safer with Vogue editor, Anna Wintour in a very rare interview. You might know her as "The Devil Wears Prada".moreless
  • May 10, 2009 Eyes in the Sky; Who Killed the Spy?; Bill James
    America's Air Force has the ultimate weapon of stealth and surprise, "unmanned aerial vehicles" or "eyes in the sky" can hit their target from 2 miles above it in perfect silence. Lara Logan has been granted access to the pilots, a demonstration and classified footage of missions over Afghanistan. Next, Steve Kroft with a unique murder mystery: The Egyptians claim it was their greatest spy, but then, so do the Israelis. Ashraf Marwan was likely pushed or dropped from his 5 story high terrace in London, but who was he really working for and why was he killed? Then, Morley Safer with Bill James. He doesn't actually play for the Red Sox, but he is credited with helping them win two World Championships.moreless
  • April 26, 2009 Shadowing Biden; Killer Coal; Elephant Orphanage Lesley Stahl with Vice President Joe Biden as he allows this reporter to follow him around for three days. Just what does he do and how does his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, figure in? Also expect to see President Obama in this segment. Also tonight, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers who is building coal plants despite knowing the deadly byproduct of this cheap and abundant fuel. Scott Pelley reports on how clean coal technology may be the answer and how it can be done, but will it be done in time? And Bob Simon following up with the heartbreaking elephant orphanage in Kenya. Why are there even more orphaned elephants?moreless
  • April 19, 2009 Delayed Retirement; Cold Fusion; Ole'!
    April 19, 2009 Delayed Retirement; Cold Fusion; Ole'! With many people's 401(k) retirement investments surprisingly drained, not everyone is in the position to wait the predicted 10 plus years for recovery. What are they doing when retirement was planned in the next couple years? Steve Kroft reports on the hardships not publicized when retirement funds all but disappear. In our second story, Scott Pelley with a look at how a new energy source may be an old idea. Cold fusion has been considered 'junk science' since first hailed as possible in the late 80's, but now former skeptics are considering it. Finally, Bob Simon revisits the Spanish bullfighting family of Cayetano and Francisco Ordonez. The update shows how the story takes a bad turn.moreless
  • April 12, 2009 Bionic Veterans; Guns for Sale; Steve Wynn's Win
    April 12, 2009 Bionic Veterans; Guns for Sale; Steve Wynn's Win Scott Pelley gets some incredible insight as to the advances made in prosthetic limbs. Fred Downs, head of prosthetics for the Veterans Administration, demonstrates the almost "sci fi" type limbs now being used to change lives. In our second story, Lesley Stahl explores the reasons behind an increase in gun sales and why at least one advocacy group is encouraging Americans to be armed. Finally, a look at the glitz and glitter of casino gaming as seen through the eyes of one of the most innovative and successful moguls, Steve Wynn. He is interviewed by Charlie Rose who also discusses the eye disease that may soon take the sight of this visionary. And tonight, what's the problem with Andy Rooney.moreless
  • April 5, 2009
    April 5, 2009
    Episode 28
  • March 29, 2009 Do You Have Worms?; Kenya Cats; LeBron James
    Lesley Stahl with an enlightening and sometimes frightening report about the internet threats hiding in millions of PC's. Viruses and worms can crash a computer, steal your information and do much more harm than many people think. Find out what you can do to protect yours. In our next story, Bob Simon in Kenya, Africa with a report about steps taken against African lions by local farmers. While the numbers of these incredible cats are dwindling toward extinction, locals are using poison in order to protect their cattle from them. Richard Leakey, worldwide known conservationist, is fighting to get this poison, actually a pesticide made in America, banned. Also tonight, Steve Kroft with 24 year old basketball hot shot, LeBron James.moreless
  • March 22, 2009 Obama Interview; Street Musician
    March 22, 2009 Obama Interview; Street Musician President Barack Obama sits down with Steve Kroft in one of the longest interviews since taking office. Also tonight, Morley Safer with Nathaniel Ayers, a musician that had his beginnings in one of the finest music schools. When schizophrenia struck, he took to the streets of Los Angeles, California where a reporter found him. Now, the subject of a book and a film, Ayers' philosophy is remarkably uplifting.moreless
  • March 15, 2009 What Went Wrong; Nourishment of a Nation
    March 15, 2009 What Went Wrong; Nourishment of a Nation Scott Pelley with Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke about what went wrong and brought us to this incredible economic crisis. There is so much to discuss that this segment is double-length. Next, Lesley Stahl with Alice Waters, a world class chef, author of 8 cookbooks and a personal problem with microwaves. Well, at least to the point of wanting to show people how easy, environmentally friendly and healthy fresh, organic can be.moreless
  • March 08, 2009 Follow the Failure; DNA exoneration
    March 08, 2009 Follow the Failure; DNA exoneration Follow the FDIC as they actually take over a bank, secretly on a Friday night. What exactly happens when a bank fails? Scott Pelley reports. Lesley Stahl with a very interesting report on DNA evidence and how it weighs against, or with eyewitness accounts of crimes. Included in this segment, Jennifer Thompson, a rape victim who testified against Ronald Cotton, the man she was absolutely sure was her attacker. Years later, DNA exonerated Cotton and Jennifer admits she was wrong. This unlikely pair have teamed up to change the way system works, or doesn't work.moreless
  • 03.15.09
    Episode 23
    With the weight of the U.S. economy falling largely on his shoulders, Scott Pelley speaks with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke; Lesley Stahl profiles Alice Waters and her "slow food" revolution; And, Andy Rooney on the era of newspapers.
  • March 01, 2009 SEC Ignoring Fraud; Mexico's War; The Republican Obama
    March 01, 2009 SEC Ignoring Fraud; Mexico's War; The Republican Obama The Bernard Madoff rip-off involved thousands of victims and billions of dollars. Why does Harry Markopolos claim that the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) wouldn't know fraud if it was handed to them? Steve Kroft reports on how the contention is that the SEC personnel reportedly watching out for this aren't experienced enough to see it. In our second story, CNN's Anderson Cooper reports about the ongoing and growing war involving Mexican gangs and drugs. With most of their weapons coming from the U.S. and more than 6,000 deaths in the last couple of years, it may be time to notice and do something about it. Finally, Morley Safer with Republican Governor of Louisianna, Bobby Jindal. The son of Indian immigrants, at just 37 years old, is he a future contender for the presidency?moreless
  • February 22, 2009 Lower Drinking Age; Muslim Militants; Nazi Mascot
    February 22, 2009 Lower Drinking Age; Muslim Militants; Nazi Mascot Lesley Stahl reports on the newest argument to reduce the legal drinking age to 18. More than 100 college presidents believe this will reduce binge drinking. Numerous organizations believe this would mean 900 families a year burying a teen. In our next segment, Lara Logan talks with Richard Butler, the CBS Newsman kidnapped along with others by Muslim militants. For three months he lived believing he would never make it out alive. Also, Bob Simon with a truly unusual story about a young boy living with Nazi's after his family was massacred by them.moreless
  • 03.01.09
    Episode 21
    Steve Kroft reports on the whistleblower who warned the SEC about Bernard Madoff; CNN's Anderson Cooper investigates the ongoing drug war in Mexico; Morley Safer profiles La. Gov Bobby Jindal; And, Andy Rooney on the months of the year.
  • February 15, 2009 Buy American; Whistle Blower; Taliban Power
    February 15, 2009 Buy American; Whistle Blower; Taliban Power Lesley Stahl examines the new "Buy American" clause pushed for public works funded by the stimulus money. Dan DiMicco, CEO of the nation's largest steelmaker thinks it's a great idea. The head of Caterpillar, on the other hand, believes retaliation by other countries could spur them to push their own "Buy Europe" or "Buy China" clauses and end up hurting the American economy even more. In our next story, Scott Pelley with Paul Bishop, a whistle blower from World Savings where he was let go rather than taken seriously after trying to expose the bad mortgage market. Finally, Steve Kroft in Pakistan. How strong has the Taliban gotten ? And what might they do if they take over Pakistan and the hundred nuclear bombs there?moreless
  • 02.22.09
    Episode 20
    Lesley Stahl explores the debate over lowering the drinking age; Lara Logan profiles CBS' Richard Butler, who was captured last year by Iraqi insurgents; Bob Simon uncovers a Nazi mascot's secrets; And, Andy Rooney searches for a great president.
  • February 08, 2009 Brace For Impact; Coldplay
    February 08, 2009 Brace For Impact; Coldplay Long awaited Katy Couric interview with Capt. Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger, the heroic pilot who successfully landed a 75 ton jet in the Hudson River without a single loss of life. This is Sully's first in depth interview and not surprisingly, very candid and thoughtful. Steve Kroft with Coldplay, the British group that rarely gives interviews and has been nominated for seven Grammys (airing tonight).moreless
  • 02.15.09
    Episode 19
    Lesley Stahl examines the "Buy American" clause in the stimulus package; Scott Pelley probes World Savings and misleading mortgages; Steve Kroft reports on the growing insurgency in Pakistan; And, Andy Rooney takes on the headlines.
  • January 25, 2009 The Winter of Our Hardship; No Peace Deal; Wine Rx
    January 25, 2009 The Winter of Our Hardship; No Peace Deal; Wine Rx Scott Pelley in Wilmington, Ohio where DHL, the town's largest employer has closed operations. The massive hardships are seen on a tremendously personal level, including how one supervisor who would walk dismissed employees off the property and take their ID badges, had it done to her as well. With "No Peace Deal", Bob Simon from Israel and the West Bank. Finally, Morley Safer reports on resveratrol, a substance in red wine that so far has repeatedly shown promise at lengthening lifespans.moreless
  • January 11, 2009 Wall Street Speculation; Obama's Advisor; Wyclef Jean
    January 11, 2009 Wall Street Speculation; Obama's Advisor; Wyclef Jean Steve Kroft explores how our current economic mess had more contributors than we may have thought. Not the least of which being Wall Street speculation in the oil futures market. News correspondent, David Martin with the Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen. This is Obama's advisor as our government changes parties during wartime, another historical first. Finally, Scott Pelley with Wyclef Jean, a Haitian immigrant turned rock star.moreless
  • January 04, 2009 Mind Reading; Is It Murder?; The Mad Scientist of Football
    January 04, 2009 Mind Reading; Is It Murder?; The Mad Scientist of Football Mind reading with a scientific spin. What studies have found by looking into our brains. Lesley Stahl reports. Bob Simon reports on drunk driving and new campaigns that include longer prison sentences and even charges of murder. Finally, Scott Pelley with Texas Tech coach, Mike Leach.moreless
  • December 28, 2008 The Road to the White House
    December 28, 2008 The Road to the White House Steve Kroft and a special edition 60 Minutes that explores President Elect Obama's long trek to winning the presidential election.
  • 12.21.08
    Episode 13
    The California governor has a tough budget to tussle with; The Transportation Security Administration defends its actions; demand for Ivory is producing elephant orphans and Andy Rooney's gift list.
  • December 21, 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger; Airport Security; Elephant Orphans
    December 21, 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger; Airport Security; Elephant Orphans Scott Pelley with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the sad state of the State of California. The man who once topped box office charts, now a political leading man despite facing some huge challenges with California's economical spiral. Also tonight, Lesley Stahl and the latest on airport security measures. Where weaknesses remain, where new tools are being tried and how Kip Hawley (outgoing head of TSA) feels poor reports are unjust. Finally, Bob Simon follows up on the orphaned elephants of Kenya. Why their numbers are still significant.moreless
  • December 14, 2008 Barney Frank; Where's the Bottom? And Win Forever
    December 14, 2008 Barney Frank; Where's the Bottom? And Win Forever In our first story, Lesley Stahl with Rep. Barney Frank about the bailouts the government is undertaking. In keeping with the economy, the second segment is about the mortgage crises and how much worse it may get before rebounding. Scott Pelley reports. Also tonight, USC college football coach, Pete Carroll discusses how he helped make the Trojans the powerhouse they are. Byron Pitts interviewsmoreless
  • December 07, 2008 The Oil Kingdom; Schnabel
    December 07, 2008 The Oil Kingdom; Schnabel Lesley Stahl visits Saudi Arabia and tours the oil producing facilities while interviewing Saudi officials. Though prices have plummeted in recent months, they're not worried. What's in store for us, and them. In our second story, Morley Safer with Julian Schnabel, a powerhouse in art and film who made his initial mark in the 1980's and has never looked back.moreless
  • November 30, 2008 The Cheaters; The Silver Star; Michael Phelps
    November 30, 2008 The Cheaters; The Silver Star; Michael Phelps Online gambling is illegal in the U.S., but it's a nearly impossible law to enforce. In this story, a group of men turn a dishonest cyber-poker game around and cheat to the tune of $20 million. In the second story tonight, Lara Logan reports on the second woman to ever win the Silver Star (the first being in World War II). Monica Brown wasn't even supposed to be there when she ended up saving two wounded men in battle. Also tonight, Michael Phelps talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper. This 23 year old Olympic record breaker, now a marketing millionaire and still remarkably personable.moreless
  • November 23, 2008 Easy Nukes; For Better or Worse
    November 23, 2008 Easy Nukes; For Better or Worse Imagine the size of a 6-pack of soda able to cause a nuclear explosion. That's about all the HEU (highly enriched uranium) it would take and it's not so difficult to get. Scott Pelley explores how easy it is to get a hold of the materials necessary to make a nuclear bomb. Matthew Bunn, security expert at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, concurs that access to HEU is not as difficult as it should be.moreless
  • November 16, 2008 Obama's First Interview; Musical Savant
    November 16, 2008 Obama's First Interview; Musical Savant Steve Kroft with President elect Obama's first post election interview. This is expected to be one of the most watched shows of the season as Barack Obama talks about his plans for the next four years. He also discusses his cabinet choices. Wife Michelle is also interviewed. In the second story, Lesley Stahl re visits one of the most amazing musical savants known. Rex Lewis-Clack's life was changed when his parents found that their son, born blind and mentally impaired, was extraordinarily gifted. Now, at 13, see how far music and his gift has taken him.moreless
  • November 09, 2008 The Inner Circle; The Wasteland; Ted Turner
    November 09, 2008 The Inner Circle; The Wasteland; Ted Turner Behind the scenes and a part of the “inner circle” with Steve Kroft on election night with Obama. You really haven’t seen this anywhere else and it’s both warm and fascinating. Then we go to China, a land of secrets and lies. Scott Pelley follows the trashed technology we think is being recycled and safely disposed of as it ends up in China where it’s anything but safe. Finally, Morley Safer going toe to toe with mogul Ted Turner in one of the most candid interviews he’s given.moreless
  • November 02, 2008 Welcome Home, you’re fired; Fake Cop; Bionic People
    November 02, 2008 Welcome Home, you’re fired; Fake Cop; Bionic People Tonight, an atrocity exposed when Lesley Stahl investigates thousands of reservists and guardsmen returning home from duty to find their jobs gone. Some blatantly fired for “being gone too long” and others victims of downsizing while they were Iraq or Afghanistan. A small Missouri town’s newest Sheriff, Sgt Bill Jakob, was cleaning up the streets like no one else. Arresting drug dealers and other criminals, the mayor thought he was the best thing that happened to his town. Unfortunately, he wasn’t really a cop at all. Finally, Scott Pelley reports on how the future is now. Technology connected directly to the human brain, enabling communication with people otherwise trapped in a paralyzed body. What’s next is even more remarkable.moreless
  • October 26, 2008 Credit Default Swaps; T. Boone Pickens; Goronqosa
    October 26, 2008 Credit Default Swaps; T. Boone Pickens; Goronqosa It sounds complicated and it actually is, but tonight, Steve Kroft makes it a lot easier to understand: Credit Default Swaps and their role in the unraveling of the economy. Charlie Rose interviews T. Boone Pickens, the multi-billionaire oil man who claims to have a plan to make the U.S. far less dependent on foreign supplies. Could it really work? Finally, Scott Pelley with Greg Carr, a U.S. citizen trying to make Gorongosa, a Mozambique, African location into one of the world's newest tourist destinations.moreless
  • October 19, 2008 al Qaeda Stronger; Government owned banks; Bullfighting today Foreign born al Qaeda in Afghanistan gaining strength and sophistication. Lara Logan with Major General Jeffrey Schlosser and how this is happening. In a second, very timely story, Lesley Stahl with what we might be seeing now that the government bail out has put government in the private sector. Bob Simon with two brothers, Cayetano and Francisco Ordonez, probably the most recognized matadors in Spain. While taping this segment, a critical injury occurs when a 1,300 lb bull gets the best of a top matador.moreless
  • October 12, 2008 Made by the Mob; High Tech War; The Oldest Family Business
    October 12, 2008 Made by the Mob; High Tech War; The Oldest Family Business CBS News correspondent Armen Keteyian interviews Joaquin (Jack) Garcia, a fascinating undercover agent who infiltrated the Gambino crime family and was instrumental in bringing down the mob. A Cuban-American, Garcia was adept enough at pretending to be Italian that he was integrated into the deepest levels of the most dangerous mobster family. Lesley Stahl explores the most advanced weaponry being developed and used in the war in Iraq. You won't believe how high tech it gets. Finally, Morley Safer with the Antinoris, the family with what is believed to be the oldest family business in the world, Italian wine-making.moreless
  • October 05, 2008 Wall Street's Shadow Market; Kill bin Laden; 0 to 60 on a battery?
    October 05, 2008 Wall Street's Shadow Market; Kill bin Laden; 0 to 60 on a battery? In tonight's first story, Steve Kroft with the details you might not have heard about the unraveling of the economy. What are 'credit default swaps' and how did they play a role in the downward spiral? The complex degradation of our economy is explained. Scott Pelley re-visits the first weeks after 9/11 when the appropriate focus was on the instigator of the massive, tragic terrorist attacks, bin Laden. A former Delta Force Officer recounts the secret missions in the Tora Bora Mountains near Pakistan and never before seen video will shed new light on what really was (and is) going on. Finally, Lesley Stahl with a story from Silicon Valley in California. While cars running on batteries isn't really news, one that can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds is the stuff fantasy is made of. The newest cars are being developed to run on Lithium-ion batteries, just like the one in your laptop. We're not that far away. All this and Andy Rooney's financial advice tonight on 60 Minutes.moreless
  • September 28, 2008 Economy Down; Gen. Ray Odierno; Forming the Universe
    New Season Begins September 28, 2008 Economy Down; Gen. Ray Odierno; Forming the Universe

    Scott Pelley with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as he faces a partisan and misbehaving Congress while trying to work out this economic mess.

     Lesley Stahl with Gen. Ray Odierno who has gone from battle to diplomatic engagement with Iraq. Why does he feel so many mistakes were made to begin with?

    Finally, Steve Kroft with Physicist Bob Stanek and some futuristic, but surprisingly current scientific developments that may include a Star Trek-like transporter. Find out how these researchers are hoping to unlock how the universe began.